Sony Digital Cinema 4K and 3D technology used to project the canonization ceremony of the Blessed John XXIII and John Paul II

on April 01, 2014

sonydigitalcinema4k.pngRoma, 01 April 2014 - On 27th April, a ceremony of canonization of the Blessed John XXIII and Pope John Paul II will take place in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

The event will be filmed using six Sony PMW - F55 4K Ultra HD cameras and will be coordinated by the Vatican Television Centre, including involvement from Sony, DBW Communication, Eutelsat and Sky Italy.

In Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXII, the birthplace of Pope John XXIII, the 3D live of the event will be broadcast thanks to the innovative Sony Digital Cinema 4K projector with a 3D lens, with the contribution of Prevost Ltd and Sony Professional Specialist Dealers. Spectators in Sotto il Monte will be able to enjoy a live 3D screening as if they were in St. Peter's Square.

The projector that is being installed in Sotto il Monte will be the Sony SRX- R515P, a digital cinema projection system of the highest quality with an exceptional level of contrast of over 8000:1. The unique dual lens from Sony, combined with 3D technology, projects left and right eye images simultaneously to create sharp 3D images, well- tolerated and more realistic.

A key feature of this projector is the use of high-pressure mercury lamps. The level of brightness for the lamps did not meet the Digital Cinema standard but Sony has overcome the problem by combining six lamps from 450W and maximizing the brightness level, this creates a link between the optical system and the original Sony SXRD panel. This new light source is an absolute record in the industry. The six projector lamps offer maximum reliability, guaranteeing the continuity of the projection even in case of failure of a lamp.

The SRX - R515P represents the next step in the evolution of digital cinema and allows spectators to benefit from the tangible benefits of digitisation delivering an extraordinary vision.

"We are extremely proud to be part of such an important event and support it with our Sony Digital Cinema 3D technology," says Enrico Ferrari, Digital Cinema Solutions Account Manager for Italy, Spain and Portugal. "Thanks to the advanced and innovative 3D solutions from Sony, all spectators attending the live 3D screening will be able to enjoy the ceremony with a crystal clear picture quality."


About Sony Digital Cinema

With over 17,000 systems in the market, Sony Digital Cinema 4K technology lets movie goers experience exceptional picture quality from every seat in the cinema - with spectacular detail, contrast and colour on any size of screen. Sony Digital Cinema 4K projection systems give audiences a more immersive, emotionally engaging visual experience you simply can't get at home - in 2D or with a choice of smooth, easy on the eye 3D solutions. Sony 4K offers four times the resolution of an HD TV or previous-generation 2K digital cinema.

It's captured the imagination of audiences and industry alike, winning Hollywood's commitment as underlined by 4K releases from studios such as Paramount, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Sony Pictures. It has also won the support of Hollywood heavyweights like Christopher Nolan ("Dark Knight Rises", "Inception"), David Fincher ("The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo") and Harald Zwart ("Karate Kid"), who have all released recent blockbusters in the 4K format.

The only manufacturer currently deploying 4K projection systems in volume, Sony serves many of the world's biggest and most prestigious cinema chains, as well as small independent screens and art house cinemas.


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