NORTH AMERICA: 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Ends Up With $83.7M 4-Day Haul

on May 20, 2013


Monday Update: Star Trek Into Darkness' 4-day haul fell slightly from Sunday estimates. The final number is $83.7 million. 

Sunday Update: Paramount reports that Star Trek Into Darkness is headed for $70.5 million from Friday-Sunday. The sci-fi flick managed $22.1 million on Friday and $27.5 million on Saturday. 

IMAX reports that Into Darkness roped in more than $13.5 million from 336 IMAX screens for an impressive per screen average of $40,200. There were many IMAX sell outs, a strong Friday to Saturday uptick and 17 of Trek's top 20 domestic locations have IMAX runs.

Saturday Update #2: BoxOffice is now projecting that Star Trek Into Darkness will make $68 million from Friday-Sunday, which will put its 4-day total at $81.5 million.

For more analysis and the top 10 in North America, click here

Saturday Update: Early reports this morning indicate that Star Trek Into Darkness may have grossed closer to $22 million on Friday, which means that it will be headed for a 3-day total somewhere near $70 million. 

Check back soon for official numbers from Paramount. 

Friday Update #2: Early estimates indicate that Star Trek Into Darkness is headed for around $85 million from Friday-Sunday. If that happens, the Paramount release will be at $98.5 million by the end of the weekend. Don't be surprised to see a surge in attendance that would push the film past $100 million. Into Darkness is performing very well on Facebook and Twitter, and it boasts an "A" from CinemaScore. 

Friday Update: Paramount reports that Star Trek Into Darkness' North American cume is $13.5 thru Thursday from 3,762 locations (including 336 IMAX 3D). The action flick already boasts an "A" from CinemaScore.

Thursday Update: Paramount reports that Star Trek Into Darkness took in $3.3 million from early IMAX shows. $2 million came from the Wednesday evening shows and the other $1.3 million came from midnight shows.

BoxOffice is currently forecasting $112 million in North America by the end of the weekend. 


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  • dvsinla on 19 May 2013

    I'm shocked it's just matching the numbers of the first one with the benefit of an added day. I've never heard of a VERY well reviewed, an A cinemascore sequel following a loved popular first film and no competition with added 3D and imax, not jumping tremendously. My guess would be keeping the plot so secretive, stunted growth... maybe they should have not used a twist as part of the main plot for the bad guy and sold him instead. And maybe the 4 year gap slowed excitement a bit.

    I'm impressed with the 25 percent Saturday increase. A sign of the good word of mouth or the Thursday opening lessening pressure on the Friday numbers?

    My original predictions were 250 here and 250 overseas... seems like they are on pace for a 250 overseas number (double the first). I read many of the markets they opened in already made more than the entire run of the first. Main goal here is to spread the fan base overseas. It's really impressive that it opened in Russia with 8 million when the last one just made 4 million in it's entire run.

    Great word of mouth and the holiday coming up will keep the film moving along but i think it will struggle to hit 250.

    If there is a third, I suspect they are not gonna horse around with secrets and just sell the damned thing. And I wonder if they alter the ad campaign this week.

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