furious7longrange.pngUniversal reports that Furious 7 added $9.2 million to its haul on Wednesday, boosting the blockbuster's six-day domestic total to a stunning $183.7 million. All-time, that stands as the eighth best six-day sum ahead of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest's $183.66 million. The film is currently pacing 40 percent ahead of Fast & Furious 6 and 1 percent ahead of The Hunger Games.

Home took second place yesterday with another $3.33 million, giving it a total of $107.5 million through 13 days of release. The DreamWorks hit is running 6 percent ahead of The Croods and just 6 percent behind Monsters vs. Aliens.

Disney's Cinderella added $1.41 million in third place on Wednesday. The film's total now stands at $172.2 million.

In fourth, Get Hard took in $1.23 million yesterday, giving it a successful-but-modest $61.4 million domestic tally up to this point.

Filling out the top five, The Divergent Series: Insurgent claimed $0.98 million yesterday. Its domestic total now stands at $107 million.

Meanwhile, Woman In Gold pulled $0.34 million in its limited 258-theater run for a $1,302 per-theater average. With $3.16 million in the bank so far, the film expands to 1,504 theaters this weekend.


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apr3pred.pngLOS ANGELES - April 9, 2015 - According to Fandango, the nation's leading moviegoer destination, "Furious 7" is racing to a record-setting second weekend at the box office. The blockbuster hit tops Fandango's Fanticipation movie buzz indicator for the second week in a row with a fast-paced 92 out of 100 points - and on Fandango, it's outselling all other previous April releases in their second weekends.

According to a Fandango survey of more than 1,000 "Furious 7" moviegoers, 86% planned to see the movie more than once, while 91% are already looking forward to future installments in the franchise.

"'Furious 7' is the ultimate party movie, one that fans want to see again and again," says Fandango Chief Correspondent Dave Karger. "‘Based on recent Fandango moviegoer survey results, we expect to see heavy repeat viewing of ‘Furious 7' throughout the weekend."

On Fandango's movie recommendation show, "Weekend Ticket," host Dave Karger interviews Scott Eastwood, the star of this weekend's major studio release, Nicholas Sparks' "The Longest Ride," and asks him about his bull-riding techniques and his all-time favorite movie romance (he picks "The Bridges of Madison County" starring and directed by his dad, Clint Eastwood). The full episode can be viewed at http://www.fandango.com/WeekendTicket.

About Fandango's Fanticipation
Known for having its finger on the pulse of moviegoers, Fandango's movie buzz indicator, Fanticipation, provides statistical insight into the movies fans are planning to see in a given weekend. Fanticipation scores (based on a 1 to 100-point scale) are calculated via an algorithm of Fandango's advance ticket sales, website and mobile traffic, and social media engagement. Fanticipation is not intended as a forecast of the weekend box office; it is a snapshot of movie fan sentiment.

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New Effects - Snow, Rainstorm and Warm Air - on Display At Booth #2003 in the Augustus Ballroom

Los Angeles, CA (April 9, 2015) - In the company's third appearance at CinemaCon, CJ 4DPLEX, the world's first 4D cinema company for feature films, will be showcasing its three newest effects - snow, rainstorm and warm air - for the first time to a public audience. 4DX's catalogue of standard effects include: motion, water, rain, fog, wind, air, lightning, bubbles, ticklers, scents and vibration. The three add-on effects can be installed by 4DX auditoriums around the world to bring their audiences an even more immersive experience when watching realistic scenes involving, for example, floods, explosions, earthquakes, tornados and fires.

At CinemaCon, 4DX will be located in the Augustus Ballroom in Booth #2003. At the booth, convention-goers will be able to experience a mini demo exhibiting all 4DX effects including 3 new add-on effects. 4DX - which is nominated for an Edison Award, to be handed out on April 24 - made a splash in at CinemaCon 2014, announcing its first U.S. theater roll-out via a partnership with AEG to add a 4DX experience to the Regal L.A. LIVE in Los Angeles. Since that installation opened to the public on June 26, Hollywood's biggest blockbuster hits have been enjoyed by American moviegoers in 4DX, including the latest blockbuster Furious 7. More than 30,000 moviegoers visited 4DX auditorium to experience this movie over Easter Weekend, breaking the cinema's day-after-day records.

