By Daniel Loria

The Avengers: Age of Ultron hit the $1 billion global mark on Friday and promptly resumed their box office rampage overseas. Ultron grossed a total of $185 million from 91 territories over the weekend, raising the international tally to $770.5 million.

China has grossed $156.3 million since its Tuesday premiere, making Ultron the second highest grossing 6 day start of all-time. Avengers: Age of Ultron is the #8 industry release of all-time in China with less than a week's worth of screenings. Avengers: Age of Ultron is nearing the $80 million mark in South Korea, making it the biggest Disney/Marvel release of all-time in the market and the second biggest Western release in history. With $65.8 million, the film is the highest grossing live-action release in the UK since Skyfall. Top performers include China ($156.3M), South Korea ($78.9M), UK ($65.8M), Mexico ($43.8M), Brazil ($40.4M), Russia ($32.2M), France ($31M), Australia ($29M), and Germany ($27.9M). Avengers: Age of Ultron is now the 8th highest grossing film of all-time. Disney has released 4 out of the top 8 grossing movies of all-time, three of those being from the Marvel Universe. The Avengers expand to Japan on July 4.

Mad Max: Fury Road roared into theaters worldwide this weekend, enjoying a $109.4 million global day-and-debut with North America. IMAX delivered $4 million from 182 screens in 29 overseas markets, excluding China. The film has grossed a total of $65 million from 68 markets overseas with strong word-of-mouth and a 98% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The top openers include France ($6.8M on 608 screens), UK ($6.7M on 950 screens), South Korea ($6.6M on 799 screens), Russia ($6M on 2,434 screens), Australia ($4.8M on 542 screens), Brazil ($3.9M on 1,008 screens), Mexico ($3M on 1,900 screens), Germany ($2.8M on 784 screens), Spain ($1.3M on 476 screens), and Italy ($1.2M on 555 screens). Mad Max expands to Japan on June 20.

Pitch Perfect 2 hit all the right notes this weekend, adding $26.9 million from 29 markets to raise its overseas tally to $38.1 million and already tracking 174% ahead of the original. The Barden Bellas are up to $108.4 million globally, only $6.6 million away from watching the lifetime worldwide gross of the original. 27 new territories opened this weekend, including #1 results in the UK ($8M at 490 dates), Germany ($4.2M at 546 dates), Philippinnes ($1.9M at 135 dates), and Taiwan ($1.2M at 76 dates). Australia put up a $4.9 million hold, bringing its 11 day total to $14.5 million -passing the original's $13.3 million lifetime run in the market. Pitch Perfect 2 expands to Hungary, Israel, Norway, Peru, Portugal, Serbia/Montenegro and Spain next weekend.

Furious 7 still has gas left in the tank. The action flick added $6.6 million from 66 territories. The film finished its run in China, where it is the highest grossing film of all time with a $390.5 million total, confidently ahead of North America's $343.8 million cume. A $1.145 billion overseas total makes it the third highest grossing film of all time outside of North America, while its $1.489 billion global total makes it the fourth highest grossing film of all time worldwide.

Home made another $4.5 million overseas this weekend, bringing its total outside of North America up to $185.5 million. A $1.5 million debut from 91 screens in Venezuela was the weekend't top highlight as it looks forward to a May 21 release in its final market, South Korea. Home has grossed $348.5 million worldwide.

Cinderella is finishing its theatrical run overseas with style. The live-action fairytale added earned $3.3 million this weekend after another strong hold in Japan, where it only saw a 2% slide. The film has grossed $323.8 million overseas and $521 worldwide. Top performers include China ($71.1M), Japan ($33.7M), and the UK ($30M).

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Mad Max: Fury Road hit 20 additional markets on Friday, including the UK, Spain, and Mexico, grossing $14.2 million from nearly 16,700 screens in 68 markets to bring its 2-day overseas cume to $24.6 million.

The UK grossed $1.7 million from 950 screens, capturing over 30% share of the Top 5 films. France earned $1.5 million with 180k admissions on 802 screens for a $3.8 million total.

