on May 09, 2013

May 9, 2013 -- Cinedigm's (NASDAQ: CIDM) DOCURAMA, the world's only multi-platform brand dedicated to documentary film, is launching a paid channel on YouTube today. The announcement closely follows the launch of the company's inaugural DOCURAMA series of film screening events currently booked in theaters across the country through June 16.

The fully-branded DOCURAMA YouTube paid channel is launching with a curated playlist of feature-length documentary films, one-quarter of which are new or recent releases. An introductory monthly subscription price of $2.99 is being offered. Content will be refreshed weekly, including films from the now-running DOCURAMA theatrical series.

Cinedigm is shifting the paradigm of the distribution business to an alternative model that merges traditional theatrical releases with new digital platforms and aggressive windowing strategies, with a focus on exclusive content and early access to new films. The new channel was developed by Cinedigm to further leverage DOCURAMA's brand imprimatur in the market place, the company's 20-plus years of content management experience, and its filmmaker-centric business practices.

"This is the start of our foray into the curated channel business," said Chris McGurk, Chairman & CEO of Cinedigm. "Leveraging our library of independent digital rights - the largest in the world - makes this a natural evolution for us and we expect to launch additional curated channels in the near future."

Docurama's YouTube Channel:

Cinedigm manages a total of over 1250 documentary films through its partnerships with producers and aggregation partners. The YouTube paid channel draws from this vast library, including more than 300 award-winning and highly acclaimed films cultivated over the past 15 years under the Docurama Films proprietary label, including Oscar nominee Hell and Back Again and recent hits Happy, Transcendent Man, Woody Allen: A Documentary, Hungry For Change, King Corn, and Sing Your Song: Harry Belafonte. In addition to the feature presentation, the YouTube channel will provide access to bonus content, including filmmaker interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and other short-form material not offered in theaters.

On April 22, DOCURAMA launched its first theatrical series, with seven new documentary films premiering over seven weeks: G-DOG, Oscar®-winner Freida Mock's profile of Jesuit Father Gregory Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries in East Los Angeles and author of Tattoos of the Heart;¡Vivan Las Antipodas!, a cinematic innovation by Russian director Victor Kossakovsky; The Fruit Hunters, by Yung Chang (Up The Yangtze) and featuring actor Bill Pullman; The World Before Her, Nisha Pahuja's Tribeca Film Festival and Hot Docs award-winning film about two competing visions for young women in India; Charge, from the director of Faster and Fastest (Mark Neale), and narrated by actor and motorcycle enthusiast Ewan McGregor; Ping Pong, following eight senior citizens as they compete for table tennis gold, and London: The Modern Babylon, by Julien Temple (Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten).


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