CYPRESS, CA - Christie, a global leader in visual solutions for entertainment, business and industry, continues to demonstrate its commitment to helping independent theatres reap the full benefits of digital and 3D cinema. In conjunction with its authorized Digital Cinema resellers, Christie has developed more customizable programs that provide marketing and sales support, technical advice and expertise, maintain spare parts inventory, and deliver a streamlined RMA process which resolves issues quickly and speeds up the advanced warranty replacement process. These critical issues are often stumbling blocks for independent theatres that want to go digital.

"Independent theatres serve an important niche in the cinema marketplace. They cater to local audiences and provide a connection to their communities," observed Craig Sholder, vice-president, Entertainment Solutions, Christie. "By working closely with certified Christie dealers who sell, install and service the independent theatres, Christie can offer a broader range of support that includes turnkey operations and the most advanced digital projection solutions. Because dealers act as an extension of the Christie organization, we ensure that they provide the same high standard of service our customers expect of us."

Classic Cinemas, a family-owned business based in Downer's Grove, Illinois, operates 13 theatres in 12 communities. They were early adopters of digital sound, digital projection technology and 3D. Specializing in "lighting up the darkened downtowns" in northern Illinois, their theatres have become the engines for driving downtown redevelopment. Recently, Classic Cinemas installed Christie CP2000-ZX projectors in seven locations to show My Bloody Valentine and Monsters vs. Aliens in 3D.

According to vice-president Chris Johnson of Classic Cinemas, "Christie offers cost efficient projection equipment which dazzles audiences with superior image quality." "Their projectors are ideal for showing 3D content. Because they feature very efficient light engines, we use ‘less bulb' and get ‘more light,' which helps us reduce ongoing costs. The audience reaction to our 3D showings is excellent and we're confident that the viewing experience is due to the quality images that Christie projectors show on -screen."

3D Drives Digital Conversions

EuroWest Companies, headquartered in Essex, Vermont, recently converted one of its two theatre complexes in Essex, Vermont. Peter Edelmann, president of EuroWest, remarked, "The kids are going wild for 3D movies like Monsters vs. Aliens and we look forward to more content throughout 2009."

Edelmann noted that he selected Christie digital projectors because "of its reputation, quality and long term value." He added, "The new digital projection equipment from Christie will be used for more than movie showings. The projectors will support live concerts, video gaming activities and sporting events, such as the Super Bowl."

Dale Chapman, regional manager at EuroWest Cinemas, commented that they were extremely happy with the Christie CP2000-ZX projectors and pleased that there are no issues with them. "We primarily selected Christie equipment for Essex Cinemas because of their reliability, ease of service, convenient lamp warranty and the reputation that Christie has in the industry," he said. He recalled receiving an email from a moviegoer who saw Monsters vs. Aliens at one of his theatres. "It was the best 3D experience they ever had."

Chapman noted that they will install another Christie CP2000-ZX projector in the Cumberland 12 Cinema located in Plattsburgh, New York. He indicated that the record number of 3D features and alternative content coming through the Hollywood pipeline has become the driving force for digital conversions. "3D justifies our decision to convert and makes the new digital technology affordable for us. We will be in a position to finance our systems on the local level."

In 2002, Southern Theatres, LLC, headquartered in New Orleans, was launched to develop and operate state-of-the-art multiplex, stadium-seating movie theatres. Responsible for daily operations of The Grand Theatres and Amstar Cinemas in 18 locations with 280 screens, from Alabama to Texas, they have plans for continued expansion throughout the Southeast. Ron Krueger, COO of Southern Theatres, remarked that he wanted to take advantage of the digital cinema deployment and enjoy the value that 3D will bring to his theatres. "I believe that 3D is the lynch pin to the roll out of 2D digital cinema," he said.

Southern Theatres recently installed Christie CP2000-ZX digital projectors in five of their theatres, in time for Walt Disney's Jonas Brothers: 3D Concert Experience. Krueger said that Christie's products are very reliable and he has confidence in their ability to deliver. "We have no problems whatsoever. We selected the Christie CP2000-ZX projectors because they are the right size for our mid-size auditoriums and they are extremely cost-efficient."

The Best of Both Worlds

Integrity Entertainment Systems, LLC, an authorized digital cinema reseller for Christie, handled the sales and installations at both Southern Theatres and EuroWest Companies. Gary Engvold, president of Integrity Entertainment Systems, noted that his organization provided more than just projectors.

"We supplied all the components necessary for the complete installation. We coordinated the infrastructure and the financing, provided surveys and measurements and were responsible for the documentation required by the studios, as well as the 2D and 3D content providers," said Engvold. "I call it a one-stop approach where we include project management at no additional cost to the independent exhibitor."

Engvold added: "We also offer our independent cinema customers the ability to fund all or part of their cost for the digital cinema projectors. By referring them to various leasing companies where we have established a successful relationship, we open the doors for our clients' digital conversions. About a third of the systems purchased are through leasing options we arrange."

