By Alex Edghill

Monday Morning Update: Ride Along 2 debuted its first TV spot last Thursday which was met with a big uptick in Facebook traffic, enough to bump it to the top spot on the week amongst the tracked films. Like most sequels its recycling its Facebook page from the first film so it had a big jump start to begin with. The first film was a smash success and grossed almost $135 million domestically so expectations will no doubt be high here come January, but with receptions like it has seen for its first trailers I would say this has a very high chance of exceeding the performance of the first film. Kevin Hart continues to be one of the hottest, most profitable actors in Hollywood.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens nabbed second spot to continue its string of top 5 appearances to be way too many to count at this point. With merchandising starting to kick in at the big retail chains throughout North America and a certain onslaught of advertising over the next few months the market will no doubt be saturated with Star Wars hype. Its the biggest box office showdown in recent memory on whether it can overtake Jurassic World for the top grossing film on the year.

The Peanuts Movie also showcased its newest trailer last Wednesday which saw It crack the top 5 for the first time. Its overall tally of 360k is not too shabby considering that its a family-targeted film. The most apt comparison that comes to mind is fellow comic strip adaptation Annie which had a shade over 209k likes the same distance before release. Charlie Brown and company are arguably one of the most important and successful comic strips of all time so it will be interesting to see how it translates to box office. Peanuts ran from the 1950s to 2000 and ran in over 2,600 papers at its prime. While its a family-targeted film in principal, the fact that it has been running in print since the 50s means that a very wide demographic of people are familiar with the comic which will only help it on release.

Steve Jobs is starting to create quite a buzz on social media thanks to its festival appearances where it is already gaining Oscar buzz. The latest from acclaimed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin and Director Danny Boyle, its going to be an award season darling no doubt, not unlike Sorkin's The Social Network. Ironically, The Social Network had less than half the likes that Steve Jobs has at this point before release despite the fact that it went on to gross over $100 million. The release of Jobs has also no doubt benefited from the release of the brand new iPhone 6s, and also to the war of words which has been ongoing between Sorkin and Apple CEO Tim Cook who labelled the film as "opportunistic" which prompted a back and forth between him and the screenwriter. Any news is good news, especially when the early reviews have been so glowing.

Facebook Top 5 Movies by Like Increase for the last week Ending Sunday September 27th

Rank Release Movie Likes Previous Change % Change
1 01/15/16 Ride Along 2 1,880,968 1,766,048 114,920 6.51%
2 12/18/15 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 14,281,926 14,214,773 67,153 0.47%
3 11/06/15 The Peanuts Movie 360,277 321,705 38,572 11.99%
4 10/09/15 Steve Jobs 220,179 192,317 27,862 14.49%
5 11/25/15 The Night Before 245,021 217,240 27,781 12.79%

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Everest keeps on reaching new heights, adding $33.8 million from 62 territories over the weekend to reach a $73.7 million overseas total. Russia is the weekend's top new market with a $5.2 million bow from 1,100 dates. IMAX screenings brought in $4.1 million this weekend, taking the overseas total to $8.2 million. Everest has grossed $96.8 million worldwide.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials crossed $100 million overseas this weekend, after scoring $28.4 million from 70 markets. South Korea is the top holdover with $4.1 million from 572 screens ($12.9M Cume) while Germany registered as the top new territory with a $2 million debut. The Maze Runner sequel has grossed $173.3 million worldwide.

The Intern welcomed $11.7 million from its first 40 overseas markets, raking more than 1.9 million admissions on 3.9k screens. Top debuts include South Korea ($2.7M), Germany ($1.5M), Russia ($1.4M), and Taiwan ($1M). The comedy expands to the UK, Mexico, and Australia next week. The Intern has grossed $30 million globally.

Inside Out became the highest grossing Disney Animation/Pixar opener of all time in Italy last weekend and stayed on course in the latest frame, dropping 9% for a $6.1 million hold and reaching a $15.6 million cume in the market. The film pulled in a total of $8 million from 34 territories. Inside Out is now up to $421 million overseas and $774.4 million worldwide. Top markets include the UK ($58.6M), South Korea ($32.9M), Japan ($32.5M), and Mexico ($31.1M). The film expands to its final two major territories in the coming weeks: Germany on October 1 and China on October 6.