South Korea grossed $1.2 million on 796 screens, for a 2-day cume of $2 million. Russia earned $1.2 million on 2,434 screens, capturing a 75% share of the Top 5 films.

Australia came in at $1 million from 542 screens. The 2-day cume is $1.8 million.

Mexico opened to $811k on 1,845 screens, claiming 30% market share of the Top 5 films.

Brazil took in $672k from 1,008 screens, with roughly 45% market share of the Top 5. 3D represented 71% of the gross from 655 screen. The cume to date is $3.3 million.

Germany grossed $669k from 784 screens. 3D impressed with 92% of box office coming from 664 3D screens. The 2-day cume is now $1.4 million.

Spain opened to $379k on 476 screens, capturing 45% market share of the Top 5 films.

Italy added another $234k on its second day from 555 screens, coming to a 2-day total of $379k.

All four markets in Scandinavia finished Friday with a combined Friday gross of $566k, which brings the cume to date to $1.2 million.


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Sunday Update: Universal's Pitch Perfect 2 was off to a terrific first place start this weekend with an estimated $70.33 million. The highly anticipated musical comedy sequel starring Anna Kendrick outpaced its already lofty pre-release expectations in a big way. Furthermore, Pitch Perfect 2 has already out-grossed the $65.00 million final domestic gross of 2012's Pitch Perfect. An effective high-profile marketing campaign and the rush out of the film's fanbase (which continued to grow after the original film was released to the home market) both helped turn Pitch Perfect 2 into an event film. Pitch Perfect 2 opened a very impressive 43 percent ahead of the $49.03 million debut of Universal's Neighbors last May.

Pitch Perfect 2 opened with $28.0 million on Friday (which included an estimated $4.6 million from Thursday evening shows), was down 12 percent on Saturday to gross $24.6 million and is estimated to decline 28 percent on Sunday to take in $17.73 million. That places the film's estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio at 2.51 to 1. The audience breakdown for the film skewed heavily towards female moviegoers (75 percent) and towards moviegoers under the age of 25 (62 percent). The film received a promising A- rating on CinemaScore.

Following in the footsteps of Fifty Shades of Grey and Furious 7, Pitch Perfect 2 represents another strong performer thus far in 2015 for Universal. The studio looks to continue its strong start to the year in the coming months with the likes of Jurassic World, Ted 2 and Minions.

While it ultimately didn't challenge Pitch Perfect 2 for first place this weekend, Warner's Mad Max: Fury Road was off to a very solid second place start with an estimated $44.44 million. The critically acclaimed action film starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron opened on the high end of expectations (which were strengthened due to the film's very strong critical reviews). Fury Road was one of this summer's bigger question marks due in part to its high price tag and the 30-year gap between it and the franchise's last film, 1985's Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Mad Max: Fury Road opened 13 percent below the $51.05 million start of 2012's Prometheus and will hope to hold up better than Prometheus did.

Mad Max: Fury Road took in $16.77 million on Friday (which included an estimated $3.7 million from Thursday evening shows), fell a slim 3 percent on Saturday to gross $16.27 million and is estimated to fall 30 percent on Sunday to gross $11.40 million. That gives the film an estimated opening weekend to Friday ratio of 2.65 to 1. The audience breakdown for the film skewed heavily towards male moviegoers (70 percent) and towards moviegoers over the age of 35 (54 percent). Mad Max: Fury Road received a B+ rating on CinemaScore, which suggests that the film may not be going over quite as well with moviegoers as it has with critics.

3D grosses represented 46 percent of the overall gross for Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend.

Avengers: Age of Ultron fell two spots to place in third this weekend with an estimated $38.84 million. In the process, the blockbuster superhero sequel from Disney and Marvel zoomed past Furious 7 to become the highest grossing release of 2015 thus far domestically with a 17-day take of $372.01 million. Without adjusting for ticket price inflation, Avengers: Age of Ultron claimed the fifth largest third weekend gross of all-time (behind only Avatar, Marvel's The Avengers, Spider-Man and The Dark Knight).