Upcoming titles to be screened in 2015 include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mad Max: Fury Road, San Andreas, with clips from each to be demoed at the 4DX CinemaCon booth.

4DX executives will be also participating in the below CinemaCon activities:

· Monday, April 20: 11:20am - 12:30pm

Panel discussion: "The Three S's of Immersive Cinema Experience: Sight, Sound and Seats"

Venue: Palace Ballroom III, Emperors Level

· Thursday, April 23: 12:30pm - 2:15pm

Luncheon sponsored by 4DX and Variety: "The ‘Independent' Game: Based on a True Story"

Venue: Octavius Ballroom, Promenade Level

4DX's presence at the convention will be hand-in-hand with CJ Group's other futuristic theater technology, ScreenX (Booth #2002A). ScreenX will also be holding demonstration screenings at the AMC Town Square 18. A shuttle from CinemaCon will be provided with a reservation, which can be made here: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-most-immersive-cinematic-experience-screenx-tickets-15968504226

4DX currently operates in 170 auditoriums in 33 countries worldwide in partnership with top global exhibitors. Including the first site in the United States at the Regal LA Live Stadium 14 in Los Angeles, 4DX theaters can be found in Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Chile, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, UAE, Colombia, Ukraine, Taiwan, Vietnam, Venezuela, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Israel, Czech Rep, Croatia, Peru, Poland, Hungary, Philippines, Cambodia, Costa Rica, India, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Romania, and Turkey with more sites planned.

About 4DX
4DX is the world's first 4D-technology based cinema for feature films. Headquartered in Seoul and with international offices in Los Angeles and Beijing, the company provides immersive cinematic experience through 4DX auditoriums for exhibition partners along with 4DX codes of major Hollywood blockbusters and local titles. Each auditorium incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with over 20 different effects and optimized by a team of skilled editors, maximizing the feeling of immersion within the movie. A visit to the 4DX brings a virtual journey through an all-encompassing experience not limited to just audio and video. 4DX presents an all-five-senses immersive cinematic experience allowing everyone to connect with the movie and experience special effects through motion, vibration, water, wind, lighting, scents and more that enhance the visuals on-screen. Since 2010, more than 200 Hollywood titles were screened in 4DX. As of April 2015, there are more than 23,000 4DX seats across 170 sites in 33 countries.
For more information, please visit: Homepage: www.cj4dx.com / Facebook: www.facebook.com/4dplex

About CJ Group
CJ Corporation produced Korea's first sugar in 1953 and was found with the philosophy of Business Patriotism, that is "A company must contribute to the nation and further the human race with its business." CJ has led Korea's food culture for the last sixty years based on the philosophy "Business Patriotism, People First, and Rationalism." As it enters the 21st century, the company has extended its business into four core fields of Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharmaceuticals, Homeshopping & Logistics, and Entertainment & Media. CJ has constantly pursued its core values of integrity, passion, and creativity under the vision of ‘Create a New Culture for Healthy. Happy and Convenient Lifestyles' and has produced ONLYONE products and services to create the best values. These principles were the motivation that helped CJ grows as a global company creating lifestyle and culture beyond the Korean market. CJ is now embarking on a long journey toward ‘2020 GREAT CJ.' CJ will move forward ceaselessly until we create a lifestyle that influences the world beyond territorial and cultural borders. CJ will not cease our quest for a better future until Korean culture, Korean movies, Korean cuisine, Korean TV dramas and Korean music are integrated into global culture.


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AMC and Dolby to deliver total premium cinema experience with laser projection, lifelike sound, and ultimate comfort in up to 100 sites

Leawood, Kan., and San Francisco, April 9, 2015-AMC Theatres (NYSE: AMC) and Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) today announced Dolby CinemaTM at AMC Prime®, a premium cinema offering for moviegoers that makes every visit a completely captivating event. Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime combines spectacular image and sound technologies with inspired design and amazing comfort. Moviegoers will be wowed by Dolby VisionTM laser projection and Dolby Atmos® sound, as well as AMC Prime power reclining seats with seat transducers that vibrate with the action on screen.

