STEVENAGE, UNITED KINGDOM, MAY 5TH 2015 - Harkness Screens the world's leading screen technology company and thought-leaders in on-screen brightness has launched its pioneering fourth tool in the Digital Screen App family; the Digital Screen Verifier.

A low-cost, highly accurate light meter, the Digital Screen Verifier is a unique utility for iPhones that allows cinema engineers and exhibitors to ensure that brightness levels in digital cinema are regular checked and maintained. Quick and easy to use, this relatively accurate low-cost light measurement tool allows brightness readings to be taken (in foot lamberts) using white test patterns from a digital cinema projector.

"The Digital Screen Verifier is something we've been working on for over two years, in fact it's origins date back to the early R&D work we carried out on the Digital Screen Modeller," says Richard Mitchell, Head of Global Marketing for Harkness Screens. "We wanted to be able to empower the cinema industry by providing a tool to measure light on screen and ensure presentation quality standards, in terms of brightness levels, were being maintained. In creating the Digital Screen Verifier, we believe we've been able to achieve this democratising the type of technology that would normally cost several thousand dollars for an extremely low cost," Mitchell adds.

The ground-breaking technology at the heart of the Digital Screen Verifier allows light readings to be taken accurately to within +/-1fL. Its unique functionality not only allows for light readings to be taken but also to be directly imported into Harkness' cloud-based Digital Screen Archiver tool in real-time to form a semi-automated entry-level solution for screen monitoring and auditorium maintenance.

"We're astonished at how accurate the tool is. Originally we'd envisaged the Verifier being able to take centre screen brightness readings only. Having conducted extensive fieldwork testing, we're confident that the Verifier can measure accurately at the edges of the screen making it possible to measure accurately based upon the SMPTE specification," says Mitchell. "The Verifier and Archiver tools combine beautifully to form a semi-automated screen monitoring solution and are set to become a very important part of our Curolux screen monitoring portfolio," he concludes.

The Digital Screen Verifier is available now via the Apple App Store priced $39.99 and is exclusively available for the iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 plus. Further information can be found at


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Kortrijk, Belgium, 5 May 2015 - Digital cinema pioneer Barco announces that Nordisk Film Biografer, the leading developer, producer, distributor and exhibitor of films in the Nordic region, has chosen the Barco DP4K-60L laser projector to power the main premium large format (PLF) screen of its multiplex in the prestigious Field's shopping and entertainment center in Copenhagen, Denmark.
With over 115,000m² of shops, the Field's shopping center is the biggest in Denmark and one of the largest in the whole of Scandinavia. Located in the Ørestad district of Copenhagen, Field's will also be the home of Nordisk Film Biografer's new flagship multiplex cinema, set for a grand opening in August of this year.

Laser projection rises to the challenge

The nearly 1,500-seat cinema complex will offer Danish shoppers and movie aficionados a truly immersive cinematic experience. Together with system integrator dcinex, Nordisk Film Biografer has spared no pains in equipping each of the screens with the latest in digital cinema and audio technology. Its goal? To create the perfect moviegoing environment.

Featuring exceptional light levels, the theater's main PLF screen placed steep demands on projection performance. That's why dcinex proposed Barco's new, single-projector DP4K-60L laser projection system.

"The Barco DP4K-60L is the world's brightest cinema projector, featuring unprecedented 4K image quality and contrast ratios that result in laser-sharp 2D and 3D images," says Wim Buyens, Head of Entertainment at Barco. "What's more, the built-in Barco Alchemy Intelligent Cinema Media Processor combines media server, cinema processing, storage and security functions in a single, on-board module. The module is the first on the market to enable the projection of 4K content at 60 fps and show 3D movies in full 4K resolution with only one projector."

Film fans at heart

In the coming weeks, dcinex technicians, supported by Barco, will set up camp at Field's to take care of the installation. Assuming everything goes according to plan, Nordisk Film Biografer plans to open the doors to its new multiplex cinema in August. Lars Jørgensen, Executive Country Manager at Nordisk Film Biografer, is eagerly looking forward to this: "This partnership is founded on a shared love for cinema. With the help of dcinex and Barco, we are creating a unique, state-of-the-art theater. By building on innovative technology such as Barco's laser-illuminated projection, we are bound to raise the bar in cinematic experience throughout the region."


