Peter Jackson will begin to shoot two Hobbit films starting this coming February. Unfortunately, a feud between Jackson and the unions is still raging on. Plus, the financial problems that plague MGM aren't helping matters.

Still, the two Hobbit films are guaranteed to be successful. Jackson was able to turn the Lord of the Rings property into a billion dollar franchise, and fans are bound to turn up again in droves.

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PORTLAND, Ore. -- Rentrak Corporation (Nasdaq: RENT), today announced the top ten movies-on-demand (VOD) titles based on consumer transaction rate. Movies-on-demand are transactional (pay-per-purchase) films available through cable and telco providers.

According to the company's OnDemand Essentials service, the top ten most-viewed titles, per data collected from October 4, 2010 through October 10, 2010 include:



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