By mid-May 2015, AMC expects to have fully installed Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime in up to four AMC locations in major cities across the United States. AMC intends to expand to 50 operating Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime locations by December 2018 in additional cities, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Denver, and Seattle, and up to 100 Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime locations by December 2024.

"Dolby Cinema delivers a unique moviegoing experience with rich and vivid imagery and lifelike sound," said Kevin Yeaman, President and CEO, Dolby Laboratories. "Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime will transport audiences across America into the ultimate moviegoing experience."

"Guests should prepare to be blown away when we launch this amazing theatre experience," said Gerry Lopez, CEO and President, AMC. "Moviegoers are already demonstrating they'll drive past other theatres to see a movie in AMC Prime, so combined with Dolby's pioneering technology, this next-generation Premium Large Format experience will leave them impressed, thrilled, and excited by what they see, hear, and feel-all from the comfort of their reclining chairs."

The addition of Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime bolsters AMC as the Premium Large Format leader in the movie exhibition industry. As part of the agreement, AMC will renovate its existing Premium experiences-ETX and AMC Prime-into Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime. Renovated AMC auditoriums will feature newly installed Dolby Cinema, which incorporates Dolby Atmos audio technology and the Dolby Vision projection system.

The Dolby Vision laser projection system delivers high dynamic range with enhanced color technology that produces incredible blacks and a contrast ratio that far exceeds any other image technology on the market today. The result is a richer, more detailed viewing experience that delivers strikingly vivid and realistic images that make audiences feel like they are in the movie's world. Dolby Atmos, the award-winning Dolby® sound technology, moves audio around the theatre, even overhead, with amazing richness and depth. The lifelike sounds of music, people, and things flow all around the theatre in sync with the action to create a more immersive and moving experience.

The inspiration for the design elements came out of the desire to achieve technically superior sight and sound capabilities for all Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime locations. The design of the cinema itself has been created to set a mood and draw audiences deeper into the story. Through the Dolby technology, combined with the ultimate comfort and experience of the AMC Prime plush recliners with seat transducers, guests will feel closer than ever to the action on screen.

About AMC Prime
AMC Prime-AMC's branded Premium Large Format, and the highest-rated experience offered by AMC according to guest feedback-launched at AMC BarryWoods 24 in Kansas City, Mo., in 2013 and now spans nine locations in major markets around the country. AMC Prime features power reclining seats with seat transducers, Dolby Atmos sound, and an unbelievably crisp and luminous picture to deliver the "wow" of sight, sound, and sense.

About Dolby Cinema
Dolby Cinema delivers the total cinema experience. It combines powerful image and sound technologies with inspired cinema design to make every visit a completely captivating cinematic event.

Dolby Cinema will include Dolby Vision-a state-of-the-art authoring and playback imaging technology that enables the cinema to bring the story alive on screen. Outfitted with Dolby Atmos, Dolby Cinema transports audiences into the movie with breathtakingly real sound that fills the cinema and flows all around them.

When these technologies are combined with the sophisticated Dolby Cinema design, everything comes together to pull moviegoers more deeply into the story and transform their visit into an event. For more information, please visit the Dolby Cinema web page.

About AMC Theatres
AMC Theatres (NYSE: AMC) is the guest experience leader with 348 locations and 4,960 screens in the United States. AMC has propelled theatrical industry innovation and continues today by delivering more comfort and convenience, enhanced food & beverage, greater engagement and loyalty, premium sight & sound, and targeted programming. AMC operates the most productive theatres in the country's top markets, including No. 1 market share in the top three markets (NY, LA, Chicago). www.amctheatres.com

About Dolby Laboratories
Dolby Laboratories (NYSE: DLB) creates audio, video, and voice technologies that transform entertainment and communications in mobile devices, at the cinema, at home, and at work. For nearly 50 years, sight and sound experiences have become more vibrant, clear, and powerful in Dolby®. For more information, please visit www.dolby.com.

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