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Grand Rapids, MI - January 6, 2014 - Goodrich Quality Theaters, Inc. announces a grand opening and ribbon cutting on the evening of Thursday January 16, 2014 for their new 10-screen theater, Quality 10 GDX, located adjacent to the current theater at 3250 Kabobel Drive in Saginaw, MI at the intersection of Bay Rd. and Tittabawassee. The media is invited to the ribbon cutting that will commence at 5:00pm on January 16th in the lobby of the Quality 10 GDX. Doors will then open for the public at 6:00pm for a fundraising night for 7pm movies.

Goodrich Quality Theaters' January 16th opening night fundraiser will feature select movies from 2013 with admission to any movie for only $1 with 20 oz. soft drinks and 46 oz. popcorns available for purchase for $1 each. All proceeds from admissions and concessions on January 16th at Quality 10 GDX will benefit Covenant Kids, a non-profit fund for regional kids through Covenant HealthCare Foundation. "The generosity of people in our region is extraordinary," extols Covenant President and CEO, Spence Maidlow.

"It is heartwarming to know that Goodrich Quality Theaters stands with Covenant to help children and families get through some of the most difficult of life's challenges," adds Maidlow. Tickets to the fundraising event will be available first come, first served at Quality 10 GDX, doors will open at 6:00pm on Thursday January 16th with movies to start at 7:00pm. Movies being featured on January 16th are: Despicable Me 2, Ender's Game, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Free Birds, Oblivion and one other movie to be confirmed soon. More information available at: www.GoodrichQualityTheaters.com/Quality10GDX.aspx.

The Quality 10 GDX will then open on the evening of Friday January 17th for current movies. Regular ticket prices will apply. Tickets and showtimes for shows starting on January 17th will be available for purchase online at www.GoodrichQualityTheaters.com by Wednesday January 15th or at the box office the evening of January 17th.

The Quality 10 GDX will feature one GDX auditorium (Giant Digital Experience) with a giant 70 foot wide screen almost 4 stories tall with floor to ceiling viewing. The multiplex will also feature two theaters withscreens spanning 56-feet wide. "Our GDX auditorium is our large premium format theater that will have a giant screen and breathtaking Dolby Atmos sound," says Bob Goodrich, owner of Goodrich Quality Theaters. "We will also have two adjacent theaters with 56-foot wide screens also featuring Dolby Atmos sound, our large screens are phenomenally greater in scope than the theaters people have seen in Saginaw at this point. The smallest screen in this new 10-plex is going to be 36-feet wide, which is about the size of our third largest screen in the current Saginaw 12," adds Bob Goodrich.

The 70-foot wide GDX screen will be the largest screen and auditorium north of Flint, MI with 400 seats.

The GDX presentation provides stunning clarity and brightness with high resolution Barco digital dual projectors. The large format auditorium will also offer Dolby Atmos for powerful and dramatic new cinema sound-listening experiences. Almost 50 discrete speakers will be configured for Dolby Atmos sound in the GDX environment to truly envelop you and allow you to hear the whole picture with distinct enveloping sounds. Pricing for the Giant Digital Experience auditorium will have a $2 premium charge.

The Quality 10 GDX will be one of four theaters in Michigan to feature Dolby Atmos and the only theater within an 80-mile radius with this new platform for cinema sound.

4417 Broadmoor Ave. SE Kentwood, MI 49512 • www.GoodrichQualityTheaters.com

All 10 auditoriums feature:

• State of the art viewing with wall-to-wall screens

• All stadium seating for up to 2,500 guests

• All premium high back seating with increased leg room for maximum comfort

Other amenities will include:

• Spacious lobby with massive box office and concession stand

• Added concession items include pizza and hot dogs

• Self-serve drink refill stations

• Self-serve ticket counters (optional to use)

• Multiple private party and meeting rooms

• Personal closed captioned devices

• Updated state of the art assistive listening devices with stereo sound amplification and descriptive narration (when data is available)

The Saginaw 12 will close its doors permanently on Sunday January 12, 2014 after the last shows. A video montage of the past 38 years at The Quad Saginaw will be looping on a lobby TV and will also be on the pre-show for those seeing FROZEN and SAVING MR. BANKS on January 12, 2014. To view other titles and times, go to www.GoodrichQualityTheaters.com. Customers are encouraged to visit anytime on Sunday January 12th to take a walk down memory lane in the South Quad. Select photos of the past years at Saginaw 12, formerly known as "The Quad," will be on display for anyone who wishes to view. Customers are encouraged to take pictures in the lobby. Goodrich will also be offeringcustomers a piece of history to take home. Small sections of the theater's movie screens stamped with the open and close dates will be given away upon request while supplies last on Sunday January 12, 2014.

About Goodrich Quality Theaters

Goodrich Quality Theaters is headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI. It operates 30 theaters in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and Missouri: totaling 277 screens that feature all digital projection and all theaters are equipped with 3D cinema. The circuit also includes four IMAX locations. For more information go to www.GoodrichQualityTheaters.com.

Covenant Kids - a Regional Fund for Regional Kids

In 2010, the Covenant HealthCare Foundation introduced a new initiative-Covenant Kids. When kids get sick or hurt, there is no greater reward than putting a smile back on their face. Sometimes, they just need a little kiss, a quick hug and they are off and running! Other times, though, they need special medical attention 24/7 - the kind that, in our region, only Covenant HealthCare can provide. That's because Covenant specializes in the treatment and care of children, offering the most advanced pediatric services in the Great Lakes Bay Region and northern lower-Michigan. To us, size really matters- not just the scope of our services, but also the size of our patients. What works for adults doesn't work for children, so everything we do is tailored to the child's needs right down to the medical equipment, testing, treatment and décor. Over the past four years, businesses and individuals have rallied in support of Covenant Kids. Every penny contributed to Covenant Kids goes directly to helping children from across our region; no administrative or marketing fees are ever taken out. Our number one focus is the same as yours - to help kids get better, from the tiniest preemie to the gangliest teenager. Donations to the Covenant Kids Fund, helps Covenant continue to give kids the care they need and deserve.

Contacts: Goodrich Quality Theaters

Martin Betz, Chief Operating Officer, Goodrich Quality Theaters

Ph: 616-827-6528, Email: mbetz@gqti.com

Kelly Nash, Marketing/Creative Director, Goodrich Quality Theaters

Ph: 616-827-6514, Email: kenash@gqti.com

Contact: Covenant Kids

Heather Appold, Coordinator, Covenant Kids

Ph: 989-583-4166, happold@chs-mi.com

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