SHOWEAST, Hollywood (October 27, 2014) - GDC Technology Limited ("GDC Technology"), a world leading digital cinema solutions provider, is further consolidating its leadership of the sector in North and Latin America with the expansion of its SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media BlockTM(SX-3000 IMB) installation base. As the industry's first standalone IMB, the SX-3000 IMB sets the standard for simple, hassle-free digital cinema solutions by significantly lowering installation and maintenance costs while eliminating the need for an attached server. The SX-3000 IMB - now the most widely installed standalone IMB in the market, also offers High Frame Rate ("HFR") capability in both 2D and 3D, live 3D support, digital connectivity for alternative content such as 3G HD-SDI and HDMI, as well as image-scaling.

A significant number of exhibitors in North America and Latin America have adopted GDC's SX-3000 IMB to complete their digital cinema conversion, extending into their new theatre locations. The SX-3000 IMB has become a trusted option for many new theater openings, including:

Arclight Cinemas
The Hollywood-based premium theatre chain is expanding and has committed to have SX-3000 IMBs in its new 14-screen location in Bethesda, Maryland opening in November 2014, and also in another two new locations with total 28 screens upcoming soon.

IPIC Theaters
A luxury style movie theatre chain with VIP seating and dining experience, IPIC Theaters has installed eight SX-3000 IMBs at its new Pike & Rose theatre, opening this month in North Bethesda, Maryland. It will also use SX-3000 IMBs at its 8-screen location in Texas which will open early next year.
Southern Theatres
Southern Theatres, LLC, is one of the top 10 exhibitors in the United States and operates 39 locations, with 450 screens, throughout the country. The company has installed SX-3000 IMBs in its 8-screen Movie Tavern Northshore location in Covington, Louisiana which opened in July of this year, and at the 11-screen Movie Tavern Sandy Plains Village location in Roswell, Georgia which opened in December 2013.

Starplex Cinemas
Starplex Cinemas, a fast growing theatre chain based in Texas with over 350 screens, has exclusively selected GDC Technology's SX-3000 IMB and TMS-1000 theatre management software for its new expansion for 2014. They have installed SX-3000 IMBs and TMS-1000 software in East Windsor Town Center Plaza in New Jersey (10 screens), Southington 12 in Connecticut (12 screens), and Loudoun Luxury Cinemas 11 in Virginia which will be opening soon (11 screens).

Violet Crown Cinemas
Violet Crown Cinemas recently installed four SX-3000 IMBs in its flagship cinema in downtown Austin, TX, and will install 11 SX-3000 IMBs in its new 11-screen Santa Fe, New Mexico cinema, scheduled to open in the historic Santa Fe Railyard in March 2015. Violet Crown is also expanding to downtown Charlottesville, VA, and will install 10 SX-3000 IMBs in the 10-screen Violet Crown Charlottesville, opening Summer 2015. Violet Crown's sister company, Carolina Cinemas, has installed 42 SX-3000 IMBs, covering all its screens in Asheville, Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Xscape Theatres
One of the most active exhibitors in the country, Xscape Theatres, owned by Patoka Capital, will use SX-3000 IMBs at three new 14-screen multiplexes currently under development which will open this year and 2015.

"We sincerely appreciate our customers for this long prestigious relationship and thank them for their trust to partner with us and grow our businesses together," said Dr. Man-Nang Chong, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. "With the success of the SX-3000 IMB in the North America market, we are able to expand rapidly in Latin American countries as well including Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. We are proud to announce that within a short span of 2 years, we have had over 14,000 screens installed with SX-3000 IMB worldwide."

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Hollywood, US - Philips continues to expand its portfolio of Digital Cinema Xenon lamps and is pleased to show a new lamp model at ShowEast. The new XDC 6500BI is specifically designed for the IMAX Gen III (Barco) projection system and has been officially released by Barco.

The XDC 6500BI has a rated maximum power of 6.5 kW and a broad operating range of 3400 - 6500 W to accommodate a wide range of screen sizes and formats. In addition, this lamp features exceptional arc stability, long life of 500 hours and robust construction. The XDC 6500BI is officially certified and approved for use in this IMAX Gen III (Barco) projection system.

