Barco Releases DCI Compliant Series 2 Projectors with Integrated CineCanvas™ Subtitling

on July 22, 2010

Kortrijk, Belgium -- Digital cinema specialist Barco announced today that its DP2K family of digital cinema projectors is now available with integrated CineCanvasTM subtitling support. The new functionality can be installed via a simple firmware upgrade. Barco is the first digital projector manufacturer to offer this feature. Furthermore, Barco revealed that it has obtained full DCI compliance for its complete line of DP2K 'C' projectors.

Developed by Texas Instruments, CineCanvasTM technology eliminates the need for distributors to make a special print for each language version, which significantly lowers the cost of distribution for digital releases. Another plus is that it gives exhibitors access to a broader range of content and that it presents them with a much wider choice of server options.

"Up to now, Series 2 digital projectors depended on the cinema server to render movie subtitles. In practice, this meant that subtitles sometimes had to be "burned" into each release and for each individual language version. It goes without saying that this process is not only very costly, but also forms a potential source of readability and uniformity issues," explains Barco's Digital Cinema Product Manager Theodore Marescaux.

By integrating CineCanvasTM subtitling support into its latest digital cinema projectors, Barco managed to eliminate these shortcomings. "Subtitling overlay can now be done inside the projector itself, thereby eliminating interoperability issues and providing a uniform look across all theater screens," says Theodore Marescaux.

Barco's latest firmware upgrade with CineCanvasTM support is immediately available. It can be downloaded from Barco's online customer portal at


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