Meyer Sound Advances Immersive Movie Sound at Cinema Expo Amsterdam

on June 18, 2010

Berkeley, California -- At this year's Cinema Expo International in Amsterdam, Meyer Sound will introduce Europe's movie industry professionals to Cinema Experience-the company's integrated line of powerful, linear cinema sound systems. Showcased at Stand #183, the Acheron-based Cinema Experience promises a dramatically improved listening experience to match today's high-definition visual and keep customers returning to the theaters.

"With the rise of 3D imagery, people are realizing that watching a movie at home doesn't compare to the shared experience and impact from being in a theater, and this of course includes the sound," says John Meyer, CEO of Meyer Sound. "Having an audio system that is loud is not enough for movies. You need one that is capable of reproducing all the information in the tracks so that the audience can have the full experience as intended by the film creators."

Since the 2009 debut of Meyer Sound's Cinema Experience, commercial theaters such as the Estonian Solaris Complex and the Gulf Breeze theaters in Florida have harnessed the power and transparency of the systems to give customers an immersive movie experience. An array of renowned post-production facilities have also upgraded to the Cinema Experience, including London's legendary De Lane Lea, as well as Skywalker, ImageMovers Digital, Zoetrope and many others.

Attendees of the Cinema Expo 2010 are invited to hear the Cinema Experience in live demonstrations hosted in Suite B by Düsseldorf, Germany-based FTT, one of Meyer Sound's cinema dealers. The demonstrations will feature Meyer Sound's Acheron Studio loudspeakers, HMS-10 surround loudspeakers, and X-800C subwoofers, with a D-BOX cinema seating system adding to the realism. Steve Shurtz, Meyer Sound's Cinema Experience technology director, will be on hand to host the demonstrations and answer questions.

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