KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC), a leading motion picture exhibitor owning and operating the largest theatre circuit in the United States, is pleased to announce the addition of electronic gift cards to the many gift-giving options available for movie fans. Shoppers can logon now to and instantly send eGift Cards to friends and family.

"We are excited to offer this innovative gift-giving opportunity to our moviegoers," stated Dick Westerling, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Advertising for Regal Entertainment Group. "Regal eGift Cards are a convenient way to complete your holiday shopping in an instant and are perfect for anyone on your list."

Regal's new eGift Cards arrive in minutes via email or on a specified delivery date. There are no shipping charges, service fees or expiration dates and electronic gift cards come in a variety of themed design options. Plus eGift Cards can be customized for each recipient with personalized messages and uploaded photos to add a special touch to the emailed gifts.

One of the seasonal options available for eGift Cards is a holiday-themed "Joy to the Movies" gift card design. Regal Entertainment Group offers many additional gift-giving options throughout the year. Decorative Regal gift cards are always available at the box office and online. All Regal gift cards are good toward movie tickets and concessions, have no hidden fees, and never expire.

Regal also offers discount movie ticket programs for organizations, companies, groups and individuals who may benefit from buying movie tickets in large quantities. Visit for more information on discount movie tickets.


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Singapore/Tokyo -- In his keynote speech at a forum on measures to tackle online piracy at the Tokyo International Film Festival on 21 October, Bob Pisano, President and Interim CEO, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) called for "forward-thinking" initiatives such as the introduction of a Graduated Response mechanism and Site Blocking that countries around the world are increasingly using to combat the problem of illegal online infringement and the best bet to stop threat of theft of intellectual property on the internet.

Graduated Response is a method of dealing with illegal online file sharing by an escalating series of sanctions against identified repeat infringers. Pisano highlighted France, Korea and Taiwan as countries that have recently passed legislation implementing Graduated Response as such a system provides a fair and reasonable measure which avoids litigation and balances the need to protect creative industries while taking into account the responsibilities of ISPs and Internet users. He also spoke of Governments in the United Kingdom and New Zealand that are also currently working on introducing Graduated Response program in their respective countries.

Pisano called the increase of online intellectual theft "alarming" and an "epidemic" and while MPA focuses on outreach and education of the dangers and consequences of online file sharing, Pisano said he believed the adoption of measures such as the Graduated Response and Site Blocking will "slow the spread of the disease".

"We know there cannot be a one-size-fits-all approach to the problem; that there are cultural and practical issues requiring different approaches from one nation or region to another," said Pisano. "But what we do feel is that the basic belief underlying all of our efforts should be the same - that individual awareness and responsibility are essential if we are to continue to make progress."

In Japan, lawmakers have amended Article 30 of the Copyright Law to make it illegal to download music or movies distributed on the Internet without the authorization of right holders. "We applaud that development," said Pisano. "At the same time, we feel that a robust Graduated Response deterrent scheme, involving all ISPs is also essential."

Pisano also called for Japan to adopt its own Graduated Response approach to address online P2P infringements on localized, anonymous networks such as Winny and Share. "As global industry leaders, your country is clearly in a position to move aggressively to protect your intellectual property, your creative community, the people who have been the driving force of your economy," he added.

He urged rightholders in Japan to talk to the ISPs about their role in protecting online content and in partnership with them to develop a solution aimed at insuring that users can continue to enjoy the full benefits of broad legal access to the internet while preserving the ISPs' business model.

Pisano spoke to an audience of 120 that included Japanese government officials, film makers, music industry representatives and media, who also heard from participants from around the world including Nicolas Seydoux, Chairman Association de Lutte contre la Piraterie Audiovisuelle (ALPA); Hong Kong film producer Nansun Shi; and New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison, about how different countries and local creative communities are addressing the threat of online infringements.


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Hollywood, October 21, 2010-At an evening ceremony attended by many of Hollywood's most influential postproduction executives, Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (NYSE: DLB) officially released the long-awaited Dolby® PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor. This year, Dolby celebrates nearly 40 years of delivering innovative solutions to the cinema industry. The release of the Dolby PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor continues a long tradition of enabling content creators to realize their creative visions and deliver a truly immersing entertainment experience for the audience. The Dolby Professional Reference Monitor is the first LCD-based display to accurately reveal true black levels with exceptional dark detail and higher contrast across the entire color gamut.

"In setting out to create the new industry standard for reference monitors, Dolby took a very deliberate and determined approach to ensure that the monitor would both meet the needs of our customers and live up to the expectations associated with the Dolby brand," said Bill Admans, Director, Product Marketing, Imaging, Dolby Laboratories. "Judging by the reaction of those in attendance tonight, I'm confident that Dolby has achieved its goal."

Held in the heart of Hollywood, the event was attended by representatives from major studios and postproduction facilities, and by top creative talent keen to see what has been hailed as a major industry innovation.

"I believe that the Dolby monitor can become the industry standard based on Dolby's commitment to excellence and its drive to create a great product," said Bob Wilson, Director, Engineering, the Post Group.

The backlight of the Dolby Professional Reference Monitor consists of 1,500 RGB LED triads, with the light element from each R, G, and B element independently controlled, frame by frame, to create a full-color backlight image displayed on the LCD panel in real time. Combined, the LED backlight and the LCD screen produce a final image with true blacks, exceptional dark detail, high dynamic range, and the widest, most accurate color gamut available in a flat-panel monitor. The monitor has been tested extensively by leading colorists, cinematographers, and other industry luminaries who have been enthusiastic about its features and performance. Benefits include:

• True black levels-the only commercially available LCD monitor capable of displaying true black levels and rendering dark detail to produce the exact image that was shot
• Extended dynamic range-the first reference monitor to provide the extended dynamic range that the latest digital cinema cameras capture
• DCI/P3 (digital cinema) color gamut support-allows the ability to perform color critical grading without the use of a digital cinema projector
• Precise color accuracy-across all luminance levels
• Versatility-emulates any other display device so all content preparation and quality evaluation can be done on one monitor
• Size and aspect ratio-emulates the home viewing environment to ensure that content displays properly in the home

The Dolby PRM-4200 Professional Reference Monitor is available for the North American market starting today and will be released to other regional markets in 2011.


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M. Night Shyamalan is currently developing a sci-fi flick titled One Thousand A.E. that will serve as a starring vehicle for Jaden Smith. The project is being shepherded by Will Smith's Overbrook Entertainment. Gary Whitta (The Book of Eli) is penning the script.

Shyamalan's The Last Airbender was almost universally panned by critics this summer, but it still managed more than $315 million worldwide. Going in the sci-fi direction seems like a smart move for Shyamalan since audiences don't seem to trust him with thrillers anymore.

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