GDC Technology showcases next-generation digital cinema solution at CinemaCon 2013

on April 11, 2013

CINEMACON, Las Vegas -- GDC Technology ("GDC Tech"), a world leading digital cinema solution provider, will unveil its full lineup of cost effective feature-rich solutions, with expandable portable storage, at booth #2219A at CinemaCon at Caesar Palace in Las Vegas, April 16-18.

One of the most eagerly anticipated highlights of this year's convention is GDC Tech's SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media BlockTM ("IMB") with PSD-3000 Portable Storage Device. The SX-3000 Standalone IMB and the PSD-3000 are groundbreaking products that have achieved DCI compliance. Since its debut at CineAsia 2011, the SX-3000 IMB has revolutionized the architecture of digital cinema as it eliminates the need for a file server and can ease theatre operation. The SX-3000 IMB includes a combined SMS in a compact format which can fit inside all types of DLP Cinema® projectors, including S2K projectors. The DCP can be easily ingested through USB, eSATA or Ethernet. With complete alternative content support offering HDMI (for 2D and 3D content), 3D-SGI ports and live streaming, the SX-3000 IMB creates flexibility to display a wide variety of advertising or alternative content without using additional hardware. Inheriting the prominent features of previous generations of IMB, the SX-3000 IMB features optional integrated 2D/3D decoder capability for live streaming which significantly simplifies the hardware operation and reduces investment costs.

In addition to the SX-3000 IMB, GDC Tech offers a highly-reliable external content storage solution, in the form of its PSD-3000 Portable Storage Device, that works seamlessly with the SX-3000 IMB. High speed content ingest can occur via an eSATA port thus enabling optimal performance in an adverse Ethernet environment. The PSD-3000 features 3 to 4 hot swappable data drives based on RAID 5 technology allowing it to remain operational in the event of a single drive failure. Moreover, the PSD-3000 can be connected to GDC Tech's TMS-1000 Theatre Management System, (installed at over 9,000 screens worldwide), to serve as an off-line content storage back-up. Eliminating the need of an external file server while offering a design that minimizes heat-induced stress on HDDs, the SX-3000 IMB with PSD-3000 provides a compelling and cost effective solution for today's digital cinema. Furthermore, the SX-3000 IMB allows for instant playback from the PSD-3000, which reduces time to screening in emergency situations. More importantly, multiple PSD-3000s (each unit being capable of storing 25 full feature-length movies) can be connected to a single SX-3000 IMB affording flexibility and scalability in storage at a fraction of the cost. The SX-3000 IMB also supports network attached storage ("NAS") as an alternative to the PSD-3000 for network-centric setup.

"GDC Tech is here to help our customers to stay ahead of the digital cinema curve," said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder and CEO of GDC Tech. "We understand the importance of providing users with cost-effective and scalable storage to take advantage of programming flexibility in the digital cinema era. The combination of the SX-3000 IMB and PSD-3000 is designed to provide absolute flexibility and scalability in satisfying storage needs. We are delighted to be playing our part in re-inventing the future of digital cinema at CinemaCon 2013 and over the years to come."


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