Avengers: Age of Ultron was down a sizable 50 percent from last weekend, which was understandable given the one-two punch it took from Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road this weekend. In comparison, 2012's The Avengers fell just 46 percent in its third weekend to gross $55.64 million, while 2013's Iron Man 3 fell 51 percent to gross $35.77 million. Avengers: Age of Ultron is currently running 19 percent behind the $457.67 million 17-day take of The Avengers and 10 percent ahead of the $337.66 million 17-day gross of Iron Man 3.

Warner's Hot Pursuit landed in fourth place with an estimated $5.78 million. The comedy from MGM and New Line starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara fell two spots and a sharp 59 percent from last weekend. The added presence of Pitch Perfect 2, mixed word of mouth and last weekend's debut being inflated a bit by Mother's Day all contributed to the film's decline this weekend. Hot Pursuit has grossed a softer than expected $23.50 million in ten days. That places the film 8 percent behind the $25.52 million ten-day take of 2011's Something Borrowed.

Saturday Update: Universal reports that Pitch Perfect 2 scored a stellar $27.8 million opening day on Friday, including Thursday's early show grosses. That not only bests the $26 million first day take of The Fault In Our Stars last summer, but it also bests the entire opening weekends of fellow summer musicals Mamma Mia! ($27.75 million) and Hairspray (2007) ($27.48 million). The first Pitch was a sleeper hit at the box office and grew its audience enormously in the post-theatrical market thanks to strong word of mouth, particularly among women. The sequel now has a chance to earn more on opening weekend than its predecessor's entire domestic run ($65 million). Reviews, while not as strong as the first film, are solid enough at 67 percent on Rotten Tomatoes while the audience score is an encouraging 81 percent. BoxOffice projects a $69 million opening weekend.

Bowing in a strong second place, Warner Bros.' Mad Max: Fury Road landed $16.77 million on Friday (also including Thursday earnings). George Miller's franchise revival has been the recipient of snowballing buzz in recent days as more than 200 critics have awarded the film a shocking 98 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. Combined with the film's inherent fan appeal, more and more moviegoers are growing curious as to what the buzz is all about -- translating to an opening day on par with last year's Lucy ($17.1 million) and not far behind 300: Rise of an Empire ($17.5 million). It's tricky to tell how the weekend will play out, though. While early audience word of mouth from the RT community is excellent (94 percent -- the best of any release since Guardians of the Galaxy last summer), Fury Road earned a middling "B+" CinemaScore. We think the former stat will prove a bit more relevant in the long run. For the weekend, BoxOffice projects $43 million.

Moving down to third place for the first time, Avengers: Age of Ultron added $10.06 million yesterday -- off 53 percent from last Friday. That's in line with Iron Man 3's third Friday drop (-52%). To date, Ultron has tallied $343.2 million domestically, putting it 18 percent off the pace off the first Avengers and 10 percent ahead of the aforementioned Iron Man 3. Look for a third weekend total around $37.9 million.

In fourth, Hot Pursuit slid 58 percent from its first day last week to $1.76 million yesterday. The comedy targeting women always had its work cut out for it given this weekend's top opener, and it now stands at $19.5 million through eight days of release. BoxOffice projects a $5.3 million sophomore frame.

Filling out the top five, The Age of Adaline was down just 34 percent from last Friday to $1.01 million yesterday. The generally well-received romantic drama has earned $34.9 million to date and should net a $3.1 million weekend.

Check BoxOffice on Sunday for official weekend estimates from the studios.

Friday Report #2: Sources tell BoxOffice that Pitch Perfect 2 is on pace for around $50 million during its debut frame. Meanwhile, Mad Max: Fury Road should hit $45 million.

Check back tomorrow for updated projections and official studio estimates. 

Friday Report #1: Pitch Perfect 2 got off to an excellent start on Thursday evening with $4.6 million earned from its first round of shows. That's ahead of The Great Gatsby's $3.25 million Thursday start two Mays ago, as well as the $4.1 million by The Divergent Series: Insurgent back in March. For the weekend, the much anticipated sequel to 2012's sleeper hit looks poised to earn north of $50 million.

