by Travis Reid, CEO, Screenvision

Who is Joe Peixoto ... and why is it spelled that way?

Joe Peixoto has lots of friends, many of whom make up the fraternity of people who worked for, and were mentored by, our late, great friend Ted Mann. Joe and I are both proud to be "Mann Boys," a group of guys who have stayed close, helped each other whenever possible, and have been lucky enough to do well in life. And Joe is among the best of us all.

As Joe's friend, one has lots of adventures. Joe and I have rarely lived in the same part of the country and yet over nearly 40 years of friendship, we've been to each other's weddings, met up at virtually every industry event for 30 years, gone to a football game in an RV, been to concerts together, gone to car races at Laguna Seca, and attended the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

And I've been to his beach house several times with my wife, with a group of friends, and once when I just needed a place to be. Our next adventure, for which I will rely on Joe's Portuguese roots, will be sailing. Joe couldn't be a better friend-though he does come with a warning: whatever happens, he won't be the one who gets in trouble. A typical conversation with my wife after a late night out goes like this:

"Who was with you?"



"And Paul."

"Lucky you got home at all."

"And Joe."

"Oh! How's Joe?"

Joe, the Family Man
If you know Joe, you know his family. They are the most important thing in his life, and he loves to share with us what they are doing and how they are doing. When Joe moved up to San Francisco in 1977 for a very brief stay, I told him about some people he should meet, including my friends the Steele sisters. Joe met Jan Steele, married her within six months, and moved her to New York. Over the years they have lived in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Los Angeles again and have traveled the world together. Together they raised their children to believe they can be anything they dream to be and to go where their passions take them. They all took that to heart. Michael, the oldest at 33, and his wife, Maile, are both professors at the University of Oregon. David, 30, is a successful concept artist for Microsoft; he lives in Seattle with his wife, Elizabeth, a therapist who works with troubled children. And 29-year-old Christine is a professional ballerina with the Sarasota Ballet of Florida. Who knows what their 3-year-old granddaughter, Matilda, will do?

Joe, the Consummate Professional
Joe has pursued his career with energy, enthusiasm, and creativity, which has served him well in positions in distribution, exhibition, and technology. His successes have been on a global scale. He spent his first five years in the industry working at United Artists Distribution. Joe moved twice during that time and rose from an entry-level booker to a salesman to a sales manager. He later had two more stints in distribution, moving from UA to Associated Film Distribution and then later to De Laurentiis Entertainment Group. He went to work at Mann Theatres as a film buyer in 1980 and later moved to Metropolitan Theatres, where he held a general management position.

In 1992 Joe was hired by Paramount Studios as president of their Canadian exhibition chain, Famous Players, where he proved to be a more than formidable competitor to my company, Loews Cineplex. Joe completely reinvented Famous by developing innovative designs that created great customer experiences and enabled retail opportunities within the complexes. Joe's work resulted in huge increases in attendance, revenue, and market share and influenced theater design well beyond the Canadian border.

Five years later, Joe moved to the CEO position of United Cinemas International, the largest international circuit in the world, with 1,100 screens located in 14 different countries. Joe applied many of the same ideas he had developed in Canada to great success around the world, leading to the sale of the circuit in 2004 to Terra Firma.

Perhaps Joe's greatest success was at RealD, where he started in 2005. At that time Joe was the fourth member of the management team; they had no 3D screens deployed and there were no 3D films in production. Through Joe's leadership and hard work, RealD is now by far the world's largest 3D platform with over 25,000 screens.

Why Joe can spell Peixoto any way he wants
Several years ago, just as the ShoWest (now CinemaCon) convention was starting, a very close friend of ours experienced a devastating family crisis. Joe heard about the situation while on his way to a meeting in Las Vegas at ShoWest. He handed the person he was with his room key, asked him to send his luggage home, and got in a cab for the airport. He was on the next plane out and was with our friend within a couple of hours. And that story tells you all you need to know about Joe.


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Disney is reporting that as of May 13, Avengers: Age of Ultron has grossed $932.2 million worldwide. The blockbuster opened in China yesterday with $33.9 million, an all-time high for a Tuesday in the Middle Kingdom. Also on Tuesday, Disney passed the $2 billion mark at the global box office for the 14th straight year thanks to strong international showings from Cinderella, Into The Woods, and Big Hero 6. 

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NCM Rebrands, Introduces E!'s Maria Menounos as the New Face of FirstLook Upfront Event Highlights NCM as the Top Millennial Growth Network and Features Enhanced Moviegoer Targeting Before, During and After the Movie

NEW YORK & CENTENNIAL, Colo.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- National CineMedia (NCM) presented its fourth annual upfront event at the AMC Lincoln Square theater in New York today, showing advertisers why it truly is America's Movie Network.

