New York, NY -- Screenvision, a leading innovator in cinema advertising, has teamed up with JetBlue Airways to launch a comprehensive in-cinema summer marketing program starting July 17 and running through August. The 360-degree campaign will be exclusive to Screenvision and will be highlighted by a 30-second animated spot, which will be showcased through two innovative creatives. The spot will air within the Premium PodTM segment of Screenvision's July and August preshow. Only Screenvision offers marketers this premium ad placement right before the previews.

The in-cinema JetBlue brand experience will also include lobby posters, on-screen trivia slides and handouts. The campaign will be featured across Screenvision theatres in five key JetBlue markets: New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami/Fort Lauderdale and Orlando.

"We are excited to welcome JetBlue as a partner to Screenvision's national cinema advertising network and provide them with an effective platform to showcase their products," said Michael Chico, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Screenvision. "JetBlue is an innovator in their sector, and their support confirms their recognition of the power of Screenvision cinema advertising."

"Working with Screenvision has proven to be a good investment for JetBlue," said Fiona Morrisson, Director, Brand Management and Advertising, JetBlue Airways. "The ability to reach our core customer base through multiple touch points is key to highlighting the many more amenities and service qualities we offer. Being able to present compelling and creative advertisements on a giant screen is also a unique method that few other mediums can match."

The animated spots focus on the amenities that JetBlue offers to customers, which make them soar above other airlines. The spots inject humor into the topics of in-flight entertainment and leg room. Each spot begins on another airline called "Other Guy Air." In the first spot, a customer has a negative experience with in-flight entertainment; in the second spot, the challenge is with lack of legroom. From that negative experience on "Other Guy Air," the customer is miraculously transported to a JetBlue flight for a superior travel experience with individual seat-back in-flight entertainment and plenty of legroom to stretch out.

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New York, N.Y. - Further helping marketers naturally associate their brands in a way that positively enhances moviegoers' overall theatre experience, Screenvision, a leading innovator in cinema advertising, will introduce a groundbreaking new interactive lobby display in hundreds of theatres later this month. The displays will feature a 3rd Party's patented scanner technology that will enable marketers to offer theatre patrons rewards by engaging with the featured brand. Launching this new effort in the marketing arena will be telecommunications giant, Sprint. This partnership between Screenvision and Sprint will begin on July 15th.

The new lobby displays mark Screenvision's latest, exclusive advertising offering that extends its commitment to create 360 degree in-theatre entertainment for consumers and marketers alike. In the past year, the company has launched such innovative advertising "firsts" as: a live, on-screen interactive text polling platform; 3-D on-screen advertising; and an in-lobby digital advertising network in association with Cinema Scene, featuring such products as 3DTV, 3D billboards and digital kiosks whose content is linked across its theatres nationwide.

"Screenvision is continually committed to bringing marketers new and innovative ways that enable them to enhance the connection of their brands to the large moviegoing population," said Michael Chico, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Screenvision. "The moviegoing experience starts and ends in the lobby, and we are very excited to partner with Sprint to introduce our latest unique offering during the height of the summer blockbuster season. This new lobby technology will truly provide marketers with another way to seamlessly integrate their brands into the moviegoing experience."

"At Sprint, we are constantly pushing our partners to offer new and innovative ways to help consumers engage with the brand," said Simon McPhillips, director of media, Sprint. "Cinema is a growth area for marketers and Screenvision's solution enables customers to have a richer experience with the Sprint brand in an enjoyable manner. Plus, Sprint customers are able to enjoy the benefits of the Now NetworkTM through the interactive kiosk."

Screenvision will initially launch the interactive lobby displays featuring the scanner technology in more than 500 of its exhibitor partner theatres across the top DMAs, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Houston and Dallas. As the initial marketer to partner with Screenvision on this effort, Sprint will utilize its technology - and the technology of the lobby display -- to reward moviegoers who are Sprint customers.