"Digital cinema can significantly expand a theatre's potential revenue streams," said Sholder. "Christie is dedicated to helping independent theatres enjoy the best of both worlds: affordable financing packages and the highest quality digital cinema installation and support platform."

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OMAHA, Neb. & JOLIETTE, Quebec -- Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc. (NYSE Amex: BTN), a provider of cinema equipment and services, today outlined investments it is making to expand its cinema screen manufacturing capacity at its Strong/MDI Screen Systems, Inc. subsidiary, based in Joliette, Quebec, Canada. The expansion effort, which began in the latter half of 2008 and will continue through 2009, is focused on expanding plant capacity and productivity, as well as improving production methods to further enhance screen quality. With the conclusion of the plant expansion program, Strong/MDI expects it will have tripled its production capacity.

Chris D. Stark, Vice President of Strong/MDI, commented, "With the rapid growth in 3-D and large-format cinema programming, we have been experiencing a substantial increase in demand for the specialty screens these formats require. With over 30 years in the cinema screen business, Strong/MDI has developed a state-of-the-art, innovative line of products that are well respected within the cinema industry. To remain at the cutting edge of technology, quality and service to meet the demands of digital cinema, we have been making investments in personnel, facilities and equipment. These investments should position us well to maintain our leadership position in the anticipated growth in our industry."

Since its purchase in October 2007, the Strong/MDI facility has undergone a major upgrade program to better support a variety of cinema screen production activities including specialty "silver" and large-format screens which are experiencing strong industry demand. The plant is currently in the final stages of implementing a U.S. $600,000 capital improvement project to include the addition of perforating equipment, PVC welders and enhanced painting technology. In addition, the plant is adding to its humidity and temperature control capabilities to provide unparalleled quality control tied to its manufacturing process. Strong/MDI has also substantially increased its painting capacity in the past year and these final enhancements, coupled with staff additions, will further increase overall painting capacity.

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LONDON -- Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB), announced today that the Empire Leicester Square has become Europe's first auditorium to utilize the new Dolby(R) 3D Digital Cinema large screen solution. The Empire installed the Dolby 3D system in time for the United Kingdom premiere of Walt Disney Pictures' Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience. The movie will premiere in front of an invited audience of more than 1,300 guests.

The new Dolby 3D large screen solution combined with Barco's digital cinema twin-projector allows exhibitors to project Dolby 3D onto standard, non-silver screens ranging from 12.5 to 21 metres, surpassing the previous size limit of 12 metres. The Empire Leicester Square, one of the UK's oldest and largest cinema venues, regularly hosts movie premieres. With its 20-metre screen, the Empire boasts one of the largest screens in the country.

"We are delighted to be working with Dolby in what is a European first. We share the commitment to bring the finest image quality to the screen in ways that continue to add value to the cinema experience. When it came to hosting the Jonas Brothers 3D premiere, the new Dolby 3D large screen solution seemed the ideal choice," said Justin Ribbons, Chief Executive Officer, Empire Cinemas Limited. "With the Dolby 3D large screen solution, we can now show 3D to audiences in our largest auditorium at Leicester Square--Empire One--and provide a stunning experience for everyone in the audience."

Empire Cinemas operates 144 screens at 16 locations across the UK. Its flagship, the Empire Leicester Square, first opened its doors as a theatre in 1884, and from the earliest days of the moving image, it played host to the technological advances of cinema. In March 1896, Louis and Auguste Lumiere gave the first theatrical performances of a projected film to a paying UK audience at the Empire, assuring it a unique place in cinema history. The current six-screen theatre configuration has a seating capacity ranging from 26 to 1,330 seats.

With a growing number of 3D movies scheduled for release in the next 12 months, it is increasingly important that exhibitors have the flexibility to provide 3D in their largest auditoriums, as well as on their other digitally equipped screens. The Dolby 3D Digital Cinema system also supports both 3D and 2D presentations without the need for a dedicated 3D auditorium, providing even greater flexibility for exhibitors.

"Exhibitors have told us they want 3D without compromise and our new large screen solution provides the right amount of light and striking images for screen sizes reaching all the way up to 21 metres," said Guy Hawley, Director, International Cinema Sales, Dolby Laboratories. "This allows venues like Empire Leicester Square to show 3D in their largest auditoriums to maximize revenues on 3D presentations."

Without requiring a special silver screen, Dolby's colour filter technology and lightweight passive Dolby 3D glasses give every member of the audience a memorable and mesmerizing 3D experience. The Dolby 3D system provides realistic, full-spectrum colour reproduction and extremely sharp images, while the environmentally friendly glasses--designed for repeated use--significantly reduce the cost per viewing for exhibitors.

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Knoxville, Tennessee and Park Ridge, New Jersey, May 18, 2009 - Regal Entertainment Group, the largest motion picture exhibitor in the world, and Sony Electronics announced an agreement for the installation of Sony 4K digital projection systems across its entire circuit over the next 3 to 5 years, which will create the most extensive 4K deployment to date.

