regalentertainmentgroup.pngJeff Daniels Scheduled to Attend Fundraiser for Variety - The Children's Charity

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Sept. 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC), a leading motion picture exhibitor owning and operating the largest theatre circuit in the United States, today announces that Jeff Daniels is scheduled to attend an exclusive benefit screening for Universal Pictures' upcoming film, "Dumb and Dumber To." Regal Cinemas Pinnacle 18 IMAX & RPX in Knoxville, TN, will host the event on November 5, with proceeds benefiting Variety - The Children's Charity of Eastern Tennessee.

"Regal is honored to host Jeff Daniels at this benefit screening to raise money for Variety's special needs children. Throughout his career, Jeff has attained success in theatre, film and television and we are excited to bring him to East Tennessee," stated Greg Dunn, president and chief operating officer of Regal Entertainment Group. "We extend our sincerest gratitude to our friends at Universal Pictures for making this screening possible and helping raise funds for Variety - The Children's Charity."

Variety - The Children's Charity is a multi-million dollar philanthropic organization that spans the globe with 43 chapters in 13 countries, improving the lives of children through creative fundraising efforts, well-placed donations with exceptional children's charities, and through its own charitable programs. With the help of volunteers and sponsors, Variety - The Children's Charity continues its mission to provide lifesaving and life-enriching assistance to children in need on the local and international level. The local chapter of Variety was founded in Knoxville by Regal Cinemas in 2001 and since then has generated more than $7 million to assist children in East Tennessee.

"The original film was released 20 years ago and developed a huge cult following in the subsequent years with its great quotes and memorable moments," said Ted Cooper, senior vice president of film at Regal Entertainment Group and president of the East Tennessee Variety chapter. "With the success of the first movie, we know there is an enormous fan base that has been waiting to see Lloyd and Harry return to the big screen."

Beginning Wednesday, October 15, a limited number of tickets will be available for sale to the public at the Pinnacle theatre in Knoxville. Each ticket will cost $50 with proceeds benefiting Variety. Guests of the event will enjoy a catered reception in the Pinnacle lobby before Daniels walks the red carpet to greet the crowd. After the red carpet reception, attendees will have the honor of being some of the first moviegoers to view the new comedy.

In "Dumb and Dumber To," Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels reprise their signature roles as Lloyd and Harry in the sequel to the smash hit from 1994. The original film's directors, Peter and Bobby Farrelly, take Lloyd and Harry on a road trip to find a child Harry never knew he had and the responsibility neither should ever, ever be given. "Dumb and Dumber To" will be released in theatres on November 14.

About Regal Entertainment Group:
Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC) operates the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuit in the United States, consisting of 7,347 screens in 573 theatres in 42 states along with Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and the District of Columbia as of August 28, 2014. The Company operates theatres in 46 of the top 50 U.S. designated market areas. We believe that the size, reach and quality of the Company's theatre circuit not only provide its patrons with a convenient and enjoyable movie-going experience, but is also an exceptional platform to realize economies of scale in theatre operations.

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'Equalizer' Closes The Gap

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By Alex Edghill

Wednesday Morning Update: The Equalizer had a 15% increase in tweets on Tuesday as it rose to 3,081, up from 2,659 the day before. Facebook had a ~1% bump to 275,231 likes from 272,579 Monday. By comparison A Walk Among The Tombstones which had 2,366 tweets and 278,342 likes its Tuesday before release, and 2 Guns which had 4,089 tweets and 209,086 likes. Despite the increases it really isn't jumping off the page at me and might end up being more like 2 Guns ($27 million opening) than Safe House ($40 million opening). Not to say that either of these figures would be a failure as Denzel films simply never fail but considering that Sony reportedly was talking sequel for it even before it was released I'm surprised that it isn't generating more interest online. That being said today it has seen a huge uptick so far on Twitter and if it can turn a 5 or 6k tweet day in today I would be much more comfortable in a $30 million+ opening forecast which is where I thought it would have been coming into the week.

