Sony Digital Cinema launches Theatre Management System “TMS Lite” to bring affordable workflow benefits to smaller cinemas

on June 25, 2013

CineEurope, Barcelona -- Sony Digital Cinema today announced the launch of Sony Theatre Management System Lite (TMS Lite - STM-100L), a workflow management system specifically catered to non-VPF customers, independent and small-medium sized cinemas.

Sister product to Sony's revolutionary SRX-R515 projector, TMS Lite is designed specifically for exhibitors with up to five screens. A software solution, priced affordably with a one-off charge as opposed to an annual subscription fee, TMS Lite offers all of the core functions of the original TMS, which is in daily use by such leading exhibitors as Vue, CinemaxX and Showcase Cinemas. Users benefit from control and monitoring of the entire digital projection network within a theatre, asset management of content within the central content storage, support for various digital cinema servers and centralised schedule editing and management. The software can be operated on a variety of hardware solutions, from an existing PC or laptop computer to dedicated servers with extended central storage devices.

The system's easy to use and intuitive interface results in reduced training requirements for operators. Centralisation and efficiency of workflow management reduces daily workload, and in turn operational demands and costs. Another unique feature of TMS Lite is its ability, when used with Sony projectors, to manage intermissions centrally, using play lists to show dynamic content during intermissions. This was not previously possible, and enables exhibitors, particularly in Western Europe, to increase advertising revenue as well as concession sales.

TMS Lite will be sold through selected Sony Digital Cinema solution specialists only and marks Sony's support of small-medium sized exhibitors and continued investment in expanding their managed service offering. TMS Lite paves the way for constant customer interaction and support, bringing the best possible service to customers.

David McIntosh, Senior Vice President, Sony Digital Cinema said: "We are very excited to launch TMS Lite, bringing the full range of benefits from the original TMS to smaller exhibitors. TMS Lite will allow Sony to forge even stronger relationships with its customers, bringing best-in-class workflow benefits and cost savings; and ultimately showcasing our commitment to efficient and affordable solutions no matter what the size of the exhibitor."


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