Minions opened in Greece, its final overseas market, enjoying a $505k debut from 75 dates. The weekend's performance brought in $6.8 million from 49 territories. The animated film has grossed $800.7 million overseas and $1.134 billion worldwide.

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation grossed $5.3 million from 46 territories this weekend. China's third frame contributed $3.8 million, reaching a total of $131.3 million. M:I 5 has grossed $480 million overseas and $673.4 million worldwide.

The Visit grossed $5 million from 22 territories, reaching a $14 million cume outside of North America. The thriller opened in nine new markets over the weekend, including a $1.4 million bow at 362 dates in Germany. The film has grossed $66.3 million.

Straight Outta Compton grossed $2.1 million from 22 territories, raising its overseas cume to $33.4 million. The film has grossed $193.6 million globally.

Pan enjoyed a $1.5 million launch in Australia from 470 screens. The film will continue its overseas expansion in the following weeks, with Germany, Russia, South Korea, and Brazil scheduled on October 8.

Ant-Man piled on another $1.5 million to its overseas total this weekend. The film is still in release in 11 territories as it prepares its October 16 debut in China. The Marvel pic has grossed $228.5 million outside of North America and $406.7 million worldwide. Top markets include the UK ($25.4M), South Korea ($19.4M), and Mexico ($15.1M).


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Sunday Report: Sony's Hotel Transylvania 2 led the way this weekend with an estimated $47.5 million debut. The Adam Sandler led 3D computer animated film from Sony Pictures Animation outpaced expectations and set a new opening weekend record for the month of September (without adjusting for ticket price inflation). Hotel Transylvania 2 opened 12 percent stronger than the $42.52 million debut of its predecessor (and previous September opening weekend record holder) Hotel Transylvania back in 2012. It should be noted that when adjusting for ticket price inflation, 1998's Rush Hour continues to hold the September record with an adjusted gross of $59.04 million from an actual gross of $33.00 million.

Hotel Transylvania 2 represents a nice bounce back for Sandler and Sony after the lackluster performance of Pixels this summer. Sony Pictures Animation continues to be especially successful during the month of September, as four of the top ten largest unadjusted September debuts of all-time currently belong to computer animated films from Sony Pictures Animation (in addition to the Hotel Transylvania films, the two Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films also rank in the September top ten). Hotel Transylvania 2 was helped out by the solid reception to its predecessor and by there being very little new product for family audiences in the marketplace over the past two months.

Hotel Transylvania 2 opened with $13.23 million on Friday (the film didn't have early shows on Thursday evening), increased 56 percent on Saturday to gross $20.66 million and is estimated to decline 34 percent on Sunday to gross $13.62 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 3.59 to 1. Hotel Transylvania 2 received a healthy A- rating on CinemaScore. The audience breakdown for the film skewed towards female moviegoers (59 percent) and moviegoers under the age of 25 (60 percent). Parents and kids represented 69 percent of the film's overall audience.

Warner's The Intern was off to a nice start this weekend with an estimated second place take of $18.23 million. The Nancy Meyers directed comedy starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway opened on the high end of pre-release expectations. The film's success this weekend was largely driven by its co-stars and director. With the release slate this September and October being full of dramas and thrillers, The Intern also stood out for moviegoers currently in the mood for a comedy. The Intern opened 12 percent ahead of the $16.33 million start of 2013's Last Vegas.

The Intern started out with $6.24 million on Friday (which included an estimated $650,000 from Thursday night shows), increased an encouraging 18 percent on Saturday to take in $7.36 million and is estimated to fall 37 percent on Sunday to gross $4.64 million That gives the film an estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.92 to 1. That is a good early sign for The Intern going forward, as is the film's healthy A- rating on CinemaScore. The Intern will have a good chance of holding up well going forward, especially given the relative lack of comedies entering the marketplace during October. The audience breakdown for the film skewed towards female moviegoers (62 percent) and heavily towards moviegoers over the age of 25 (88 percent).

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials was down two spots from last weekend's first place debut to land in third with an estimated $14.0 million. The young adult sequel from Fox fell a sizable 54 percent from last weekend. In comparison, last year's The Maze Runner was down 46 percent in its second weekend to gross $17.44 million. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials has grossed $51.69 million in ten days. That is below expectations and places the film 11 percent behind the $57.96 million ten-day take of The Maze Runner. Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials is highly likely to fall short of reaching $100 million domestic mark given that comparison.