The Boxtrolls dipped 15% on Tuesday, finishing up with 3,899, down from 4,636 tweets the day before. By comparison, Mr. Peabody And Sherman had 4,950 tweets its Tuesday before release while Frankenweenie had 2,122 tweets. Its Facebook number remained pretty flat with 217,799 and a sub 1% increase. So far today it is also dipping again and Equalizer has zoomed passed it for the first time this week (it is triple the number). The expansion or lack thereof for the film this week is troubling as today it will be lucky to have only a 15% fall if its current trajectory continues. The declines, and low Facebook numbers seem to add up to an underwhelming weekend tally.

Twitter Top 15 Movies for Tuesday September 23rd

Rk Film Mon Tue Week Mon-Tue %
1 (+2) If I Stay 11,919 14,093 26,012 18.24%
2 (-1) Beyond the Lights 25,043 11,468 36,511 -54.21%
3 (+1) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 11,901 11,072 22,973 -6.97%
4 (-2) The Maze Runner 17,027 11,001 28,028 -35.39%
5 (-) Annabelle 9,508 9,661 19,169 1.61%
6 (-) The Judge 6,706 8,429 15,135 25.69%
7 (-) Guardians of the Galaxy 4,989 5,276 10,265 5.75%
8 (+16) The Best of Me 1,334 4,653 5,987 248.80%
9 (-) Gone Girl 4,217 4,558 8,775 8.09%
10 (-2) The Boxtrolls 4,636 3,899 8,535 -15.90%
11 (-1) The Equalizer 2,659 3,081 5,740 15.87%
12 (+3) A Walk Among the Tombstones 1,788 3,060 4,848 71.14%
13 (-2) Ouija 2,229 3,037 5,266 36.25%
14 (+3) Kingsman: The Secret Service 1,626 2,813 4,439 73.00%
15 (+31) Taken 3 353 2,546 2,899 621.25%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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By Daniel Garris

Fox's The Maze Runner took in $1.87 million on Monday to lead the daily box office for a fourth consecutive day. The modestly budgeted young adult adaptation was down 76 percent from Sunday, which is an early sign of the film having a significant family audience. The Maze Runner has grossed $34.38 million in four days, which represents a strong start, especially with the film's cost in mind. The film is running in line with expectations and 19 percent ahead of the $28.89 million four-day start of last year's Ender's Game. Fox has already scheduled The Maze Runner: Scorch Trials for release on September 18, 2015.

A Walk Among the Tombstones placed in second with $0.96 million. Universal's modestly budgeted action thriller starring Liam Neeson was down a solid 67 percent from Sunday's performance. However, in the bigger picture A Walk Among the Tombstones is still performing a bit below pre-release expectations (and soft by Neeson's recent box office standards) with a four-day start of $13.72 million. That places the film 35 percent behind the $21.12 million four-day take of 2012's The Grey.

Warner's This Is Where I Leave You placed in third with $0.86 million. The modestly budgeted comedy starring Jason Bateman and Tina Fey fell 69 percent from Sunday. This Is Where I Leave You has grossed $12.42 million in four days. That is towards the lower end of the film's modest expectations and places the film 18 percent behind the $15.16 million four-day start of 2011's The Change-Up.

Sony's No Good Deed took fourth place with $0.59 million. The low-budget thriller starring Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson was down 73 percent from Sunday and down a very sharp 63 percent from last Monday. No Good Deed surpassed the $40 million mark yesterday and has grossed a healthy $40.29 million in eleven days of release.

Guardians of the Galaxy rounded out Monday's top five with $0.36 million. Disney's blockbuster sci-fi superhero film fell 74 percent from Sunday and 37 percent from last Monday. Guardians of the Galaxy has grossed $314.09 million in 53 days and is now just $4.32 million away from reaching the $318.41 million final unadjusted domestic gross of 2008's Iron Man.

Dolphin Tale 2 followed in sixth with $0.31 million. Warner's family film sequel was down a steep 88 percent from Sunday and down 40 percent from last Monday. Dolphin Tale 2 has grossed $27.24 million in eleven days. That is on the low end of expectations and places the film 28 percent behind the $37.79 million eleven-day take of 2011's Dolphin Tale.