Philips Digital Cinema Xenon lamps are especially designed for the demanding requirements of today's digital cinema projectors. Their high light output ensures optimum on-screen brightness, while a proprietary electrode design ensures high arc stability with sharp digital pictures. Long lifetimes and a highly robust design ensure lowest Total Cost of Ownership for digital cinema. Each lamp is customized per projector model to ensure the best performance.

Philips will be exhibiting at ShowEast in Hollywood, Florida, USA, October 27-30 2014, booth number 501.

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By Alex Edghill

Heart Of The Sea was the most impressive of the upcoming films on Twitter over the last week as it rose close to 200% to 80,473 likes. That's a big move and overall number for a film that isn't opening for over three months. The film has a lot going for it in that its based on a popular book, which is based on an even more popular character (I'm looking at you Moby Dick), and with the level of talent involved here in Howard and Hemsworth it has all the makings of something which could be an online darling. Just look at the picture to the left, that screams like me like few others I think. 

Two of November's brightest films in Dumb And Dumber To and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 had strong increases as well (though they account for a much smaller total percentage increase due to their massive like totals to begin with), and further endeared themselves to audiences. Hardly a surprise, especially for the Hunger Games franchise, as these two films look to give the 2014 box office a shot in the arm. The 2014 opening record of $100 million set by Transformers: Age Of Extinction  will be all but assured to fall to Mockingjay and while Dumb And Dumber To might not break any records it appears set for a high $30 millions opening according to our latest Long Range Forecast column.

Interstellar continued to chip away as it rose 15% to 294,540 likes by end of day yesterday. I went and dug up Inception's numbers to see what to make of that and the latter had only 46,941 likes 9 days before its release but quickly ramped up to 300,000 the day before release. Gravity had just 130,183 likes the same distance out, rising to 148,160 likes the day before its release. With these numbers in mind I think Interstellar is sitting very pretty right now, especially with critics reviews yet to come out which should give it a nice shot in the arm as early pre-screening word has been overwhelmingly positive. Its remains to be seen if it will become as much of a pop culture darling as Inception was post-release but with the film-friendly holiday season just around the corner this could very well become one of the highest grossing films on the year (if not the highest), quite an achievement for an original film. 

Facebook Top 15 Movies by Like Increase for the Week Ending Sunday October 26th

Rank Release Movie Likes Previous Change % Change
1 11/21/14 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 20,671,069 20,535,800 135,269 0.66%
2 11/14/14 Dumb and Dumber To 3,884,110 3,749,711 134,399 3.58%
3 04/03/15 Fast & Furious 7 51,601,963 51,471,277 130,686 0.25%
4 05/01/15 Avengers: Age of Ultron 12,242,351 12,139,579 102,772 0.85%
5 03/20/15 The Divergent Series: Insurgent 3,683,748 3,611,163 72,585 2.01%
6 06/26/15 Ted 2 20,541,002 20,479,331 61,671 0.30%
7 03/13/15 Heart of the Sea 80,473 29,002 51,471 177.47%
8 11/07/14 Interstellar 294,540 255,584 38,956 15.24%
9 11/26/14 Penguins of Madagascar 3,138,390 3,102,029 36,361 1.17%
10 12/25/14 Unbroken 189,802 161,311 28,491 17.66%
11 02/13/15 Fifty Shades of Grey 5,146,976 5,120,404 26,572 0.52%
12 11/07/14 Big Hero 6 241,848 215,476 26,372 12.24%
13 03/25/16 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice 3,506,358 3,485,944 20,414 0.59%
14 12/18/15 Star Wars: Episode VII 12,835,027 12,816,124 18,903 0.15%
15 01/16/15 Paddington 341,046 323,646 17,400 5.38%

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annabelle-2.jpgAnnabelle crossed the $100 million overseas and $200 million global milestones over the weekend. The film led the overseas box office with a $26.5 million weekend haul from 62 territories, finishing its latest outing outside of North America with a $126.7 million cume. The film has grossed a total of $206.2 million worldwide. Mexico registered the biggest opening weekend of all time for a horror movie and the biggest 2D opening weekend of the year with an $11.7 million tally.

Lucy took a roaring debut from China, grossing $19 million from the market and taking a combined weekend take of $19.6 million from 41 markets. The film is up to $307.6 million overseas and $434 million worldwide.

Gone Girl grossed $18.4 million over the weekend, bringing its overseas haul up to $118.3 million. The film took the top spot in South Korea with a $3.8 million debut. Gone Girl has grossed a total of $242.3 million worldwide with five more markets left on its schedule.