After a very promising start in moderate release last week, Everest was unable to break out upon going into wide release this weekend. Instead, the 3D adventure drama from Universal had to settle for a modest estimated fourth place take of $13.09 million. While Everest was up 81 percent over last weekend, the film's per-location average also eroded greatly in the process of such a large expansion. The film's softer than anticipated expansion this weekend in combination with the film's good performance last week strongly suggests that moviegoers especially want to experience Everest in the IMAX format. Everest has grossed $23.23 million through ten days of release (with IMAX grosses representing an estimated $11.5 million of that total thus far).

Everest took in $3.98 million on Friday, increased 48 percent on Saturday to gross $5.88 million and is estimated to fall 45 percent on Sunday to take in $3.23 million. That places the film's estimated weekend to Friday ratio at 3.29. Everest received a strong A rating on CinemaScore. The film will now have to depend much more on holding power going forward, which will be easier said than done given the new competition it will be facing throughout the month of October, especially from Fox's highly anticipated The Martian beginning this coming Friday. It should be noted that Everest is performing significantly stronger overseas than it is domestically so far.

Warner's Black Mass rounded out the weekend's top five with an estimated $11.51 million. The Johnny Depp led crime drama was down three spots and 49 percent from last weekend, which suggests that the film isn't going over as well with moviegoers as it has with critics. It should also be noted that based on its performance thus far, Black Mass has been relatively stronger on weekdays than it has been on weekends. The ten-day total for Black Mass stands at $42.61 million, which places the film 12.5 percent behind the $48.69 million ten-day gross of 2010's The Town and 10.5 percent ahead of the $38.55 million ten-day take of 2013's Prisoners.

Meanwhile, The Green Inferno debuted in ninth place this weekend with an estimated $3.50 million. The long delayed Eli Roth directed horror film was given a wide release by Blumhouse's new BH Tilt distribution label and by High Top releasing. The Green Inferno opened towards the lower end of its already low expectations. The film started with $1.48 million on Friday, fell 17 percent on Saturday to gross $1.23 million and is estimated to fall 36 percent on Sunday to gross $0.78 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at a front-loaded 2.36 to 1. The audience breakdown for The Green Inferno skewed towards male moviegoers (57 percent) and towards moviegoers 25 years and older (57 percent). The Green Inferno received a lackluster C- rating on CinemaScore and should fade away from theatres quickly.

On the platform front, Lionsgate's Sicario excelled this weekend with an estimated $1.77 million from 59 locations. That gave Sicario a strong per-location average of $30,000 for the frame and placed the film in tenth place among all films this weekend. The critically acclaimed crime thriller starring Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin has grossed $2.35 million in ten days of platform release. After this weekend's performance, Sicario appears to be in good shape for its expansion into wide release next weekend.

Saturday Report: Sony reports that Hotel Transylvania 2 posted a strong opening day of $13.25 million on Friday, besting its predecessor's $10.97 million first Friday three years ago by 21 percent. This marks yet another recent victory for the studio, and gives Adam Sandler a welcome win at the box office after the under-performance of Pixels over the summer. The studio reports an "A-" CinemaScore for the sequel, on top of a very encouraging 85 percent Flixster audience score as of this morning -- indicators that the pic is playing well and will sprout healthy legs through the fall as the only animated release until November's Peanuts Movie. Sony is projecting a $46 million opening weekend for Hotel Transylvania 2, which would already give it the new September record over its predecessor ($42.5 million), but we're a bit more optimistic and projecting a $48 million frame.

Offering a strong debut itself in second place, Warner Bros.' The Intern bowed to $6.22 million on Friday. The dramedy is finding great appeal with older crowds -- particularly women -- thanks to leads Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro, as well as writer/director Nancy Meyers. The latter continues to build her following with this film after past successes like It's Complicated, The Holiday, Something's Gotta Give, and What Women Want. This is her first (and second ever) film to open outside the holiday season since 1998's The Parent Trap, so comparisons are few and far between; that being said, Intern bested the $4.96 million first day of Age of Adaline earlier this year, as well as fellow De Niro-starrer The Family ($5.4 million) in September 2013. With strong word of mouth ("A-" CinemaScore; 79 percent on Flixster), expect a long and healthy run. BoxOffice is projecting a $17 million opening weekend.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials was off 63 percent from opening day last week to $4.115 million yesterday in third place. That gives the young adult sequel an eight-day domestic haul of $41.8 million, putting it 9 percent behind the pace of the first film. BoxOffice projects a $13.8 million sophomore frame.