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sep19.pngFox reports that The Maze Runner tacked on another $1.77 million in first place yesterday, off 26 percent from Tuesday's gross. The latest hit young adult adaptation has taken in $38.5 million in its first six days, putting it 19 percent ahead of Ender's Game through the same point.

This Is Where I Leave You moved up a notch into second place as it posted $0.94 million yesterday, down 22 percent from Tuesday. The ensemble dramedy's six-day tally is $14.6 million, 5 percent behind Trouble with the Curve.

Trading places with Leave You, Liam Neeson thriller A Walk Among the Tombstones pulled $0.91 million on Tuesday for a 28 percent day-to-day decline. The noirish thriller is pacing 34 percent ahead of The Grey through six days of release with a $15.9 million cume.

Hit thriller No Good Deed added $0.53 million on Tuesday for a 55 percent week-to-week drop. The pic has earned $41.5 million in 13 days, 23 percent more than The Call.

Rounding out the top five, Guardians of the Galaxy was off 35 percent from last Wednesday to $0.38 million yesterday. The Disney/Marvel blockbuster has accumulated $314.9 million domestically through 55 days of release--3 percent more than the original Iron Man at the same point.


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By Alex Edghill

Tuesday Morning Update: The Boxtrolls surprised me on Monday as it ended comfortably in the lead over The Equalizer with 4,636 tweets and 216,945 likes. Its target demographic is primarily families which tends to be under-represented on Twitter in general. However, if it misses the family audience and is left with only adult fans then its going to have a hard time doing much on opening weekend with these same Twitter numbers. By comparison, Mr. Peabody And Sherman had 4,081 tweets and 1,014,772 likes its Monday before release while Frankenweenie had 2,200 tweets and 634,074 likes. I'm a little weary that its Facebook numbers are so low as the only 2014 animated wide release film to have lower like totals at this distance from release was Legends Of Oz: Dorothy's Return with 129,068 likes (and 1,656 tweets) - leading to a tiny $3.75 million opening weekend. Early buzz has been strong from critics which should help its legs but I have a hard time seeing this getting anywhere close to The Equalizer on the weekend  despite its early week tweet lead.

The Equalizer Monday had a seemingly uninspiring 2,659 tweets and 272,579 likes, no where near the top of either of the charts. Denzel Washington is one of the biggest draws at the box office, with 12 of his last 13 wide releases opening to over $20 million. He has created his own demographic of fans who will turn up to watch him no matter what the genre and this is part of the reason that he is so bankable. Recent comparisons include A Walk Among The Tombstones which had 715 tweets and 277,552 likes, and 2 Guns which had 2,880 tweets and 199,089 likes. The Facebook number is very strong for a Denzel film as it is actually one of the highest like totals he has ever had for a film at this distance before release. The Twitter number is somewhat underwhelming but considering that it was on par with 2 Guns that opened to $27 million is still a strong sign when paired with all the other signs. Expect a strong increase going forward for the film and it should have no problem mowing over the competition for the top spot.

Twitter Top 15 Movies for Monday September 22nd

Rk Film Sun Mon Sun-Mon %
1 (+13) Beyond the Lights 1,677 25,043 1393.32%
2 (-1) The Maze Runner 25,941 17,027 -34.36%
3 (-1) If I Stay 14,391 11,919 -17.18%
4 (-1) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 12,914 11,901 -7.84%
5 (-1) Annabelle 6,405 9,508 48.45%
6 (+16) The Judge 885 6,706 657.74%
7 (-2) Guardians of the Galaxy 4,643 4,989 7.45%
8 (-2) The Boxtrolls 4,417 4,636 4.96%
9 (+4) Gone Girl 1,886 4,217 123.59%
10 (+7) The Equalizer 1,342 2,659 98.14%
11 (-1) Ouija 2,529 2,229 -11.86%
12 (-4) Before I Go to Sleep 2,667 2,192 -17.81%
13 (+24) Addicted 514 2,178 323.74%
14 (+14) Star Wars: Episode VII 737 1,952 164.86%
15 (-6) A Walk Among the Tombstones 2,599 1,788 -31.20%

Please check the methodology page for information about our Twitter project or here for historic data.

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