"The rollout of these Sony 4K systems gives Regal the opportunity to utilize the latest technology to provide our patrons the best available presentation," said Amy Miles, Regal Entertainment Group's incoming chief executive officer. "Sony's state-of-the-art 4K systems produce the highest levels of resolution, contrast and overall image quality."
Approximately 1,500 of the Regal screens will also be outfitted for 3D digital projection, using Sony's newly introduced dual-lens adaptor technology.

"Regal has always been at the forefront of merging technology with entertainment to create a dynamic movie-going experience," said Gary Johns, vice president and head of of Sony Electronics' digital cinema business. "The innovative design and capabilities of the 4K projectors' are a perfect fit for supporting their commitment to deliver not only the highest-quality 2D and 3D digital projection, but also alternative content, live theatrical events and more."

Sony 4K projectors offer the highest image resolution of all projection technologies, producing 8.8 million pixels. 4K technology provides image resolution four times greater than 2K projection systems and slightly more than four times greater than high-definition.

The Regal and Sony agreement is part of an initiative being led by Digital Cinema Implementation Partners, LLC (DCIP), an organization formed in 2007 by Regal Entertainment Group, AMC Entertainment and Cinemark USA, Inc. DCIP is charged with planning and implementing the deployment of digital cinema.

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D&E's digital cinema presentation captures the spectacular live footage of the shows, giving fans the best seat in the house. Shot in pristine Hi-Def with superb 5.1 surround-sound and projected in digital cinemas, the highest quality in cinemas today- the big screen debut will be the ultimate experience for the senses.

D&E Entertainment partners Evan Saxon and Doug Kluthe stated, "We are ecstatic to oversee the theatrical distribution and marketing for this amazing film. D&E will implement a highly effective campaign that incorporates press, radio, online, retail and in-theatre exposure, while letting the fan experience the concert like they are in the front row at Madison Square Garden. At D&E Entertainment we understand the vision of the artists and content owners, and meld this with our great theatre partners."

For more information on Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood ‘Live From Madison Square Garden' or to purchase tickets for the Theatrical Premiere Event, visit:, or

On May 19, 2009 Reprise Records will release a 2-disc CD/DVD of their amazing performances.

‘Live From Madison Square Garden' is playing in the following US and UK locations:

United Kingdom Theatre
London Odeon Covent Garden
United States Theatres
Apple Valley, CA UltraStar Apple Valley
Bay Area/Oakland,CA Brenden Concord 14
Benton Harbor, MI Celebration! Cinema Benton Harbor
Birmingham, AL Rave Patton Creek 15
Boston, MA The Regent Theatre
Buffalo, NY McKinley 6 Theatres
Chicago, IL Kerasotes City North 14
Chicago, IL Kerasotes Webster Place 11
Chicago/Naperville Kerasotes Showplace 16
Chicago/New Lenox Kerasotes Showplace 14
Chicago/Niles Kerasotes Showplace 12
Chicago/Orland Park Orland Park Cinemas
Chicago/Schereville Kerasotes Showplace 12
Chicago/Skokie Kerasotes Village Crossing 18
Columbus, OH Rave Polaris 18
Dallas/Fort Worth,TX Rave Northeast Mall 18
Denver, CO Kerasotes Cherry Creek 8
Denver/Aurora, CO Kerasotes Chinese 16 at Arapahoe Crossing
Detroit, MI Emagine Canton
Fort Lauderdale, FL Trademark Coral Square 8
Grand Rapids, MI Celebration! Cinema South
Indianapolis, IN Kerasotes ShowPlace 16 and IMAX
Kalamazoo, MI Celebration! Crossroads Cinema
Lake Havasu, AZ UltraStar Lake Havasu 10
Lansing, MI Celebration! Cinemas Lansing IMAX
Las Vegas, NV Brenden Theatres and IMAX
Little Rock, AR Rave Colonel Glenn 18
Long Island, NY Clearview Port Washington - Main St
Los Angeles Mann Chinese 6
Madison, WI Kerasotes Star 18
Madison, WI Marcus Point UltraScreen Cinema
Memphis, TN Paradiso Theatre
Miami/Palm Beach, FL Cobb Theatres Downtown 16
Middlebrook, NJ Clearview's Middlebrook Cinema 10
Milwaukee, WI Marcus Ridge Cinemas
Minneapolis/Coon Rapids Kerasotes ShowPlace 16
Minneapolis/Inver Grove Kerasotes Showplace 14
Minneapolis, MN Riverview Theatre
Muskegon, MI Cinema Carousel
New Jersey, NJ Clearview Parsippany 12
New York City, NY Clearview's Chelsea Cinemas
New York City, NY SoHo House (Private Screening)
Omaha, NE Marcus Village Pointe Cinemas
Omaha/Council Bluffs,IA Kerasotes Star 16
Philadelphia, PA Clearview's Anthony Wayne
Phoenix,AZ UltraStar Surprise Pointe Cinema
San Diego,CA UltraStar Mission Valley
San Diego/Del Mar,CA UltraStar Del Mar Highlands 8
San Diego/Oceanside, CA UltraStar Mission Marketplace
Springfield, IL Kerasotes Showplace West 12
Springfield/Edwardsville Kerasotes Showplace 12

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