MPAA Statement Regarding Recent Round of ACTA Negotiations

on October 05, 2010

WASHINGTON -- The following is a statement by Greg Frazier, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA), regarding the recent round of negotiations on the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).

"ACTA is an important step forward in strengthening international cooperation and enforcement for intellectual property rights. It is also an important signal that the world's largest economies recognize the critical value of intellectual property rights to their global competitiveness and are committed to moving ahead together to protect the jobs of the millions of men and women working in film and other creative industries.

We continue to believe ACTA must include robust protections for intellectual property online, building on established international norms if it is to meet its potential as a state-of-the art agreement to combat counterfeiting and piracy.

We commend the U.S. Trade Representative and the other international negotiators for their hard work in resolving nearly all major issues.

The ability to finance, create and distribute entertainment, and the livelihood of the more than 2.4 million talented and dedicated men and women who work in our industry are dependent upon our ability to protect the intellectual property that is the lifeblood of our industry. No business can sustain itself if forced to compete against the widespread theft and unlawful distribution of its products."



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