Allure Global Installs Digital Signage for Southern Theatres

on July 20, 2010

ATLANTA -- Allure Global Solutions, Inc. (Allure Global) recently installed a wide array of its digital signage products at four locations for Southern Theatres. These locations include Amstar 14 located in Anderson, S.C., The Theatres at Canal Place in New Orleans, La., Amstar 16 in Macon, Ga. and The Grand 16 in Lafayette, La. All locations utilize multiple digital media products from Allure Global.

The digital media solutions for Southern Theatres were designed to draw consumers' attention, to increase concession purchases and to enhance the consumer's experience. Digital Menu Boards with enticing motion video of appealing food items are used to direct customers to the concession stands. Allure Global's Digital Box Office, integrated with the theater's POS system, uses real time data to promote movies, movie times and other key information at the box office.

Also included in these installations are Allure Global's Digital Movie Posters (DMPs). The DMP's are designed to attract attention for upcoming movies and promote frequency of visit, as well as the company's digital directional signage.

"We are very excited about the possibilities these digital media products offer us," states George Solomon, CEO for Southern Theatres. "Not only do they provide us with full motion and animated graphics, but it also allows us the flexibility to change prices, time sensitive promotions and have a real ‘show business look' in our lobbies and box offices. We could not be more pleased."

"Our products are designed specifically for the theater market," states Rodrick Glass, EVP ofSales and Business Development for Allure Global. "We have worked with theater circuits both large and small and understand their challenges. Southern Theatres has allowed us to install a full suite of our products and they will see not only operational efficiencies, but increased sales as well. For example, we have typically seen increases from 6-10% for products digital animated and promoted versus a static control."

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