COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKEC), a leading DIGITAL cinema and 3D motion picture exhibitor, today announced that it has signed a lease with a Joint Venture between Cedar Shopping Centers and Tristate Ventures to build a 12-screen theatre with 2,330 seats. The theatre will feature a new Carmike state-of-the-art entertainment complex to be located at The Upland Square Shopping Center in West Pottsgrove, PA. Carmike's Next Level In Cinema will feature THE BIG D DIGITAL EXPERIENCE, which will immerse our patrons in the ultimate sight and sound moviegoing adventure.

Amenities for the new 45,300 square ft 12-plex will include stadium style, high-back plush seating throughout the entire complex. This theatre will feature wall-to-wall screens, with projection powered by DLP DIGITAL technology, which produces 35 trillion colors delivering the sharpest and most pristine picture available anywhere. The theatre will include state-of-the-art DIGITAL 3-D capability from Real-D technology. This will have moviegoers immersed in each action packed feature.

With the West Pottsgrove opening, the state of Pennsylvania becomes the 4th state in the nation to offer theatergoers the exciting new BIG-D format that was recently launched by Carmike.

Carmike President and CEO David Passman stated, "Carmike Cinemas is delighted to be expanding in this market. We have found a partner who has the ability to build a new state-of-the-art entertainment complex for The Upland Square Shopping Center. In addition to the best possible moviegoing experience for the community, Carmike's use of DIGITAL technology will also enable us to show live and recorded sporting events and concerts, with most being shown in Real-D 3-D."

"The BIG-D" is a totally re-designed premium auditorium that includes a wall-to-wall screen measuring 78 feet wide and over three stories tall, the latest in 7.1 DIGITAL surround sound and DIGITAL projection for both 2-D and 3-D features. In technical terms, Carmike's BIG-D DIGITAL experience is powered by a cutting-edge Christie Brilliant 3-D flash projector. Images are projected onto the colossal wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen. The end result is a light output of 30,000 lumens, creating a picture quality with noticeably higher resolution than HD.

To further enhance the experience, the custom QSC DIGITAL audio system is tuned to a 7.1 speaker array with 8 discrete channels and the ability to upgrade to 11.1, a revolution in surround sound technology with DIGITAL audio processing supported by quad-amplified, 4-way speakers and six 21-inch subwoofers.

This exciting new environment also includes the ultimate comfort of plush leather high-back rocking seats placed for optimal viewing in a stadium seating configuration.

"The success over the past year of 3-D releases for features like "Avatar" and "Alice In Wonderland" proves that audiences are not only willing to pay a modest premium for the new DIGITAL experience, but they are now demanding it," stated Mr. Passman. "These and other early successes will no doubt persuade producers to release more movies in this format and with its BIG-D experience Carmike is providing our audiences with the technology and total luxury that brings theatre-going to a whole new level."

Plans for Carmike's BIG-D Experience include more new locations around the U.S. by the end of 2011. "Whether it is a movie, concert, sporting event, motivational speaker or church service, our patrons will find BIG-D placing them at the heart of the event and the action," added Dale Hurst, Carmike's Director of Marketing.


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OMAHA, Neb. -- Ballantyne Strong, Inc. (NYSE Amex: BTN), a provider of digital cinema projection equipment and services, cinema screens and other cinema products, announced today that it has been selected to provide 150 NEC digital cinema projection systems to Beijing Yida Jiuzhou Film, a newly launched exhibition company, and 100 projection systems to The Jinyi Group. Both are first-time Ballantyne customers. Approximately 50 of the systems were shipped in Q4 2010, and the balance is expected to ship principally in Q1 2011.

Gary L. Cavey, President and CEO of Ballantyne, commented, "Our Asian digital cinema business continues to thrive as Chinese theatre exhibitors move aggressively to both convert existing theaters to digital as well as to expand cinema penetration across the country. We are delighted to forge new relationships with both Beijing Yida Jiuzhou Film and The Jinyi Group. Ballantyne remains well positioned to participate in Asian growth opportunities in coming years."

