Vista Completes Wehrenberg Roll-out

on April 14, 2013

Founded in 1906 in the silent movie era, Wehrenberg Theatres has a history with cinema that has seen multiple changes over the past 107 years.  What started as an independent cinema site, ‘The Cherokee Theatre’ in St Louis, today Wehrenberg has expanded to multiplex sites throughout Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota.

When talking to Executive VP & CEO, Bill Menke about Wehrenberg’s choice of Vista, he comments, “Vista simply had the best software functionality to help our cinemas continue to provide excellent customer service to our patrons.”

A defining reason for the move to Vista was the advanced functionality that Vista’s Food and Beverage module could offer.  With luxurious ‘ Five Star Lounges ’ being offered to patrons at three of their fifteen cinema sites, Wehrenberg needed software that could handle complete in-seat dining.

Vista’s Food and Beverage module provides patrons with leading service features; everything from the ordering and delivery of food and beverages to their seats during a movie, splitting bills, creating and paying tabs, and tip management.  Cash Management reporting ensures that money is divided up correctly at the end of employee’s shifts.

Wehrenberg has also implemented Vista’s Internet Ticketing module which allows guests to select their own seat for their in-theatre dining experience.  For the regular ‘movie goer’, the software enables advance purchase of tickets from the comfort of their home.

The roll-out of Vista’s Staff Scheduling module across all Wehrenberg sites is planned for the summer of 2013.  Staff Scheduling enables cinema managers to quickly produce large scale, cost effective schedules.  The module provides the means to notify employees by SMS and web, and to easily manage any schedule changes.


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