Indie flick ropes in an impressive ensemble

Willis, Whitaker and Akerman Board 'Catch'

on June 04, 2010

Source: Variety

Bruce Willis, Forest Whitaker and Malin Akerman (Watchmen, Couples Retreat) have signed on to star in Catch .44 from first-time director Aaron Harvey.

The plot synopsis has "indie" written all over it: "Story focuses on three women -- led by Akerman's character -- being thrust into an extraordinary situation involving a psychopathic hitman, played by Whitaker, a grizzled trucker and a delusional line cook. Willis will play the head crime boss, the mastermind behind everything that happens."

Both Willis and Whitaker have not had a good year. Willis starred in the Kevin Smith dud Cop Out, and Whitaker played opposite Jude Law in Universal's flop, Repo Men. As for Ackerman, she appeared in happythankyoumoreplease, which won positive reviews out of Sundance.

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