With over 16 years of experience operating in Asia, Ballantyne has significantly expanded its presence in region over the past two years. The Company has full-service facilities in Beijing and Hong Kong and a recently opened satellite sales office in Shanghai.


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David O. Russell may direct an adaptation of 2 Guns, a popular comic book from Boom! Studios. Universal is housing the project.

2 Guns would serve as a star vehicle for Vince Vaughn. The official synopsis from reads as follows, "A pulp story about cops and thieves and the men that are something in between. Trench has targeted a local bank to rob, and asked Steadman in on the job. Trench figures it's a great way to score considering it's a cover for mob money. They'll be thieves ripping off thieves. But what Steadman doesn't know is that Trench is a DEA agent. And what Trench doesn't know is that Steadman's a Naval Intelligence officer. They're both cops! And neither one knows that they're not robbing the mob, they've been set up to steal $50 million from the CIA! A light-hearted crime romp in the vein of Ocean's Thirteen and The Italian Job from comics legend, Steven Grant!"

Russell recently snagged a DGA nomination for The Fighter, which makes him a very strong contender for an Oscar nod. The volatile director's career has really received a shot of adrenaline thanks to the boxing drama. Russell is also currently attached to direct Uncharted: Drake's Fortune.

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January 12, 2011 -- Cinedigm, the global leader in digital cinema, has teamed with Red Bull and its media distribution partner WAX to bring the harrowing documentary "Mount St. Elias" to 15 digital theatres around the U.S. and Canada. For one night only, moviegoers can witness this visually stunning film. Audiences will get a big screen glimpse into one of the greatest feats in mountaineering and skiing history as three Alpine skiers risk their lives in pursuit of the world's longest descent.

Created by the Red Bull Media House, "Mount St. Elias" is a perfect candidate for digital distribution and benefits from the extremely targeted and efficient distribution model brought forth by digital cinema technology. Digital cinema provides moviemakers with a unique opportunity to bring their theatrical releases to screens while eliminating the cost of film prints and effectively reaching the fan base through social media, grassroots efforts and highly targeted media campaigns without the cost of a traditional national advertising campaign.

The film, a recipient of global film festival awards, follows three skiers as they brave temperatures of 40 degrees below zero, dense fog and falling rocks in hopes of descending the longest continuous ski run in the world - a 21 mile descent from summit to sea level featuring a massive vertical relief up to 60 degrees steep. The previous attempt to ski this slope ended in tragedy when two of the most experienced skiers fell to their deaths in 2002. Director Gerald Salmina captures adventurer Axel Naglich, ski alpinist Peter Ressmann and free ski pro Jon Johnston as they risk everything to achieve what no man has ever done before.

"Mount St. Elias" is one of many recent live and alternative content programming releases by Cinedigm including the ground-breaking world-wide LIVE 3D broadcast of the FIFA World Cup Championship, the BCS National Championship in LIVE 3D, the Dave Matthews Band concert in 3D and the sold out PHISH 3D concert. Cinedigm also releases the six-year-old KIDTOONS series, a weekly family friendly matinee series that runs in more than 165 theatres across the country.

The theatres presenting "Mount St. Elias" on January 27, 2011:

Boise, ID/Regal Boise Stadium 22
Colorado Springs, CO/Carmike Chapel Hills 15
Denver, CO/AMC Cherry Creek 8
Eugene, OR/Regal Valley River Center Stadium 15
Grand Junction, CO/Carmike 7-Grand Junction
Los Angeles, CA/Rave 18
Missoula, MT/Carmike 10-Missoula
Portland, OR/Cinemagic Clarks Pond 8
Pullman, WA/CFB Village Center 8
Seattle, WA/Regal Meridian 16
South Portland, ME/Cinemagic Clarks Pond 8
Stateline, NV/Hollywood Horizon Stadium 8
Steamboat Springs, CO/Carmike Chief Plaza 4
Vancouver, BC/Cineplex International Village
Williston, VT/Maple Tree Majestic 10

For more information on the screenings, and details on the film, please visit:


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