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By Daniel Garris

Disney's Avengers: Age of Ultron debuted with a massive $191.27 million this weekend. While that represented the second largest opening weekend performance of all-time, it also represented a notably softer debut than had been widely expected for the film (especially after its relatively strong Thursday night launch). Instead of surpassing the $207.44 million debut of 2012's Marvel's The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron had to settle for opening in between The Avengers and the $174.14 million debut of 2013's Iron Man 3. Avengers: Age of Ultron opened 8 percent below The Avengers and 10 percent ahead of Iron Man 3.

That Avengers: Age of Ultron is on course to ultimately gross less domestically than The Avengers isn't a surprise. But its opening weekend performance being softer than that of its predecessor is a surprise, in part from the fact that Avengers: Age of Ultron will in all likelihood be more front-loaded than The Avengers was, perhaps significantly so.

It should be mentioned that Saturday's performance appears to have taken a clear hit from the much hyped about and long awaited Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match. Game 7 of the Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs NBA Playoffs series and the Kentucky Derby likely also helped take a toll on Saturday's performance as well.

Avengers: Age of Ultron took in $84.42 million on Friday (which included an estimated $27.6 million from Thursday evening shows), declined a very sharp 33 percent on Saturday to gross $56.53 million and fell just 11 percent on Sunday to gross $50.32 million. That placed the film's opening weekend to Friday ratio at 2.27 to 1. That is significantly more front-loaded than the 2.57 to 1 ratio of The Avengers and the 2.53 to 1 ratio of Iron Man 3.

In addition to Saturday's performance being affected by the mentioned sporting events, the early front-loading for Avengers: Age of Ultron suggests that die-hard fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe were much more excited about the film than more casual fans of the series were. It is quite possible that Furious 7 having gone over so well with moviegoers in April helped downplay anticipation a bit for Avengers: Age of Ultron with more casual fans (similarly, that appeared to happen this weekend last year when potential for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was softened a bit by the strong audience reaction to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.)

There is hope that Avengers: Age of Ultron could rebound from its early front-loading going forward, thanks in part to a strong initial audience reaction of its own. Avengers: Age of Ultron received an A rating on CinemaScore and its early audience score among Rotten Tomatoes users stands at a very strong 90 percent. On the other hand, Avengers: Age of Ultron will face tougher initial competition throughout May than The Avengers did back in 2012, at least on paper, from the combination of Universal's Pitch Perfect 2, Warner's Max Max: Fury Road, fellow Disney release Tomorrowland and to a lesser extent from Fox's Poltergeist and Warner's Hot Pursuit.

The audience breakdown for Avengers: Age of Ultron skewed towards male moviegoers (59 percent) and towards moviegoers over the age of 25 (59 percent). Family audiences represented 22 percent of the film's overall audience.  Teenage moviegoers represented 12 percent of the film's overall audience, which represented a significant drop-off compared to The Avengers (when teens represented 21 percent of the opening weekend audience). 

Moving past the absolute market dominance of Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend, it was a close three-way race for second place between Universal's Furious 7, Lionsgate's The Age of Adaline and Sony's Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2.

After leading the box office for each of the past four weekends, Furious 7 fell to second place this weekend with $6.64 million. The seventh installment of Universal's blockbuster action franchise was down a very sharp 63 percent, which was understandable given the debut of Avengers: Age of Ultron and that Saturday's sports events took a toll on the marketplace in general. Furious 7 has grossed $331.07 million through 31 days of release. That places the film an extremely impressive 45 percent ahead of the $228.62 million 31-day take of 2013's Fast & Furious 6.