Dracula Untold bit into another $14.7 million at 7,400 dates across 59 territories, including four #1 premieres. Brazil and Spain posted the top premiere numbers, bringing a combined $4.5 million. The film is up to $117.7 million overseas and $166 million worldwide.

The Maze Runner is keeping up with the competition, grossing $12.6 million over the weekend to take its overseas total up to $179.2 million. The film has grossed a total of $273.2 million globally and will expand to China next weekend.

Hercules flexed its muscles overseas with an $11.3 million haul over the weekend. The film opened in China and Japan for a combined $10.9 million.Hercules has now grossed a total of $165.5 million overseas and $238.1 million globally.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles passed the $200 million mark overseas after bringing in $10.8 million from 32 territories. The film has grossed a total of $201.9 million outside of North America and $392 million worldwide. The Turtles will expand to China next weekend.

Guardians of the Galaxy enjoyed a $3.4 million debut in Italy, its final overseas territory. The film put in a $10.3 million performance outside of North America over the weekend and has grossed a total of $424 million overseas. China continues to be the film's top market with $84.4 million. Guardians has grossed a worldwide total of $752.6 million.

The Book of Life earned $7.8 million over the weekend, bringing its overseas haul up to $18 million. The animated film has grossed $49.9 million worldwide.

The Judge earned $6.9 million from 47 markets, taking its overseas cume to $19 million. The film has grossed a total of $54.2 million worldwide.

Big Hero 6 opened in Russia and Ukraine ahead of North America over the weekend and grossed $5 million. Russia took the lion's share of the figure with a $4.8 million bow.

The Boxtrolls took $3.7 million from 47 territories, bringing the overseas haul up to $41.5 million. The animated film has grossed $89 million globally.

Ouija opened day-and-date across five territories, taking $1.3 million from 234 dates in Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Poland and Slovenia. A $20 million North America debut puts the film's global total at $21.3 million. The film expands to 13 terrirotires, including the United Kingdom, next weekend.

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Sunday Update: Universal's Ouija led the way this weekend with a first place estimated debut of $20.0 million. The low-budget PG-13 horror film debuted on the low end of pre-release expectations. While it didn't reach the opening weekend heights of other Platinum Dunes horror films, Ouija still marks another solid performer for the production company. Ouija was no doubt helped out a bit by opening in close proximity to Halloween, but was also likely hurt a bit by arriving so soon in the marketplace after the breakout success of Warner's Annabelle. The film opened 24 percent ahead of the $16.10 million start of last year's Carrie and 33 percent below the $29.82 million debut of The Purge: Anarchy earlier this year.

Ouija debuted with $8.3 million on Friday (which included an estimated $0.91 million from late night Thursday shows), fell a respectable 8 percent on Saturday to take in $7.6 million and is estimated to decline 46 percent on Sunday to gross $4.1 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 2.41 to 1, which is respectable for a horror film and was likely boosted a bit by the film's appeal with younger moviegoers. The audience breakdown for the film skewed heavily towards moviegoers under the age of 25 (75 percent) and towards female moviegoers (61 percent). The film received a C rating on CinemaScore, which while lackluster, isn't necessarily a troubling score for a horror film.

John Wick debuted in second place with an estimated $14.15 million. The Keanu Reeves led action thriller from Lionsgate opened towards the higher end of expectations, which had risen in recent weeks due in part to surging online activity for the film. John Wick represented just the second wide release for Reeves since 2008's The Day the Earth Stood Still (the other being last year's 47 Ronin) and showcases that Reeves still has some drawing power after being out of the spotlight in recent years. The film debuted 13.5 percent ahead of the $12.47 million start of 2008's Street Kings and will hope to hold up better than that film did, thanks in part to strong critical reviews.

John Wick opened with $5.45 million on Friday (which included an estimated $0.87 million from late night Thursday shows), fell a slim 1.5 percent on Saturday to gross $5.37 million and is estimated to fall 38 percent on Sunday to take in $3.33 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 2.60 to 1. The audience breakdown for John Wick skewed towards male moviegoers (60 percent) and heavily towards moviegoers over the age of 25 (77 percent). The film received a respectable B rating on CinemaScore.

John Wick grossed $2.5 million from 347 IMAX locations this weekend. That represented 17.7 percent of the film's overall gross this weekend.

