Alcons introduces Cinemarrayâ„¢

on March 04, 2014

The CinemarrayTM is a new, fully scalable cinema sound system, designed to meet all requirements of current and future (Digital) Cinema sound formats and contents. It is designed for applications where dynamic output with maximum quality cinema sound reproduction is needed, in any given size premium cinema theatre.

The modular design of CinemarrayTM gives it an (industries first!) unlimited scalability; By increasing the number of modules, more system output becomes available and more projection control is obtained.

The adjustable inter-cabinet splay-angles offer precise projection control, to direct the sound to the audience in such way that the audience in front and the audience in the back have exactly the same sound experience. In any size cinema theatre, in any seat in the room.

By implementing line-source technology throughout the entire system, the normal (-6dB step) reduction of SPL coverage from front to rear is reduced; this "proximity" effect (which sounds like the sound source is only meters away) dramatically improves the cinema experience for the audience further away from the screen. At the same time, the precise projection also minimizes unwanted acoustical reflections.

The driver arrangement of the CRA30 consists of a triple RBN401 pro-ribbon HF driver array, three vented 6.5" mid-range drivers and two vented 15" woofers with low power-compression 4" voice-coil design.

The CRA30 HF section performs from 1kHz. up to beyond 20kHz. with up to 90% less distortion than any conventional, compression-driver based system.

The stunning 2400W peak power input, offers a 1:16 uncompressed, virtually unlimited dynamic range with superb intelligibility, while enabling maximum screen compensations without any audible stress.

The absence of a "compression threshold" caters for the same tonal balance from the lowest to the highest sound pressure level, while the patented "Real-90" horizontal dispersion of the RBN401 guarantees a very wide stereo-experience throughout the auditorium.

For full system performance, the CinemarrayTM system is powered and controlled by an ALC Sentinel amplifier loudspeaker controller. Driven by the ALC, the CinemarrayTM system has its own dedicated speaker drive, guaranteeing absolute maximum output and sound quality with utmost reliability and without chance of blown speakers!

The SISTM circuit inside the ALC, together with the SISTM pre-wiring in the CRA30, ensures complete cable and connector resistance compensation, for a system damping factor of a mere 10.000. This significantly increases response accuracy, with tight and accurate mid and bass response regardless of cable length. The SISTM circuit makes position of the amplifier none-critical to ensure best performance.

In order to obtain the best possible coverage in any size theatre, the CRA30 comes in two versions: The CRA30n ("narrow") and the CRA30n ("wide"). Both fitted with the same speaker configuration, the CRA30n has a smaller vertical projection pattern for the seats further away, whereas the CRA30w features a wider vertical coverage pattern for the seats closer to the screen.

The (industry's most) shallow enclosure design of only 35cm/13,7" provides for flexible mounting, claiming only a minimum of space behind the screen.

CinemarrayTM system have already been installed in CinemaxX Mannheim Germany, Oslokino Colosseum Norway, EYE Filminstitute and Pathé Tuschinksi Amsterdam Netherlands.

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