NCM kicked off its presentation with some branding of its own, launching a new look and feel for the largest cinema advertising network in the U.S. Designed by NCM's internal creative agency, the company's new logo calls to mind the projected beam of light that delivers the magic of the movies onto the big screen, while the new positioning of NCM as America's Movie Network reflects the company's distinctive role in connecting brands with movies that shape our culture and the national conversation.

Cliff Marks, NCM's President of Sales and Marketing, explained, "Movies drive the social conversation - they are woven into the fabric of our culture. As we looked more closely at the video universe in which we compete and the value we offer to our advertising partners, we asked ourselves, ‘Who are we? What is unique about the NCM value proposition to advertisers?' And it became clear that NCM is America's Movie Network - we're one of the biggest players in the video advertising marketplace, we have the best content and engagement in the world, we are the top growth network for the Millennial audience, and we're the #1 weekend network in the country. And, of course, everyone loves the movies, so today we plant our flag and claim our rightful place as America's Movie Network."

Marks also announced that E! host Maria Menounos has signed an agreement to be the new face of America's Movie Network as the host of NCM's FirstLook pre-show program, which reaches over 700 million moviegoers annually across a network of 21,000 screens covering 97% of all TV households. "With Maria Menounos we have one of America's premier hosts and entertainment personalities, someone who has done everything from star in movies to interview presidents," Marks said.

Menounos then took the stage, sharing that, "Movies helped me to learn English growing up. They also were the healthiest escape and source of inspiration and remain so to this day. To be part of America's greatest modern art form in theaters daily with NCM's FirstLook is literally a dream come true." Menounos, and her partner, producer Keven Undergaro, co-founders of, the largest online broadcast network that produces "after-shows" for favorite TV shows and plays to a weekly world audience of 23 million, will also create content for NCM. She continued, "NCM is the premier platform in this unique and exciting space. I'm thrilled to host and produce content that will reach moviegoers all across America and hope it will enhance the overall movie experience. We are very much looking forward to working with Cliff and his amazing team." First up will be Movie Minute segments, offering brands a new way to engage moviegoers across all of the platforms where they view movie content - on-screen, online and on mobile devices.

A Big Year At The Movies

Menounos then gave the audience an insider's look at what is coming up in the 2015-16 movie season, one which many industry experts are predicting could be the biggest in movie box office history. So far this year, hits like Fifty Shades of Grey, Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron have resulted in record crowds and sold-out inventory for NCM. And with upcoming titles including Black Mass, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, The Peanuts Movie, Jurassic World, Spectre, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and everything in between, she expects this to be a fabulous year at the movies.

Cinema Targetability & Measurement

Moving from movies to moviegoers, NCM's Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Bennett Fogel, got down to business, introducing a number of new ways to target NCM's highly desirable, young and engaged audience. NCM's Cinema Audience Targeting Optimizer (CATO) system, which has been in development for over a year and will be tested this year with select clients and made available across NCM's entire on-screen inventory in early 2016. The CATO system will enable brands to create media schedules based on movie genres that more effectively deliver a target audience for maximum impact and efficiency. In addition, CATO will enable NCM to offer a number of new specialty networks to reach specific multicultural and consumer groups, including an NCM Hispanic network and an NCM High Income network.

But he was quick to point out that targeting the NCM moviegoer shouldn't be confined to just the theater, which is why NCM has engaged Rocket Fuel's Audience Accelerator to power Cinema Accelerator, a new product that utilizes first-party data including movie ticket purchase data, geo-local mobile audiences, cross-device delivery and audience modeling to accurately reach NCM moviegoers as they extend their movie-going experience. It gives NCM Digital the ability to connect the dots from awareness to purchase with proprietary targeting capabilities and optimization to reach in-theater audiences with online and mobile activations. Marketers can now go beyond the big screen in a whole new way to create full-funnel marketing programs that surround the entertainment experience, increasing both recall and frequency. Encompassing NCM's more than 700 million moviegoers a year, Cinema Accelerator has the largest data set in the industry for entertainment audiences and is backed by Nielsen and comScore VCE audience guarantees.

