USHIO Announces New Digital Lamps for NEC Projectors

on March 25, 2014

ushio.pngUSHIO adds 3kW and 4kW lamps to our DXL L-series line-up

USHIO, a leading lamp manufacturer of digital cinema projectors, is pleased to announce new lamp releases for NEC projectors. All NEC lamps are certified by NEC and perform at the highest level and quality.

USHIO's latest release is the 3kW and 4kW DXL long life lamps. These lamps enable the customers to reduce cost of ownership. With these new lamps, USHIO now offers not only a full DXL line-up but also complete DXL L-series line-up for the Dcinema market. All released lamps are certified by NEC Display Solutions, Ltd.

USHIO is dedicated to responding to the needs of the cinema market. Ushio recognizes exhibitor's need to lower their cost of ownership. Today Ushio's new lamps DXL-30SN2/L, DXL-31SN2/L, DXL-40SN/L and DXL-41SN/L can match the need of the exhibitor's to lower the cost of ownership. Of special note, Ushio's new technology allows the new lamps to maintain their initial brightness while improving lamp life.

Lamp type
DXL-30SN2/L, DXL-40SN/L for NEC NC1600C and NC2000C
DXL-31SN2/L, DXL-41SN/L for NEC NC2500S, NC3200S and NC3240S

The new USHIO long life lamps DXL-30SN2/L, DXL-31SN2/L, DXL-40SN/L and DXL-41SN/L will be released during Spring 2014. For more information about USHIO cinema lamps, please visit

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