Universal's Everest claimed fourth on Friday with $4.01 million as it expanded into nationwide release following a fantastic IMAX/PLF debut last weekend, giving it a domestic total of $14.05 million so far. The studio is expecting a $12.1 million weekend, which is noticeably below most expectations entering the weekend, but still gives it a solid place to start from as word of mouth continues to appear positive. It's big test will be next week when it loses IMAX screens to The Walk.

Black Mass was off 60 percent from last Friday to $3.5 million in fifth place. The well-received Johnny Depp-led gangster pic has tallied $34.6 million through eight days of release, about 9 percent off the pace of 2010's The Town. Look for a healthy second weekend total around $11 million.

Eli Roth's first directorial feature in eight years, The Green Inferno, opened with $1.47 million in 1,540 theaters yesterday. That's considerably behind the $3.1 million first day of his 2003 debut film, Cabin Fever, but is in line with expectations for the low-budget horror pic. Early word of mouth (44 percent on Flixster; 38 percent on Rotten Tomatoes) is par for the course given its genre. BoxOffice projects a $3.5 million weekend.

Meanwhile, War Room continues to impress as it eased 33 percent from last Friday to $1.225 million. Its domestic tally is now at $52.95 million as it heads toward a $4.2 million frame.

Last but not least, Sicario earned $550,838 on Friday as it cracked the top ten in a limited expansion to 59 theaters. That's up 312 percent from last Friday's take, offering a similar performance as last year's Birdman -- which bumped 219 percent Friday-to-Friday as it expanded to 50 locations in its second frame. With an excellent $1.13 million earned in total so far, Sicario is poised to bring in $1.7 million this weekend before it expands nationwide next Friday.

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Friday Report #2: According to various sources, here's how the weekend is shaping up:

Hotel Transylvania 2: $42 million-$44 million
The Intern: $18 million-$20 million
Everest: $16 million-$17 million
The Green Inferno: $4 million

Check back tomorrow for official studio numbers and updated projections.

Friday Report #1: Warner Bros. reports The Intern pulled an estimated $650,000 from Thursday's early shows beginning at 7pm. That's considerably ahead of The Family's $380,000 Thursday night start two Septembers ago, which was led by Intern's co-star Robert De Niro. Anne Hathaway is just as much a draw here as well (probably more so for the target older female audience), and last night's strong start can also be partly attributed to writer/director Nancy Meyers' reputation for delivering crowd-pleasers.

Meanwhile, Eli Roth returned with his first directorial feature in eight years as The Green Inferno pulled $275,000. While not an earth-shattering early figure, that is in line with expectations for the relatively low-profile horror release.

Reports indicate that Sony did not screen Hotel Transylvania 2 on Thursday night.

More updates as they come.

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By Daniel Garris

Warner's Black Mass took in $1.64 million on Thursday to lead the daily box office for a fourth straight day. The Johnny Depp led crime drama was down a sharp 17 percent from Wednesday's performance. Black Mass placed in second for the week with a solid seven-day start of $31.10 million. The film is performing on the low end of its wide ranging expectations and is running 6 percent behind the $33.09 million seven-day take of 2010's The Town.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials held steady in a close second with $1.44 million. The young adult sequel from Fox was down a sharp 18 percent from Wednesday and trailed Black Mass by $201,373 for the day. Thanks to a stronger weekend performance than that of Black Mass, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials was the week's top film with a seven-day start of $37.69 million. That is below expectations and places the film 7 percent behind the $40.52 million seven-day gross of last year's The Maze Runner.

Everest was up one spot from Wednesday to move into third on Thursday with $0.659 million. Universal's 3D adventure drama was down a slim 4 percent from Wednesday. Everest took in $10.04 million for the week while playing exclusively in 545 IMAX and PLF locations. That placed the film in fifth place for the week among all films and was an encouraging start for the film. Everest will be playing in 3,006 locations this weekend.