Bennett Fogel noted, "We set out a few years back to reposition NCM as an easy alternative to capture high-quality impressions and include them in the premium video planning process. We converted our audience delivery to Nielsen ratings based on the TV universe, changed our pricing model to compete with premium prime and live event programming and offered standard upfront terms and options. In last year's upfront, against the backdrop of rapidly accelerating audience fragmentation and commercial avoidance, NCM's new approach resulted in the doubling of our upfront commitments and the completion of our transition into a mainstream upfront participant. In fact, we had a strong first quarter and are tracking to have a record second quarter with our national inventory nearly sold out!" He continued, "This year, to further enhance and standardize our measurement and ROI metrics, all of our upfront partners will not only receive demographic guarantees directly posted by Nielsen, but will also receive engagement posts conducted by Nielsen Brand Effect. Every post analysis will not only include target audience delivery, but will now also include measurement of brand recall, message recall and likeability to quantify the impact of an ad in NCM's FirstLook versus TV, and the combination of the two which has proven to provide maximum impact."

After giving NCM's upfront audience a never-before-seen sneak peak at some of the hottest films that are expected to drive the industry box office to record levels for the upcoming year, Cliff Marks concluded, "No one knows moviegoers like NCM. And as America's Movie Network, we know how to connect brands with what America will be talking about - this Friday, next week, next month, next quarter and next year. As the #1 weekend network in the country, NCM is delivering the best entertainment content, national reach and unparalleled audience engagement across our digital in-theater network. You can count on America's Movie Network to always bring you new ideas to capture the power of the movies."


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By Daniel Garris

Disney's Avengers: Age of Ultron took in $5.399 million on Monday to lead the daily box office for an eleventh consecutive day. The blockbuster superhero sequel from Marvel was down 76 percent from Sunday and down a sharp 59 percent from last Monday. In comparison, 2012's Marvel's The Avengers fell 74 percent on its second Monday to gross $7.92 million, while 2013's Iron Man 3 fell 78 percent on its second Monday to gross $4.62 million. With a massive eleven-day gross of $318.80 million, Avengers: Age of Ultron is running 16 percent behind the $380.99 million eleven-day take of The Avengers and 10 percent ahead of the $289.56 million eleven-day haul of Iron Man 3.

Warner's Hot Pursuit placed in a distant second with $0.957 million. The comedy from MGM and New Line starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara was down a sharp 80 percent from Sunday's inflated Mother's Day performance. Hot Pursuit continues to perform softer than expected with a modest four-day start of $14.89 million. The film is currently running just behind the $15.06 million four-day take of 2011's Something Borrowed.

Lionsgate's The Age of Adaline claimed third place with $0.499 million. The romantic drama starring Blake Lively was down 76 percent from Sunday and down a slim 6 percent from last Monday. The Age of Adaline has grossed a very solid $32.25 million through 18 days of release.

Ex Machina continued to hold up nicely on Monday with an estimated fourth place take of $0.441 million. A24's critically acclaimed sci-fi film was down 60 percent from Sunday and up a very impressive 51.5 percent over last Monday. Ex Machina has grossed $16.20 million in 32 days.

Furious 7 rounded out Monday's top five with $0.407 million. The seventh installment of Universal's blockbuster action franchise fell 75 percent from Sunday and just 18 percent from last Monday. The 39-day gross for Furious 7 stands at $338.96 million.

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By Phil Contrino, Jonathan Papish, and EntGroup Consulting

Avengers: Age of Ultron (复仇者联盟2:奥创纪元) will boost its already impressive global haul with what’s sure to be a healthy tally in China. Early reports indicate that Avengers: Age of Ultron earned nearly $5 million from midnight shows in the Middle Kingdom, which is less than Furious 7 ($8.7 million), but higher than Transformers: Age of Extinction ($3.4 million) and quite remarkable for a work/school night. There’s little doubt that Age of Ultron will shatter the performance of recent Disney/Marvel films in China such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($118.3 million) and Guardians of the Galaxy ($96.1 million). Disney reports that Ultron’s global total is already well past $875 million. 

According to EntGroup’s EFMT Marketing Index, Age of Ultron boasts the strongest awareness and intent to purchase levels of any new release this week. While it will be tough for Age of Ultron to top the record-setting run of Furious 7 (Furious had a clear month with little Hollywood competition, but Tomorrowland comes out on May 26 and San Andreas on June 2), it could end up getting pretty close behind Disney's strong marketing push.

Local titles this week will have to fight for any business left over. Mr. Deng Goes To Washington (旋风九月) is a state-sponsored documentary on Deng Xiaoping's 1979 visit with Jimmy Carter that could garner a fair amount of attention. The Beloved (重生爱人) and Death Trip (夺命旅行) will be going after young crowds, while The Light (永远的守望) will appeal more to families. 12 Citizens (十二公民), an adaptation of Sydney Lumet's classic 12 Angry Men, could connect with adults who aren’t interested in loud summer blockbusters.

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