PLF OptiClearTM Port Window

on February 07, 2014

PRESS RELEASE - Introducing the new Premium Large Format OptiClearTM Port Window to meet the digital projection needs for the ever increasing size projection market.

As brighter projection systems are being launched, the need for extremely advanced port window technology has evolved, as well. New projectors are reaching very high lumen ranges in the 50,000 leveland expected to grow even further. The extra heat involved in these projection systems has required cooling equipment that can generate additional noise in the booth. The extra high light has required sophisticated optical glass to keep reflection the lowest possible on glass.

Projectors now are being stacked in tandem for even brighter light effects and larger formats. The need for the best light levels to allow 3-D films to show at their very best is crucial.
That is how our PLF system evolved. It features dual and triple pane designs of OptiClearTM Port Window Glass to provide less than 1/2% reflection and 99% transmission of light. This is the highest optical standard and has become the cinema industry choice with over 75% market usage. The glass is designed in differing thicknesses to effectively buffer noise leakage. There is a new patent pending dehumidifying technology to minimize in-between glass air gap water condensation. The design can be custom made by GST to meet any requirements for existing or new construction.

OptiClearTM provides up to a 16% increase in light levels, which can add 1-2 foot lamberts at the screen. This is important in many ways: producing the sharpest picture, extending bulb life and reducing energy costs of operation. The optical coatings are very durable and have a hydrophobic coating to insure easy cleaning.

For a live viewing of this new OptiClearTM PLF Port Window, please visit the Christie Digital Booth atCinemaCon.

Perfect for the very largest needs, the new PLF design can reach 6' x 10' and can include multiple joined ports. Global availability.

For more information on this exciting new product, please reach:

Howard Jacobson,

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