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Hereafter's depiction of a tsunami sweeping through a town has caused Warner Bros. to stop the film's run in Japan.

Warner Entertainment Japan Inc. official Satoru Otani says the tsunami scenes in the movie were currently "not appropriate."

Hereafter began playing in Japan at 180 locations in late February and it was scheduled to stick around until March.

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Vista Entertainment Solutions is delighted to announce that Goodrich Quality Theaters will be replacing their existing cinema management software with the Vista suite of software.

Ross Pettinga, CFO & Treasurer of Goodrich Quality Theaters states: "We are very excited to be joining the Vista family of customers. We did a lot of due diligence during the selection process, and gathered feedback from a number of Vista's existing customers. It is clear that the ongoing innovation in Vista's products makes them a leader in the industry. For us though, the most telling thing was hearing consistently from different cinema companies about how enthusiastic and effective Vista's ongoing customer support is - that is the key for us."

Vista will be deployed across all 30 locations throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. The modules purchased include: Kiosk, Internet ticketing, Vouchers / gift cards, Loyalty and Home Office (Head Office). Vista's Home Office module will allow easy management of ticket prices, concessions and other data across multiple sites and regions from a centralized location, as well as provide powerful ad hoc reporting on cinema performance to management and executives. Transitioning to the Vista system will provide Goodrich with a robust and advanced platform that positions them well to make use of many of Vista's other industry-leading innovations.

Some of the innovations that Goodrich plan to make use of once the initial roll-out is complete are, the Vista Facebook Application and the Vista i-phone application.

Vance Bowers, the Goodrich Director of Business Technology, says: "We are genuinely excited to partner with the fastest growing cinema software vendor in the industry. They offer a very capable and progressive application and the customers we have talked with have praised them for their responsive customer support. The service and reliability that we look to provide to our customers is what Vista is looking to bring to our company and we welcome them."

Derek Forbes, Vista President - North America, states: "Goodrich Quality Theaters have a proud tradition of high quality and excellence in the cinema exhibition industry. The Vista software system will complement the Goodrich business, and the many innovations that are included will help Goodrich to continue to distinguishing their business as they move forward. This is an important win for Vista and is another step in our journey to becoming the number one cinema management software in the US market"


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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC), a leading motion picture exhibitor owning and operating the largest theatre circuit in the United States, announced today that The IMAX Experience(R) will soon be available at three additional locations. These IMAX(R) theatres will showcase films through a newly installed digital IMAX projection system, IMAX's proprietary sound system and a specially-designed IMAX screen in an existing auditorium. Construction is now underway at IMAX theatres in San Diego, Long Island and Washington, DC.

"Regal is extremely proud to add The IMAX Experience to these already very popular theatres. We've seen a strong preference by our patrons to choose the superior presentation offered by IMAX," stated Greg Dunn, President and Chief Operating Officer for Regal Entertainment Group. "Our patrons appreciate the crystal clear images and impressive IMAX sound systems. Regal looks forward to the terrific slate of IMAX films scheduled for release this year."

"Regal Entertainment Group is a first-class exhibitor, and their strong commitment to ensure every guest has a top-notch experience is precisely why they are an ideal partner for IMAX," said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "We are very excited to install our latest technology at these new locations, where audiences will now have the opportunity to be virtually transported into our incredible slate of blockbuster movies via The IMAX Experience."

Three new Regal IMAX Theatre locations:
NYC Market - UA Westbury Stadium 12
San Diego Market - Regal Parkway Plaza Stadium 12
Washington, DC Market - Regal Manassas Stadium 14

IMAX digital projection systems showcase Hollywood blockbusters that have been digitally re-mastered into the unique image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience as well as original documentary-style IMAX content. Films are projected on a specially-designed IMAX screen that is slightly curved and moved forward to further immerse the audience. Images of exceptional quality, combined with IMAX's proprietary digital surround sound system and patented theatre geometry create "The IMAX Experience," making audiences feel as if they are IN the movie.

Every Regal Entertainment Group IMAX theatre also offers IMAX(R) 3D. When filmmakers choose to integrate IMAX 3D into their movies, images leap off of the screen and into the laps of the audience, further enhancing the feeling of being IN the movie. This is made possible by a combination of IMAX's powerful digital projection system - which simultaneously projects two separate images onto the IMAX screen - and polarized IMAX 3D glasses that audience members wear to fuse the two images into a single three-dimensional motion picture. The result is an amazing IMAX 3D Experience where the screen disappears and the movie envelopes the audience.


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rangofacebook.pngInternational grosses:

Rango: $23 million from 4,963 locations in 46 markets. International total: $46 million. Worldwide total: $114.6 million.

Battle Los Angeles: $16.7 million from 2,992 locations 33 markets. Worldwide total: $52.7 million.

Torrente 4: $11.5 million from 910 locations in Spain. International total: $11.5 million.

Black Swan: $10.3 million from 3,977 screens in 44 territories. International total: $165 million. Worldwide total: $270.9 million.

The Adjustment Bureau: $8.9 million from 2,629 locations in 32 territories. International total: $24 million. Worldwide total: $56.4 million.

The Rite: $7.75 million from 2,100 locations 38 territories. International total: $35.2 million. Worldwide total: $67.8 million.

I Am Number Four: $7.5 million from 4,106 locationsns in 28 markets. International total: $57.3 million. Worldwide total: $107.7 million.

Just Go With It: $6.4 million from 1,835 locations in 34 markets. International total: $45.6 million. Worldwide total: $139.5 million.

Hall Pass: $5.3 million from 1,453 locations in 13 territories. International total: $8.4 million. Worldwide total: $43.3 million.

True Grit: $4.5 million from 2,420 locations in 58 markets. International total: $67.5 million. Worldwide total: $136.9 million.

No Strings Attached: $4.5 million from 2,129 locations in 43 territories. International total: $53.5 million. Worldwide total: $123.5 million.

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