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After months of speculation, Sony Pictures has just updated their official Twitter feed with the announcement that British actor Andrew Garfield has been cast as the new Spider-Man in their upcoming reboot.

Just yesterday, a flurry of speculation about actor Josh Hutcherson (Journey to the Center of the Earth) swept the web, while previous rumors leaned heavily towards Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott) and Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief).

Garfield most recently had a co-starring role alongside the late Heath Ledger in Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. He can be seen in the upcoming high-profile 2010 releases Never Let Me Go, co-starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan, and directed by Mark Romanek, as well as The Social Network, co-starring Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake, and directed by David Fincher.

The reboot, which surprised many fans, was an abrupt announcement in the wake of slow-moving discussions over a fourth Spider-Man that would have reunited Sam Raimi, Tobey Maguire, and Kirsten Dunst. The new Spider-Man will start over, sending Peter Parker back to high school. (500) Days of Summer helmer Marc Webb is directing, and no other major roles have been cast. The Sony tentpole will open in 3D on July 3rd, 2012.

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FORT LAUDERDALE, FL -- 2010 is proving to be a banner year for Muvico Theaters as they announce the appointment of long-time friend and consultant, Neil Bretan, as their new President and Chief Executive Officer.

Neil Bretan's relationship with Muvico Theaters began with the company's inception in 1995. From then through 2008, Bretan served as Muvico's outside general counsel, representing the company in all of its major financial and real estate transactions. In early 2009, Bretan played a pivotal role in Muvico's corporate and financial restructuring, from which Muvico emerged debt-free and infused with new capital. Shortly after its restructuring, the company underwent a complete reorganization of its executive team.

Following the 2009 restructuring, Joe Amaturo, a long time investor and now sole owner of the company, brought Bretan aboard to serve as General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer. It was then that Bretan's work demonstrated that he could take the lead in bringing Muvico into the next decade. In May of 2010, when former CEO Hal Cleveland announced his departure to pursue other interests, including his continued association with Hope for the Children of Haiti, Neil Bretan was promptly promoted to President and CEO.

"Longtime friendships often payoff, and in the case of Neil and I, Neil has proven to be an able, trustworthy and talented lawyer, businessman and friend," observed Amaturo. "Neil undoubtedly knows more of the history and operational underpinnings of Muvico than anyone else I know."

Under Bretan, the company will continue to expand its geographic reach with new theaters and continue to upgrade its existing theaters with the latest and best in cinema technology. "I'm excited and pleased to have the opportunity to work with one of the greatest teams of talented and dedicated colleagues, both at our theaters and at the home office, to advance Muvico's reputation as the World's Premier Movie Experience" said Bretan.

Recently, Muvico completed multi-million dollar revamps of its Pompano 18 Theater in Pompano Beach, Florida, and its Starlight 20 complex in Tampa, Florida. Projection systems in each theater were upgraded to Sony's new 4K high-def systems, providing guests with the highest definition cinema experience available. The Sony 4k system is almost five times sharper than the most advanced home television sets on the market. In addition, Muvico has converted all of its auditoriums at its Parisian 20 Theater in West Palm Beach, Florida, to the Sony 4K projection system and has upgraded the Parisian Theater's IMAX auditorium, the only one in Palm Beach County, to a digital IMAX system. As a result of these recent improvements, Muvico's Pompano, Starlight and Parisian theaters are the only all 4K digital theaters in their respective markets.
Currently Muvico is in the process of reinvigorating its Hialeah location, adding stadium seating, all high-definition Sony 4K digital projection, new and distinctive concession items and a family entertainment center with the latest arcade and prize redemption games. It is anticipated the project will be completed in late fall 2010.

Earlier this year, Muvico unveiled a new section of its BayWalk 20 Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida, called the "The Gallery," a 21 and over environment showcasing independent and art film. The Gallery will offer reserved seating and adult beverage options such as beer and wine and true to its name, will also exhibit the work of local artists.

Muvico continues to operate nine theaters in Florida, Illinois and California, including notably its two newest theaters in Los Angeles and Chicago, each of which features premiere auditoriums and an upscale restaurant. Muvico will continue to expand its nationwide presence, with plans for a new theater in Malvern, Pennsylvania, as well as additional theaters in the greater Chicago and Los Angeles areas.

Muvico Theaters, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL now currently operates 154 screens in nine movie theater locations.


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COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKEC), a leading entertainment, digital cinema and 3D motion picture presenter, today announced the launch of the latest in cutting edge theater environments in its Columbus, Georgia, Carmike 15 complex.

"The BigD-Large Format Digital Experience will feature Bigger Screens, Bigger Sound and Bigger, more Luxurious Seats providing the Ultimate Entertainment Experience", said David Passman, Carmike's President and CEO. The auditorium will include a wall to wall giant screen measuring 78 feet wide and 35 feet tall, custom luxury seating, the latest in 7.1 surround sound and DIGITAL projection for both 2D and 3D features. Carmike will premier the Ultimate Entertainment Experience with the opening of Salt, starring Angelina Jolie on Friday, July 23, 2010. Additional theatre sites participating in the initial rollout will be the Thoroughbred 20, Nashville, Tn., Carmike 15, Canton, Ga. and the Majestic 12, in Chattanooga, Tn. Plans for the BigD-Large Format Digital Experience will include approximately 24 more locations by the end of 2011.

Whether it be a movie, concert, sporting event, motivational speaker or church service, patrons will find BigD placing them at the heart of the event," said Dale Hurst, Carmike's Director of Marketing.

Carmike Cinemas has been the leader in Digital Projection and 3D technology since 2006 and is the only national circuit exclusively using DIGITAL Projection in all its theatres showing the newest Hollywood movie releases.


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Mel Gibson has been caught on tape by Oksana Grigorieva, the woman who recently gave birth to one of his children, saying to her, "You look like a f***ing pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n***ers, it will be your fault."

Gibson has been spending the last couple of years trying to repair his image after delivering an Anti-Semitic rant while being arrested for drunk driving. This latest incident is bound to cause a similar rush of public hostility.

The actor recently did a rush of publicity for Edge of Darkness--which marked his first starring role since 2002--and he treated questions about his drunken rant with hostility. 

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