Hong Kong -- GDC Technology ("GDC"), a world leading digital cinema solution provider, and Barco, a digital cinema pioneer, are pleased to announce today the successful deployment of over 300 units of Barco Series 2 DLP Cinema® projectors with GDC Integrated Media Block ("IMB") and SX-2000 servers. Barco and GDC will demonstrate this next generation of digital cinema technology on the show floor (GDC booth #311) of CineAsia between 7th - 9th December, 2010 in Hong Kong.

Since 2007 GDC and Barco have installed well over 2000 digital cinema systems worldwide with more than 1000 installations in China alone. Since May 2010, customers worldwide began to adopt the next generation of digital cinema technology utilizing the GDC's IMB with Barco Series 2 DLP Cinema® projectors. The IMB and Series 2 projector system is a future-proof digital cinema technology offering the most secure and advanced technology with a 4K upgrade path.

"We truly value our long standing relationship with GDC; Barco and GDC are both committed to continue to offer innovations in the cinema market." said Wim Buyens, Vice President of Barco Digital Cinema. "This can be seen from the success 2010 brought us, and we are confident to see more successes in the years to come."

"We are pleased to reach a new milestone in digital cinema by offering GDC's IMB with Barco's next generation projectors. This is a testament to our commitment to the digital cinema industry by offering the most advanced, future-proof technology," said Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. "We pride ourselves on this innovation which clearly demonstrates the effective research collaboration between GDC and Barco."

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Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis will play rival politicians in a new Warner Bros. comedy. Jay Roach is set to direct from a script by Chris Henchy (The Other Guys) and Shawn Harwell (Eastbound & Down). The film is set to be released during the 2012 election.

Ferrell has had a great year thanks to The Other Guys and Megamind. Galifianakis is currently shooting The Hangover 2 for Todd Phillips.

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LOS ANGELES -- Google today announced new steps it is taking to help combat online copyright infringement. The following is a comment from Bob Pisano, President and Interim CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA):

"We are encouraged by Google's recognition of the responsibility of all participants in the online world to help combat online content theft. These are important first steps toward helping protect the rights of content owners and the more than 2.4 million American jobs that depend on a healthy motion picture and television industry. We look forward to Google's implementation of its announced reforms. We also look forward to working with Google to address other important issues, including Google's listings and rankings of notorious pirate sites as places to go to get movies that are still only in the cinema and other illegal content. Just yesterday, Google announced that it was changing its algorithm so that unscrupulous merchants will not appear high up on search lists. Similar methods can and should be used to address online content theft as well."


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