Moving iMage Technologies teams up with independent Act V Theaters to digitally convert Oregon's Cornelius Cinemas

on May 06, 2013

Fountain Valley, CA - Moving iMage Technologies (MiT) continues to support the small and medium size exhibitors throughout the industry. MIT, with its partners in VPF finance and technology industries, offered a creative digital cinema solution crafted specifically for converting Act V Theaters' site in Cornelius Oregon. The flexible package was created to accommodate the special requirements needed to convert the Cornelius Cinema multiplex to digital.

"We are placing our customers in the best possible opportunity with respect to digital cinema conversions. With help from friends like Robert Perkins, an independent cinema exhibitor himself and owner of Act V Theaters, MIT has been able to learn a great deal about the trials and tribulations of the independent. Our package of digital solutions reflects our knowledge and understanding of the independent exhibitor" says Tom Lipiec VP of Sales and Customer Service who works closely with both large and independent cinema chains.

While financing and technology can prove daunting to the independent cinema owners, operators like ACT V Theaters, known in their community as Cornelius Cinemas, push the boundaries of what independent operators provide to their cliental. Robert Perkins, president of ACT V likes to say "Digital Cinema is the future of Motion Picture Exhibition. The content, format and opportunities are constantly changing and being 100% digital gives us the flexibility to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. Moving Image Technologies, LLC was enormously helpful getting us fully deployed. There were so many different technologies and applications to consider. It was great to have one source to help us assemble all the components in one place and then deliver our digital equipment package in total, ready for our discerning audience".

About Act V Theaters:
Robert Perkins has enjoyed a lifetime of experience in the motion picture business and is the President of Act V Theaters. He began his career working in the family theater business in Lexington, Kentucky. After spending time at Pacific International Enterprises, a film production and distribution company as Director of Operations, Robert moved to Oregon to take a national position with PIE. He spent the next 25 years as Vice President of Concessions/Purchasing/Operations with Act III Theaters, Luxury Theaters and Wallace/Hollywood Theaters. Robert is also a past Board of Directors member of The National Association of Concessionaires. He owns and operates Act V Consulting, a theater industry training and consulting company.

About Moving iMage Technologies:
MiT is a hybrid manufacturer and high level distributor of cinema technology and equipment to support a wide variety of entertainment applications with a focus on Motion Picture Exhibition, offering a wide range of products and services such as custom engineering, systems design, integration and installation, digital technology solutions for digital cinema, 3D, pre-feature on-screen advertising, audio visual integration as well as customized solutions for emerging entertainment technology.


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