Can Word of Mouth Save 'Edge of Tomorrow' Overseas?

on June 03, 2014



Tuesday Edge of Tomorrow overseas box office update From Warner Brothers:

Tuesday was another great day, with EDGE predominantly holding better than the competition, relative to Monday's number (Monday was bolstered by holidays in a few markets). We grossed an estimated $2.2m bringing the cume to date to $26m. Garnering the best Mon/Tues increase in the market at +14%, The UK grossed £296k ($500k), for a cume to date of £2.4m ($4.1m).

France opens today, Russia, Korea Australia and Mexico on Thursday, followed by China on Friday.

TUESDAY: A soft weekend overseas opening of $20 million across 28 territories for Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow left more questions than answers over the film's global potential as it nears its North American release on June 6. Word of mouth, however, seems to be giving the film a considerable boost after Warner Bros. reports a strong $3 million bump from Monday grosses for the film - a share equivalent to roughly 15% of the film's total weekend business. The studio reports that Monday overseas figures are 10-12% ahead of the norm that Mondays usually represent.

Word of mouth can turn out to be a deciding factor on Edge of Tomorrow's box office fate. The film is coming off rave reviews from critics and currently holds an 89% Fresh rating from review aggregator Edge of Tomorrow opens in North America and 36 additional overseas territories, including China, Russia, South Korea, Mexico, France, and Australia on June 6. The film's overseas cume is up to $23.8 million following Monday's uptick in business. 

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  • bronyaurs on 04 June 2014

    VOMIT! tom cruise in another one of his narcissistic save the whorls center of the universe roles. This movie idea has already been done over and over and much better. I have sen a cruise movie since interview with the vampire the only thing he did half good and only because it was a great book ,script, Neil Jordon directing and Brad Pitt was superb. All other cruise movies you can't even see past his ego to get the character he is playing.

    Only was I would see this regurgitated movie is if cruise sat next to me while I watched it, paid me a million dollars and then at the end tell him why all his films are tiresome self inflated ego trips and then let me puke on him.

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