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Jonathan Liebesman will take over for Louis Leterrier on Clash of the Titans 2. The sequel will be shot in 3D from the beginning instead of being converted. Cast members Sam Worthington and Gemma Arterton will be returning.

Despite receiving a wave of bad publicity because of a weak 2D-to-3D conversion, Clash of the Titans was able to rake in more than $490 million worldwide.

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Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper will play San Francisco cops in an untitled action/comedy from writer Sheldon Turner (Up in the Air). The film follows two cops who are forced to look to their fathers for help with a difficult case.

Reynolds will be seen this fall in Buried from Lionsgate. As for Cooper, he has The Dark Fields set to open in January 2011.

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The Nutcracker in 3D will be released domestically by Freestyle Releasing and Cinemarket Films on November 24. The film stars Elle Fanning, Nathan Lane and John Turturro, and it also features new songs by Tim Rice. 

Fanning is building quite a career for herself. She'll also be seen this fall opposite Stephen Dorff in Sophia Coppola's Somewhere.

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Monday Afternoon Update: Sony is saying that Taker's actual weekend gross came in at $20.5 million. Lionsgate is reporting $20.366 million for The Last Exorcism

Monday Morning Update: According to early estimates from Sony, Takers may move ahead of The Last Exorcism when weekend actuals are released later today. The studio is estimating $20.6 million for Takers and $20.4 million for The Last Exorcism. The studio estimates that came out on Sunday morning were $21.3 million for The Last Exorcism and $21 million for Takers.

Check back later for weekend actuals.

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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) DLP® announced today it has started shipping DLP Cinema® Enhanced 4K chips to its licensees, Barco, Christie Digital and NEC. Projectors with the DLP Cinema 4K chip are expected to be installed in Q1 2011 and several industry demos are anticipated between now and then by DLP Cinema licensees. With the availability of this chip, DLP Cinema offers exhibitors the widest variety of stable resolution options to suit their needs at any screen size.

"Regardless of resolution option or screen size, exhibitors can count on DLP Cinema's award winning technology to deliver all the light, to all the pixels, all the time," said Dave Duncan, business manager for Texas Instruments, DLP Cinema Products.

DLP Cinema's 4K chip will enable its licensees to manufacture the brightest and most energy efficient digital cinema projectors in the world. In addition, all projectors utilizing the new 4K chip will be designed to meet the Digital Cinema System Specifications developed by DCI, LLC for established image quality and security. Currently, all DLP Cinema 2K projector models with the next generation DLP Cinema electronics platform are DCI compliant.

Exhibitors will likely install the DLP Cinema 4K solution to light up theatre screens as wide as 100 feet and 3D screens as wide as 75 feet, which has been a challenge for competing technologies. All DLP Cinema projectors, regardless of the resolution, have the leading attributes for which DLP Cinema products are known, including precise DCI compliant colors, superior contrast ratios including greater than 2500:1 and light output necessary to illuminate the largest auditoriums.

"DLP Cinema remains dedicated to providing the cinema industry with diverse platforms in both 2K and 4K solutions," said Kent Novak, senior vice president and general manager for DLP Products. "Texas Instruments will continue to innovate and further the development of its DLP Cinema 2K chips which are indisputably the industry standard, including the capability of upgrading the newest 2K projectors to 4K."

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