Meanwhile, Mad Max: Fury Road got off to a strong start all its own. The franchise's first entry in three decades stormed in with $3.7 million last night as it rides a wave of stellar critical reviews and considerable anticipation from genre fans. Comparisons are even more tricky for this flick, but that figure isn't far behind Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' $4.1 million last July, lines up with Pacific Rim's $3.6 million, edges out 300: Rise of an Empire's $3.3 million, and more than doubles Edge of Tomorrow's $1.8 million.

More as it comes...

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By Daniel Garris

Disney's Avengers: Age of Ultron took in $4.04 million on Thursday to lead the daily box office for a 14th consecutive day. The blockbuster superhero sequel from Marvel was down 7 percent from Wednesday, which represented one of the day's better daily percentage holds among wide releases. Daily percentage declines were sharp in general on Thursday due in part to the strong Thursday evening debuts of both Universal's Pitch Perfect 2 and Warner's Mad Max: Fury Road. Avengers: Age of Ultron was easily the week's top film with a weekly take of $97.52 million. The film was down a sharp 59 percent from its opening week performance but has already grossed a massive $333.17 million through two weeks of release. That places Avengers: Age of Ultron 17 percent behind the $402.02 million 14-day take of 2012's Marvel's The Avengers and 10 percent ahead of the $301.89 million 14-day gross of 2013's Iron Man 3.

Warner's Hot Pursuit held steady in a distant second place with $0.688 million. The comedy from MGM and New Line starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofía Vergara was down a sharp 19 percent from Wednesday, as the film took a clear hit from the evening launch of Pitch Perfect 2. Hot Pursuit placed in second for the week with a softer than expected seven-day start of $17.72 million. That places the film 5 percent behind the $18.65 million seven-day take of 2011's Something Borrowed.

Lionsgate's The Age of Adaline took in $0.435 million to remain in third. The romantic drama starring Blake Lively was down 14 percent from Wednesday and down a healthy 28 percent from last Thursday. The Age of Adaline placed in third for the week with $7.94 million. That was down just 9 percent from the previous week and brings the film's three-week total to a very solid $33.87 million.

Ex Machina continued to claim fourth place on Thursday with an estimated $0.330 million. A24's critically acclaimed sci-fi film was down a very sharp 21 percent from Wednesday, as the film took a clear hit from the arrival of Mad Max: Fury Road. With that said, Ex Machina still held up very nicely this week with a sixth place weekly take of $5.21 million. Ex Machina has grossed $17.46 million in 35 days.

Furious 7 rounded out the day's unchanged top five with $0.317 million. The seventh installment of Universal's blockbuster action franchise declined 16 percent from Wednesday. Furious 7 placed in fourth for the week with $6.99 million. That represented a slim 20 percent decline from the previous frame and brings the film's six-week total to a very impressive $340.13 million.

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by Daniel Loria 

Hot off an event at the Cannes Film Festival and an impressive 99% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Mad Max: Fury Road drove off with a $10.4M opening day Thursday from 12,000 screens across 48 overseas territories. European territories didn't get a full day of screenings, however, with start times set at 2pm in order to accommodate the film's event at Cannes. 

France impressed with a $2.25 million opening day from 802 screens and 618 sites nationwide. According to Paramount, "Even with partial day grosses, the 76,000 admissions in Paris represent the #1 opening day for the greater Paris area so far this year."

Australia brought in approximately A$1 million, around 65% higher than the #2 film in the market.  

Russia dominated 79% of the Top 5 market share with $835k on 2,434 screens.

Germany opened to $768k from 784 screens, generating 92% of the box office from 3D screens.  

South Korea grossed $756k on 765 screens and Brazil enjoyed a $664k debut on 1,008 screens.

Italy claimed the best per-screen average in the market with $145k, while Scandinavia contributed $590k from its four territories, and Eastern Europe brought in a collective $233k. 

Mad Max: Fury Road expands to 20 additional overseas markets on Friday, including the UK, Spain and Mexico.

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