Fellow Universal release The Visit was down one spot and 17 percent from Wednesday to land in fourth on Thursday with $0.615 million. The low-budget M. Night Shyamalan directed horror thriller took third place for the week with $14.51 million. That represented a respectable 53 percent decline from the film's opening week performance and brings the film's two-week total to a healthy $45.51 million.

Sony's War Room took in $0.611 million to remain in fifth. The break-out Kendrick Brothers produced faith based was down 1 percent from Wednesday. War Room placed in sixth for the week with $8.89 million. The film was down just 20 percent from the previous week and has grossed an impressive $51.72 million in four weeks thanks in part to continued strong word of mouth.

Fellow Sony release The Perfect Guy followed in sixth with $0.560 million. The low-budget thriller starring Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy and Morris Chestnut declined 3 percent from Wednesday. The Perfect Guy took fourth place this week with $12.41 million. That represented a very sharp 61 percent fall from the film's opening weekend performance and brings the film's two-week total to a stronger than expected $44.12 million.

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Fandango's First International Acquisition Establishes a Leading Position for the Company in the Fast-Growing Latin American Film fandango.pngMarket

LOS ANGELES/RIO DE JANEIRO (September 25, 2015) - Fandango, the leading U.S. digital destination for moviegoers, announced today it has signed an agreement with Latin American e-commerce company, B2W Companhia Digital, to purchase its entertainment ticketing subsidiary, Ingresso.com, based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

With more than six million registered customers, Ingresso is Brazil's largest online and mobile movie ticketing service. In addition to movies, the service also sells tickets to concerts, soccer games and cultural events including the world-famous Rock in Rio festival. The acquisition, subject to regulatory review and other customary closing conditions, is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year.

Brazil has a leading moviegoing population, accounting for 40% of Latin American box office dollars in 2014, according to Rentrak. The country has seen nine continuous years of box office growth, representing the largest market in South America and the world's 11th largest theatrical market, according to the Motion Picture Association of America. The MPAA predicts that Brazil will constitute the world's fifth largest market by the end of 2020.

"As our ongoing commitment to the domestic business continues to produce record-breaking results, we see this as an opportune moment to expand outside of the United States," says Fandango President Paul Yanover. "We are thrilled to work with the talented Ingresso team and build upon their already successful organization. Latin America presents the next logical growth area for Fandango, and we look forward to extending our leading online and mobile ticketing capabilities to Brazil's entertainment fans."

Fandango will bring to Ingresso.com its popular online and mobile entertainment products, branding and marketing expertise and fast-growing international position on YouTube with Fandango Movieclips content to build an even larger presence for Ingresso.com in Brazil's entertainment ecosystem.

The Raine Group and G5 Evercore advised Fandango on the transaction.

About Fandango
Fandango, a unit of NBCUniversal, is the leading provider of online and mobile movie tickets in the U.S., reaching 42 million unique visitors per month, according to comScore, and selling tickets to 27,000 screens nationwide. Fandango entertains and informs consumers with reviews, commentary, celebrity interviews and trailers, and offers the ability to quickly select a film, plan where and when to see it, and conveniently buy tickets in advance. For many theaters, fans can print their tickets at home or receive them as a paperless Mobile Ticket on their smartphones. Fandango's top-ranking movie ticketing apps for Apple's iOS devices and Google's Android Platform have garnered 49 million downloads to date. The company also operates the #1 movie trailers and content channel on YouTube with Fandango Movieclips, which can be found at its dedicated website (http://www.movieclips.com) and its recently-launched mobile app for iOS and Android. Film fans can find Fandango on Facebook at www.facebook.com/fandango and on Twitter @Fandango.

About B2W Digital
B2W Digital is the leading e-commerce company in Latin America and operates through a digital platform, with businesses that present a strong synergy and a unique model, multichannel, multibrand and multibusiness. The Company has a portfolio with the brands Americanas.com, Submarino, Shoptime, SouBarato, Digital Finance and Submarino Finance, that offer more than 40 categories of its products and services and products and services of third parties through the internet, telesales, catalogs, TV and kiosks distribution channels. B2W Digital further operates B2W Services, Latin America's largest and best services platform for virtual stores.

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Harry Medved

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