Moviegoers with a Sprint phone can text message a short code to a specified number that will be promoted on the display. Then, these customers will instantly receive a text code on their device. When they hold up the code to the lobby display's scanner, they will receive concession and/or ticket discounts that can be redeemed and used at the theatre, as well as the ability to download exclusive interactive games and content. Standard text messaging rates will apply for use of this promotion.

Screenvision will utilize the full theatre environment to help marketers take advantage of this lobby marketing opportunity Signage will be on doors and at box office as well as on cash registers at concession stands. The display itself will be customized with branding that attracts people to text message and interact with the device. Cinema slides running during the preshow programming will also promote the lobby display and instant rewards offer.

Screenvision's continued commitment to innovation comes as the company expands its overall advertising network. The Screenvision Programming Network has boomed to more than 15,300 screens -- with reach in all 50 states and 93% of DMAs nationwide --and has increased its market share to 48%. The company now represents 17 of the top 25 exhibitor partners, delivering nearly 600 million yearly admissions.

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MORRISTOWN, N.J. - Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. (Cinedigm) (NASDAQ: CIDM) announced today that thousands of fans turned out to theatres around the country to view the Michael Jackson Memorial Service via live feed direct from the Staples Center on Tuesday, July 7. A total of 47 Cinedigm-certified theatres carried the broadcast with ten of those coming online within hours of its commencement due to the last minute nature of the event.

"Without the permission of AEG Network Live and the Jackson family we could not have brought this historic event to fans to share in in a supportive and comforting atmosphere almost as if they were in the Staples Center. We thank them for allowing us to provide this beautiful tribute in a way we hope properly honored the King of Pop," said Bud Mayo, Cinedigm's chairman and CEO. "I am especially proud of both the tech and entertainment teams at Cinedigm as well as our exhibitor partners for making this possible in literally 24 hours."

"The beauty of digital cinema is that it allows for creative use like this," said Jonathan Dern, president of Cinedigm's Entertainment Group. "Certainly events like today's are few and far between, but the future of theatres as a venue for bringing other live and unique events is bright. Cinedigm looks forward to bringing more of them to and increasing number of locations around the country through our CineLiveTM network."

Fans in theatres offering the live broadcast all over the country embraced the sense of community created in each location and were seen clapping, singing along and dancing in the aisles as they celebrated Jackson and his life's work. A woman attending a theatre in Manhattan was overheard saying she had left work early because she "wanted to come to this theatre to be with other fans to really experience the event."

Another woman stated, "I grew up with Michael Jackson and felt like I knew him. Being here and seeing [his memorial] live on the big screen makes this special event even more meaningful."

A third fan said he was floored by the incredible image quality saying, "It makes me feel like I'm at the Staples Center right now."

Tom Stephenson, CEO of Rave Motion Pictures, one of the theatre chains that carried the event, said, "we were thrilled that Cinedigm was able to react quickly to the opportunity for us to bring this to Rave theatres. Attendance was strong and the audience was very appreciative. Some audience members indicated that it made them feel like they were right in the Staples Center."

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Knoxville, Tennessee - June 30, 2009 - Regal Entertainment Group (NYSE: RGC), a leading motion picture exhibitor owning and operating the largest theatre circuit in the world, today announced grand opening details for the new Regal Cinemas in Sheridan, Colorado. River Point Stadium 14 will host preview events with $2 movies for three full days to benefit local charities. The cinema's official grand opening will be Wednesday, July 15 with first-run features including Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Moviegoers will enjoy free popcorn and free soft drinks with each paid admission July 15 - 23.

"During this exciting summer movie season, we are pleased to open the state-of-the-art Regal River Point Stadium 14 in Sheridan. River Point Stadium 14 increases Regal Entertainment Group's presence in the Denver market to a total of 10 theatres with 120 screens," stated Dick Westerling, Regal Entertainment Group Senior Vice President of Marketing and Advertising. "River Point Stadium 14 will open with a weekend of preview events raising money for local charities while offering $2 movies. The preview events culminate in a fireworks show Monday evening July 13th choreographed to songs from great movies of the past. The free fireworks show will light up the sky in Sheridan to celebrate the grand opening."

