LOS ANGELES -- MovieTickets.com, the worldwide leader in advance movie ticketing, today announced it will provide online movie ticketing services for Spain's Circuito I.N.D.I.E theater circuit (Vircas.es Group) and will provide showtimes and advance movie ticketing through the launch of the MovieTickets.com.es website. Circuito I.N.D.I.E currently operates 125 screens and has rapid expansion plans in place for the next three years.

To date, MovieTickets.com has steadily increased its global ticketing capabilities, strategically identifying key markets beyond the U.S. to offer online ticketing solutions. MovieTickets.com currently serves moviegoers in multiple countries and territories, offering advance movie ticketing for Canada at MovieTickets.ca; in the U.K. at MovieTickets.co.uk; in Ireland at MovieTickets.ie; at MovieTickets.com.ar in Argentina; and in Aruba, Bermuda and Curacao under the MovieTickets.com brand. The company has 10 different versions of the MovieTickets.com website, including Spanish and French language versions.

"MovieTickets.com is becoming the global online movie ticketing resource that we set out for it to be," said Joel Cohen, CEO, MovieTickets.com. "We've identified Spain as another important market that fits well into our international development strategy. This partnership marks the first of many new markets that we'll be expanding into, growing our solutions' footprint and overall brand visibility."

For a complete list of the MovieTickets.com exhibitors, please visit: www.movietickets.com/200strong.


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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I topped a poll of 12,622 MovieTickets.com users who were asked, "Which film releasing before the end of the year are you most anticipating?"

Full results:

A) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 - 57% (Release date: Nov. 19)
B) Paranormal Activity 2 - 14% (Release date: Oct. 22)
C) Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps - 14% (Release date: Sept. 24)
D) The American - 11% (Release date: Sept. 1)
E) Buried - 4% (Release date: Oct. 8)

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Los Angeles -- The International 3D Society announced today that IMAX, RealD and Texas Instruments DLP Cinema® will each be honored with a Century Award for their historical achievement at the Stereoscopic 3D Technology Awards scheduled for October 19, 2010 at 7pm at the Mann's Chinese Theatre.

The Century Award is the highest honor bestowed by the membership of the International 3D Society and a blue ribbon panel of stereoscopic experts. Three companies will be recognized for their historical achievement in Stereoscopic 3D over the past thirty years. IMAX is being honored for its "Solido Systems" technology; RealD for its "Cinema System" digital 3D projection technology and Texas Instruments for its "DLP Cinema" technology.

"IMAX® Solido was an important stepping stone in the evolution of IMAX® 3D technology. It introduced millions of moviegoers to IMAX 3D and we're honored to be recognized with this award as we continue to break new ground in 3D cinema with our current digital projection system," stated Brian Bonnick, IMAX's Executive Vice President, Technology.

"The RealD Cinema System introduced today's digital 3D revolution by blending cutting-edge 3D science with a new breed of digital cinema projection to solve the issues inherent to film-based 3D of old," said Joseph Peixoto, President of Worldwide Cinema at RealD.

"Who would have thought that our 3D technology invention that started in our lab would now be enabling a major part of digital cinema 3D worldwide," said Dave Duncan, business manager for Texas Instruments, DLP Cinema Products. "We are very proud to receive this award and are committed to furthering 3D from the theater to the home and now the classroom for interactive learning."

The black-tie Stereoscopic 3D Technology Awards ceremony will recognize technological achievement across the stereoscopic medium.

"These Century Awards will record for history the technologies, organizations and individuals responsible for 3D's extraordinary journey," added Jim Chabin, President of the International 3D Society.

Buzz Hays, Society Chair and Executive Stereoscopic 3D Producer for the Sony 3D Technology Center, Sony Corporation of America, noted, "The field of stereoscopic 3D has progressed dramatically in the past decade and continues to evolve daily as more and more talented individuals get involved and identify new needs and opportunities. 3D technologies continue to



advance, it is important to recognize the achievements of the visionaries who created the tools to empower the artists who, together, will propel our medium forward."

The International 3D Society is a professional community dedicated to advancing the arts and technologies of Stereoscopic 3D. The 3D Technology Awards Show will feature MasterImage3D passive glasses and technology and NEC projectors and equipment. For more information please click www.international3dsociety.com/techawardsparticipation.html

XpanD and Panasonic are Platinum Sponsors, NEC Display Solutions is a Gold Sponsor and Nvidia and Quantel are Silver Sponsors of the 3D Technology Awards Show. International 3D Society sponsors include Signature Sponsor XpanD and Founding Sponsors MasterImage 3D, Panasonic Hollywood Lab, The Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks Animation (DWA), Dolby and IMAX and Member Sponsors Discovery Communications, Autodesk and DirecTV.


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