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Rose McGowan has joined the cast of Marcus Nispel's Conan reboot. Filming began on the project on Monday in Bulgaria. She will play a half-human/half-witch.


The film stars newcomer Jason Momoa as Conan and Rachel Nichols as his love interest. Stephen Lang, Bob Sapp, and Said Taghmaoui co-star. Earlier this year, it was reported that Mickey Rourke would be playing the role of Conan's father, but Rourke dropped out recently. He was replaced by Hellboy star Ron Perlman.

A new Conan has been in development for approximately a decade. Warner Bros. first started out trying to create a sequel to the previous Arnold Schwarzenegger incarnations, even convincing director John Milius to return as well, but Schwarzenegger's election brought plans to a halt. The studio then brought in a series of directors, including The Wachowski Brothers and Robert Rodriguez, but were unable to greenlight a project before rights reverted to Paradox Entertainment. Director Brett Ratner was almost locked for the film, but dropped out at the last minute, and Nispel came on board instead. Lionsgate has since picked up domestic distribution rights, and is shooting for a 2011 release date.

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Even though the third Twilight film isn't here yet, Summit is already reaching out to directors to helm the two-part finale, Breaking Dawn. The studio's wish-list includes three Oscar-winning filmmakers: Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation), Gus Van Sant (Milk), and Bill Condon (Dreamgirls).


Recently, there were rumors that New Moon director Chris Weitz might be returning, but he denied the rumors, choosing instead to work on a more personal project. In the meantime, until screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg's detailed treatment reaches the directors, no decisions will be made.

The first teaser trailer for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse just recently premiered on YouTube, where it has garnered 8.6 million hits in five days. The first two chapters in the series grossed just under $500 million at the US box office.

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Paramount Pictures is close to hiring longtime screenwriter Akiva Goldsman to direct the horror sequel Paranormal Activity 2. Goldsman has written several high-profile projects, including A Beautiful Mind, The Da Vinci Code and I Am Legend. Other reported candidates included Greg McLean (Wolf Creek), Brad Anderson (Transsiberian), and Brian De Palma (Carrie). If hired, it would mark Goldsman's directorial debut.


Two months back, Saw VI director and series editor Kevin Greutert had been tapped for the job, but Twisted Pictures exercised its option on Greutert, which forced him to quit Paranormal, and direct Saw VII instead. Last year, Paranormal was a Halloween phenomenon, the first in four years to noticeably cut into Saw's domination at the holiday box office. According to producers, Saw VII will close off the series, but Paramount's aim is to again go head-to-head with the 3D Saw sequel by completing Paranormal 2 for a Halloween 2010 release.

Paranormal Activity grossed $107.9 million last year, against a $15,000 budget. The success of the film prompted the studio to launch an entire division devoted to micro-budget films, called Insurge Pictures, which will spend $1 million a year, divided into $10,000 chunks, on ten projects.

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Burbank, CA -- Digital cinema leader Doremi today announced that it shipped over 850 DCP digital cinema servers in February alone bringing its worldwide install base to over 11,300 units; a remarkable feat given Doremi first demonstrated its digital cinema server prototype at IBC in 2004.

"Our line of DCP-2000 & DCP-2K4 servers are the lynchpin products behind Doremi Cinema's expanding client base" comments Michael Archer, VP of Doremi Cinema. "Thanks to our customers, dealers and integrater partners, Doremi's digital cinema server remains the number one installed server globally."

With financial backing for digital cinema deployments finally coming to fruition, exhibitors worldwide are pressing forward in securing systems for their screens. "We have spent years researching and developing technology that has allowed us to incorporate a multitude of additional features into our server. Many of these are not part of the DCI spec, but are seen as necessary value adds by our customers when choosing our product", says Doremi Cinema VP Michael Archer.

Doremi's customers include the largest exhibitors and post houses in the world. Foreseeing the explosive growth of digital cinema spurred by the anticipated financial backing, Doremi completed a building expansion earlier this year in support of the mega-deployments to come.

3D and other "event" films are what sell tickets. "It is our job to make sure that exhibitors can take advantage of tent pole films like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, leverage the top down studio marketing that comes with them, and deliver the latest digital content to their theater patrons, who are packing theaters for these films and paying a premium ticket price."


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Las Vegas -- Continuing to provide cinema exhibition venues with unprecedented audio performance and advanced technology, JBL is introducing the ScreenArray 5742 4-way and 5732 3-way ultra-high-power loudspeaker systems, designed to compliment the large-format 3D visual experience.

Both new ScreenArray speakers features a 150-Watt, 4-inch titanium diaphragm high-frequency compression driver on JBL's patented Optimized Aperture waveguide, featuring Screen Spreading Compensation. The larger 5742 system features a quad mid-range array of four 8-inch Differential Drive cone midrange drivers, providing 1,400 Watts of smooth coverage, coupled with a dual 18-inch SVGTM Super Vented Gap, low-frequency section providing 1,600 Watts of high power output with minimum distortion.

The 5732 ScreenArray model features a 700-Watt, dual cone midrange, and a dual 15-inch, 1,200-Watt low-frequency section. This system provides significant power in a compact system for the headroom required in post-production venues as well as cinemas worldwide.

JBL has been awarded three U.S. patents for it's ScreenArray cinema loudspeaker technology, and both of the new systems include all of the patented ScreenArray design innovations integrated into a system that provides superior coverage, maximum power handling, and uniform power output with extremely low distortion. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented JBL engineers with Technical Achievement Award "for the engineering and design of filtered line array and screen spreading compensation as applied to motion picture loudspeaker systems." This same technology is actively employed in the new 5742 and 5732 ScreenArray systems to provide ideal power response and directivity control with seamless transition between acoustic sections. Both systems employ complex crossover elements implemented actively within the amplifier processing, while the ultra high power 5742 System is a four-way, quad amplified system, the 5732 is a tri-amplified system.

"The new 4-way, ultra-high-power ScreenArray system builds on the success of the revolutionary ScreenArray line of cinema loudspeakers," said Chuck Goodsell, Director of Cinema, JBL Professional. "This new creative advancement in cinema sound technology is intended to enhance the 3D visual effects in large-format cinemas."


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