First look will premiere with Iron Man 2 on Friday

J.J. Abrams Sneaks 'Super 8' Teaser Into Theaters

on May 04, 2010


Source: HitFix

When audiences see Iron Man 2 this weekend, one of the trailers they'll be seeing is a first look teaser for J.J. Abrams' top-secret production, reportedly titled Super 8.

The Star Trek helmer (who is only producing the project, not directing) has managed to keep Super 8 under wraps through the conception and production of the trailer, all the way through to the final months and weeks leading up to the superhero sequel. Abrams hopes to create a sensation similar to the one surrounding Cloverfield; audiences no doubt remember the mysterious teaser attached to the first Transformers film back in 2007, with the date 1-18-08 instead of a title card fueling weeks of subsequent buzz and speculation.

Early rumors say that Super 8 is actually a sequel to Cloverfield, but the spot is currently being sent to theaters in locked film canisters that cannot be opened until Thursday evening. Expect to hear plenty more about Super 8 after Iron Man 2 opens in US theaters in less than 72 hours.

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