Sony's Fury was down two spots and a sizable 45 percent from last weekend's first place debut to claim third with an estimated $13.0 million. The David Ayer directed World War II film starring Brad Pitt had held up nicely during the midweek, but likely took a bit of a hit over the weekend from the added presence of John Wick in the marketplace. Fury may also be relatively weekday heavy in general based on its performance thus far. The film has grossed a solid $46.05 million in ten days. That is on the lower end of expectations and is 4 percent ahead of the $44.14 million ten-day start of Sony's The Monuments Men earlier this year (which fell 30 percent in its second weekend to gross $15.48 million).

Fox's Gone Girl continued its impressive run with an estimated fourth place take of $11.1 million. The critically acclaimed David Fincher directed film starring Ben Affleck was down a solid 37 percent from last weekend. Gone Girl continues to distance itself from pre-release expectations with a 24-day take of $124.09 million. The film is now on the verge of surpassing the $127.51 million final domestic gross of 2008's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button to become the highest grossing film of Fincher's career (without adjusting for ticket price inflation).

Fellow Fox release The Book of Life rounded out the weekend's top five with an estimated $9.8 million. The modestly budgeted 3D computer animated film was down a noteworthy 42 percent from last weekend's debut. The Book of Life may have taken a bit of a hit from the PG-13 rated Ouija this weekend and producer Guillermo del Toro's involvement may have also led to some additional front-loading. The Book of Life has grossed a solid $29.91 million in ten days. That is towards the lower end of expectations and is 7 percent below the recent $32.09 million ten-day take of The Boxtrolls.

In its first weekend of wide release, The Weinstein Company's St. Vincent was off to a promising sixth place performance with an estimated $8.06 million. The low-budget comedy starring Bill Murray and Melissa McCarthy received a larger expansion this weekend than was initially expected. The move paid off, as St. Vincent opened on the high end of expectations and took in a respectable per-location average of $3,531 for the frame. St. Vincent grossed $2.55 million on Friday, increased a healthy 31 percent on Saturday to take in $3.34 million and is estimated to decline 35 percent on Sunday to gross $2.17 million. That places the film's weekend to Friday ratio at an encouraging 3.16 to 1. The film's A- rating on CinemaScore is also a promising early sign going forward.

Saturday Update: Ouija is off to a respectable start. The horror flick is headed for a $20 million debut after snagging $8.3 million on Friday. Unlike most horror entries, Ouija should hold up reasonably well considering that it has opened before Halloween.

John Wick is on pace for $14 million after tallying $5.5 million on Friday. 

St. Vincent is on pace for $8.2 million after grossing $2.6 million on Friday.

Check back tomorrow for official studio weekend estimates.

Friday Update #2: Sources tell BoxOffice that Ouija is headed for $19 million-$20 million during its debut frame. Of course, horror films tend to pop late on Friday night, so we're not ruling out a surge that could put the fright flick above that range.

John Wick is off to a solid start with what's look like a $14 million debut frame. If word of mouth is strong among action aficionados, then Keanu Reeves' latest could post an even higher debut. This definitely marks a comeback for Reeves.

St. Vincent is set for as much as $10 million during its expansion weekend.

Check back tomorrow morning for updated projections and official Friday estimates. 

Friday Update #1: Universal's Ouija bowed to $911,000 last night. That's noticeably behind the $2.1 million start for Annabelle earlier this month, although that pic had some benefit in marketing with the aid of being a prequel to last year's horror blockbuster The Conjuring. Ouija's Thursday take is more in line with Carrie's $730,000 last October, which ultimately earned $16.1 million over opening weekend. Ouija's own native brand awareness could feasibly give it a boost as the weekend progresses.

Lionsgate reports that John Wick grabbed a healthy $870,000 from Thursday night shows in over 2,000 locations. That more than double A Walk Among the Tombstones' $430,000 Thursday night start in September, which went on to earn $12.8 million over opening weekend, as well as Brick Mansions' $400,000 ($9.5 million opening weekend). Strong buzz and critical reviews for the sleeper hit had been building in recent weeks, which could be a factor in last night's strong turnout, but the chances of a weekend close to $20 million now look even better.

Meanwhile, The Weinstein Company is sending St. Vincent into wide release today following its healthy start in limited play over the past couple of weeks.

More as it comes.

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