1217predictions.pngYogi Bear: 3,515 (NEW)
TRON: Legacy: 3,451 (NEW)
The Fighter: 2,503 (+2,499)
How Do You Know: 2,483 (NEW)
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: 3,555 (+0)
Tangled: 3,210 (-364)
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I: 2,860 (-717)
The Tourist: 2,756 (+0)
Unstoppable: 1,874 (-1,093)
Burlesque: 1,510 (-1,366)
Due Date: 1,157 (-833)
Love and Other Drugs: 1,093 (-1,147)
Megamind: 1,025 (1,400)
Black Swan: 959 (-869)
Faster: 660 (-1,446)

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Source: THR

George Clooney will take over the leading male role in Gravity, director Alfonso Cuaron's new 3D sci-fi project. Sandra Bullock will co-star. Warner Bros. is housing the project, which follows two astronauts who survive a space station disaster.

Clooney is next scheduled to sit in the directors on chair on Ides of March, a new political thriller starring Ryan Gosling and Paul Giamatti. As for Bullock, she recently signed on to star in Stephen Daldry's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close with Tom Hanks.


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SANTA MONICA and LOS ANGELES - Miramax and The Weinstein Company (TWC) today announced an agreement to create sequels to some of Miramax's best-known properties and to partner on potential new television shows and special edition home entertainment products.

The first films to be produced under the agreement will be sequels to Bad Santa, Rounders and Shakespeare in Love. The other potential sequels and TV projects are Bridget Jones's Diary, Copland, From Dusk Till Dawn, Swingers, Clerks, Shall We Dance, and The Amityville Horror. This partnership augments an existing relationship between the companies on such franchises as Scream 4 (to be released April 15, 2011), Spy Kids 4 (to be released August 19, 2011) and Scary Movie 5.

In addition, Miramax will handle digital distribution on select sequel projects. Miramax and TWC have also agreed to develop new, special edition materials for Blu-ray releases, such as roundtables featuring cast and directors.

"We are very close to these films and the new management of Miramax also feels that we are in the best position to create sequels that are at once worthy and compelling in their own right," stated TWC's Harvey and Bob Weinstein. "We look forward to working with Mike and his team on getting these films into production as soon as possible, and extending our partnership in the years ahead."

Mike Lang, CEO of Miramax, stated: "We are thrilled and honored to work with Harvey and Bob Weinstein. There is no better partner to build on these great films and turn them into franchises, while also creating exciting new TV properties. This agreement will extend the Miramax library while also enabling us to create new content without committing near-term capital."

"This is the perfect addition to our ongoing slate, giving us the ability to work on already existing franchises that have had such lucrative success at the box office, as well as a great starting ground to our newfound relationship," stated TWC COO David Glasser. "We clearly believe it will be mutually beneficial for both companies."


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COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Carmike Cinemas, Inc. today announced the December 17th unveiling of its new "BIG-D" auditorium at Canton's Riverstone 15 location. The BIG-D theater opens Friday with the widely anticipated TRON: Legacy in 3-D. "We're providing the ultimate entertainment experience, which features large format DIGITAL, BIGGER screens, BIGGER and BETTER sound, and luxurious in-theater seating for state-of-the-art cinema presentations and the definitive enjoyment of our audiences," notes David Passman, Carmike's President and CEO.

With the Canton opening the Atlanta area becomes one of the first in the nation to offer theatergoers the exciting new BIG-D format that was recently launched by Carmike Cinemas, an industry leader in DIGITAL projection and 3-D technology since 2006.

Dubbed "The Big D," the totally re-designed new auditorium includes a wall-to-wall screen measuring 78 feet wide and over three stories tall, the latest in 7.1 surround sound and Digital projection for both 2-D and 3-D features. In technical terms, Carmike's Big D DIGITAL experience is powered by a cutting-edge Christie Brilliant 3-D flash projector. Images are projected onto the colossal wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen. The end result is a light output of 30,000 lumens, creating a picture quality with noticeably higher resolution than HD.

To further enhance the experience, the custom QSC DIGITAL audio system is tuned to a 7.1 speaker array with 8 discrete channels and the ability to upgrade to 11.1, a revolution in surround sound technology with DIGITAL audio processing supported by quad-amplified, 4-way speakers and six 21-inch subwoofers.

The exciting new environment also includes the ultimate comfort of plush leather high-back rocking seats placed for optimal viewing in a stadium seating configuration.

"The success over the past year of 3-D releases for features like "Avatar" and "Alice In Wonderland" proves that audiences are not only willing to pay a modest premium for the new DIGITAL experience, but they are now demanding it," stated Mr. Passman. "These and other early successes will no doubt persuade producers to release more movies in this format and with its BIG-D experience Carmike is providing our audiences with the technology and total luxury that brings theatre-going to a whole new level."

Plans for Carmike's BIG-D Experience include more new locations around the U.S. by the end of 2011. "Whether it be a movie, concert, sporting event, motivational speaker or church service, our patrons will find BIG-D placing them at the heart of the event and the action," added Dale Hurst, Carmike's Director of Marketing.


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