The Age of Adaline placed in third $6.20 million. While the romantic drama starring Blake Lively was down a significant 53 percent from last weekend's debut, it also experienced one of the weekend's stronger percentage holds among wide releases. The Age of Adaline has grossed $23.38 million in ten days. That is on the high end of expectations and places the film just below the recent $23.68 million ten-day start of The Longest Ride. With aid from Mother's Day next weekend, The Age of Adaline should experience a stronger third weekend hold than The Longest Ride did.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 claimed fourth place with $5.88 million. The modestly budgeted Kevin James led comedy sequel fell a sharp 60 percent from last weekend. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 has grossed $51.52 million in 17 days. The film continues to run in line with expectations and is running 13 percent behind the $59.21 million 17-day take of 2011's Zookeeper.

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By Alex Edghill

Monday Morning Update: Ted 2 led all upcoming films in Facebook like gains over the past week with 275,907. The stoner sequel has its work cut out for it in what is shaping up to be a very strong Summer lineup but its been more than holding its own on Facebook and also Twitter. The jump coincides with the release of its red band trailer on April 27th which it used well to showcase the tone and overall general material of the film. Surprise, surprise its just more of the same from the first film. Considering that Ted had over $50 million on opening weekend and $500 million+ worldwide overall the sequel would be happy with half that and still laugh its way to the bank.

Pitch Perfect continued to have promising returns, and last week was no different as it rose by almost 143k new likes on Facebook. The marketing push here is close to full tilt no doubt and the Bellas are on track to once again come out as winners.

The biggest mover in the top five was the Poltergeist remake which rose 55,125 likes for just under a 27% overall gain. The number here is pretty low overall, not even at 300k, and a far cry from the 1 million+ that the last horror Unfriended managed. Still, this should skew much older as the original film came out 33 years ago, so it doesn't necessarily need a lot of traffic to perform well. This is in sharp contrast to Unfriended which had young Facebook-a-holic teens and twenty-somethings as its core demo with greatly drove up online traffic.

Facebook Top 5 Movies by Like Increase for the last week Ending Sunday May 3rd

Rank Release Movie Likes Previous Change % Change
1 06/26/15 Ted 2 21,424,997 21,149,090 275,907 1.30%
2 05/15/15 Pitch Perfect 2 4,813,534 4,670,789 142,745 3.06%
3 05/22/15 Poltergeist (2015) 259,774 204,649 55,125 26.94%
4 05/15/15 Mad Max: Fury Road 596,969 555,423 41,546 7.48%
5 06/12/15 Jurassic World 6,012,496 5,971,520 40,976 0.69%

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Film Blasts into North American Market with $18 Million in IMAX; Global Cume Reaches $40 Million in Just 12 Days, a Record Pace for IMAX

LOS ANGELES - May 4, 2015 - IMAX Corporation (NYSE: IMAX) today announced that Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron amassed a record-setting $25.2 million in IMAX® theatres globally - the Company's largest non-China worldwide box office weekend for a single film. Domestically, Avengers: Age of Ultron delivered $18 million on 364 IMAX screens for a massive $50,000 per-screen average. Moreover, IMAX represented 8 of the film's top 10 domestic opening locations.

The film's global IMAX theatres cume reached $40 million in only 12 days, beating the previous 14-day record pace set by Marvel's Iron Man 3. Internationally, Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron held exceptionally well in IMAX theatres, grossing $7.2 million in its second weekend overseas. Added to the film's recording-setting international IMAX debut last weekend, Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron has cumed $22 million so far, without yet the benefit of the Chinese market, where the film opens on May 12.

"The continued global success of the Avengers franchise is a remarkable feat and we congratulate Disney and Marvel for yet another astounding domestic opening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe," said Greg Foster, Senior Executive Vice President, IMAX Corp. and CEO of IMAX Entertainment. "With a fantastic ‘A' CinemaScore rating, we look forward to the film's domestic holdover potential, particularly in IMAX® theatres, where internationally, the film already has displayed exceptional staying power. This weekend represents the continuation of the film's global box office domination and audiences' preference for The IMAX Experience®."

The IMAX® 3D release of Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron will be digitally re-mastered into the image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® with proprietary IMAX DMR® (Digital Re-mastering) technology. The crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX's customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, create a unique environment that will make audiences feel as if they are in the movie.

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