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Sigourney Weaver will star opposite Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins in Abduction. Weaver is set to play a shrink to Lautner's character, whose life is thrown into upheaval when he discovers his baby picture on a missing persons website.

Weaver received a nice career boost thanks to her supporting turn in Avatar, so she should be popping up in more projects. Her next performance is in You Again alongside Kristen Bell, Kristin Chenoweth and the legendary Betty White.

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New York, NY - Screenvision, the leading innovator in cinema advertising, announced today a new long-term exhibitor agreement with Paragon Theaters. As a result of this deal, Screenvision broadens its position in the important Washington, D.C. and Miami DMA markets. Under the deal, Screenvision will have the exclusive on-screen advertising rights and exclusive 3rd party selling rights for promotions. Each theatre will exhibit Screenvision's digital preshow, which will be integrated into Paragon's Sony 4K projectors.

"Screenvision and Paragon's partnership shows that exhibitors continue to choose Screenvision for the strength and entertainment value that comes with our digital preshow," said Darryl Schaffer, Executive Vice President, Exhibitor Relations, Screenvision. "We look forward to bringing entertainment to Paragon's premium theatres located in the key Washington, D.C. and Miami markets through this new agreement."

"Our partnership with Screenvision allows Paragon to take advantage of Screenvision's ad sales capabilities and the quality and compelling content within Screenvision's digital preshow," said Michael Whalen, Partner of Paragon Theaters. "We foresee that this new deal will lead to a rewarding, entertaining, and high-quality experience for our moviegoers."

Launched in November 2009, Paragon focuses on developing, owning, operating and managing movie theatres. Paragon has two new theatres, one 12-plex in the Washington DC DMA (Fredericksburg, VA), and one 13-plex in the Miami DMA set to open this week in Coconut Grove. In November 2009, former Muvico Theaters CEO Michael F. Whalen, Jr., former senior VP of development Michael Wilson, and former COO Hank Lightstone joined forces to launch Paragon Entertainment, based in Jupiter, Florida. Both theatres are state of the art and include Sony 4K projection equipment. The theater in Virginia is part of a ground-breaking new concept that includes not only a VIP Premier for 21 and over, but also luxury bowling and dining and is a partnership with Splitsville Luxury Lanes.


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ENCINO, CA - The Digital Media Association (DiMA), Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA), National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), and National Association of Theatre Owners are calling on all movie theaters and retailers of movies, music, and video games to observe "Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month" in June by emphasizing the motion picture and video game ratings and music labeling systems, as appropriate, to their customers.

"Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month" is sponsored by the four trade associations through their Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations (CERTA). It is declared annually to promote the use of entertainment ratings and labels by encouraging retailers to review their ratings and labeling education and enforcement policies, reemphasizing those policies to their employees, and educating their customers about the movie and video game ratings and music labeling systems and store policies.

"There are more entertainment choices in the marketplace today than ever before, and the music labeling and motion picture and video game rating systems can help parents choose the right entertainment for their families," CERTA noted. "While the decision as to what is appropriate ultimately rests with the parent, retailers can and do play an important role in empowering parents with the tools necessary to make those decisions - the entertainment ratings and labeling systems."

CERTA commended the voluntary efforts in ratings and labeling education and enforcement by retailers. The latest survey of ratings education and enforcement in retail establishments by the Federal Trade Commission, released in December 2009, showed improvement in ratings and labeling enforcement by all categories of entertainment retailers since the initial survey in 2000.

Retailers can learn more about CERTA and the entertainment industry's ratings and labeling systems here.

The Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations (CERTA) represents approximately 1,500 retailers and exhibitors, who operate more than 35,000 theatres, video and video game stores, music stores, online music and media services, and other retail establishments that offer entertainment products and who employ more than 750,000 people. CERTA is comprised of the Digital Media Association (DiMA), Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA), National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM), and National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO).


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chloemoretz.pngSource: Variety

Chloe Moretz has signed on to star in Hick, a coming-of-age tale from director Derick Martini.

Moretz is on fire since her scene-stealing performance in Kick-Ass. The young actress will be seen later this year in Let Me In, a remake of the Swedish vampire tale, Let the Right One. She's also going to work with Martin Scorsese on The Invention of Hugo Cabret, which will mark the legendary director's first trip into the world of 3D.

Moretz has decidedly replaced Dakota Fanning, who is now going after mature roles, as the young girl with acting chops that directors flock to.

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