The new facility is modern in every way, equipped with RealD® 3D to provide true-to-life 3D. RealD is a new generation of digital 3D, giving moviegoers a stunningly realistic movie experience that engages the imagination, activates the senses and invites the audience not only to watch a film, but also step inside the story. Upcoming Digital 3D movies include Disney's G-Force (7/24/09), The Final Destination (8/28/09), and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs (9/18/09).

The 14 screen theatre covers approximately 55,000 square feet and includes more than 2,300 seats. Moviegoers will enjoy stadium seating, with each row elevated for an unobstructed view, and high-back rocking chairs feature cupholder armrests which move out of the way to form seats for two.

Everyone is invited to enjoy this new entertainment destination on Saturday, July 11; Sunday, July 12; and Monday, July 13. These preview events will feature $2 movies, $2 popcorn and $2 soft drinks with proceeds benefiting local charities.

PREVIEW EVENTS - $2 Movies, $2 Popcorn, $2 Soft Drinks
Saturday, July 11: "Regal's Popcorn Pep Rally"

Sponsored KUSA NBC 9
Proceeds to benefit VOA "Stuff for Schools" Program
Sunday, July 12: "Read It and See It at Regal"
Sponsored by Denver Post
Proceeds to benefit Variety - The Children's Charity of Colorado
Monday, July 13: "Family Day at Regal"
Sponsored by 95.7 The Party
Proceeds to benefit Adoption Exchange
9:15PM "Salute to Cinema" free outdoor fireworks show choreographed to movie theme songs

Movies & Showtimes

GRAND OPENING: Wednesday, July 15
First-run films including: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
The Regal Treatment: Enjoy free popcorn & soft drink with paid admission July 15 - 23.

Free T-Shirts: Receive a free Harry Potter T-shirt with the first 100 tickets sold each day at the box office July 17 - 19.

Grand Opening Sweepstakes: Sign-up or use your Regal Crown Club card from July 15 through August 14 for a chance to win a $2,000 MasterCard Gift Card.

River Point Stadium 14 will offer the Regal Crown Club to reward frequent guests. More than 14-million moviegoers have joined this industry-leading loyalty program. Through the Regal Crown Club patrons accumulate credits at the box office and concession stand to earn free popcorn, soft drinks and movies. Free membership is available at the theatre or online.

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MORRISTOWN, NJ -- Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. (NASDAQ: CIDM), the leader in the digital cinema industry, today announced the success of the live virtual Q&A the company hosted following the premiere of the critically-acclaimed movie The Narrows on June 19th. Fans submitted over 100 questions originating from 20 theatres across the country via text message and the movie's Facebook page. Questions ranged from how the actors prepared for their respective roles to what it was like working with reputed "method" actor D'Onofrio.

The live virtual session, made possible only by digital cinema and Cinedigm's unique digital broadcasting technology CineLive®, was the first-of-its-kind and a smash hit with audiences around the country. The actors' natural chemistry jumped off the screen as they shared their thoughts on the screen adaptation of Tim McLoughlin's novel Heart of the Old Country and behind-the-scenes experiences working on location in New York City with director Francois A. Velle.

"Audiences at our theatres loved being a part of this first virtual premiere and live Q&A with the actors from The Narrows," said Tom Stephenson, CEO of Rave Motion Pictures. "As Cinedigm continues to provide innovative ways to distinguish ourselves to the consumer, Rave's partnership with Cinedigm becomes more valuable to us," he continued.

Bud Mayo, CEO of Cinedigm said, "We were delighted to make this first-ever event possible for fans around the country. Cinedigm remains the only company that can distribute live programming to digital cinema-equipped theatres on a national scale, and if the audience participation on Friday night is any indication, there is a decided interest to see many similar events in the future. This is clearly a huge opportunity for actors and studios to forge deeper connections with their audiences as well as a terrific new feature for digitally-enhanced theatres to offer their customers. Cinedigm is primed to take advantage of these opportunities and plans to continue providing patrons more of the content they love in the most innovative ways possible."

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