Tweet counts and analysis for Monday August 11th

Tight buzz race brewing

on August 12, 2014


By Alex Edghill

Tuesday Morning Update: The Giver began the week in the top Twitter slot amongst the upcoming openers: 7,627 tweets, down 8% from Sunday's take. On the Facebook front its somewhat of a laughable affair as the official website links to a dead page and there doesn't appear to be any official page on the service. For a young adult novel adaptation this has surely done a very poor job and using social media to boost buzz leading up to release. That being said, the film had its premiere streamed to 250 theaters on August 11th which helped to temporarily boost buzz on Twitter, as such I wouldn't be surprised to see its numbers see the smallest incline of any of the three new openers by the end of the week as this buzz wanes. By comparison, The Host had 2,494 tweets its Monday before release and Divergent had 54,315. Early reviews have been leaning positive but without much bigger levels on interest its going to miss the mark with its core demographic of teens and anything more than low to mid double digits will be a stretch.

The Expendables 3 started its week with 5,300 tweets, up 57% from 3,379 tweets on Sunday. Facebook doesn't offer any useful insight here since, like most sequels, its reusing its original page and has an eye-popping 9 million+ likes. Unfortunately the film was leaked online a couple weeks ago which will no doubt affect some of its potential tally. By comparison, The Expandables had 3,131 tweets its Monday before release while The Expendables 2 had 8,471. It would seem as though franchise fatigue is setting in here when looking at the buzz levels between the third and second installment, and in light of the leaked DVD copy of the film I think this is not going to come close to approaching $30 million.

Lastly, Let's Be Cops had 5,171 tweets on Monday, more than double its Sunday tally of 2,298 tweets. Facebook has been a different story though as it has only managed 55k likes so far which is pretty paltry. By comparison, Sex Tape had 2,474 tweets and over 500k likes while Tammy had 1,027 tweets and 236k likes. It has engaged fans well on Twitter with chats with the stars and other promotions but its Facebook engagement has clearly been lacking. This opens on Wednesday which means its early buzz and word of mouth could go a long ways towards ensuring a big weekend tally. I believe it has the potential to take top spot amongst the new films but will need to see a big explosion in tweets and/ore Facebook to earn the crown.

Twitter Top 15 Movies for Monday August 11th


Rk Film Sun Mon Sun-Mon %
1 (+1) Guardians of the Galaxy 54,355 47,344 -12.90%
2 (-1) If I Stay 67,568 35,412 -47.59%
3 (-) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) 22,828 15,133 -33.71%
4 (+67) Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb 110 9,881 8882.73%
5 (-) The Giver 8,334 7,627 -8.48%
6 (+7) The Expendables 3 3,379 5,300 56.85%
7 (-3) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 8,589 5,275 -38.58%
8 (+9) Let's Be Cops 2,298 5,171 125.02%
9 (+1) Transformers: Age of Extinction 4,847 4,823 -0.50%
10 (-4) 22 Jump Street 6,886 4,726 -31.37%
11 (-2) Maleficent 5,153 3,842 -25.44%
12 (-1) Step Up All In 4,834 3,630 -24.91%
13 (-5) Into the Storm 5,419 3,489 -35.62%
14 (+2) Before I Go to Sleep 2,483 3,253 31.01%
15 (+4) Avengers: Age of Ultron 1,979 2,975 50.33%


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