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Updated 6.1.15 w/ actuals from studios

Led by Dwayne Johnson's star power, San Andreas sent tectonic plates rocking across the world, registering an initial $63.9 million on the overseas Richter scale from 60 markets and $118.5 million worldwide. It opened at #1 in 55 markets. Mexico grossed an estimated $10.1 million on 3,150 screens grabbing 75% of the weekend B.O. total. The UK/Ireland shook up $7.2 million from 840 screens. Russia dominated with $5.3 million on 2,256 screen. San Andreas also took the top spot in Brazil ($3.2 million), France ($3.1 million), Australia ($2.5 million), Germany ($2.2 million), Italy ($1.1 million), Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Indonesia (All Asian markets = $11 million). San Andreas opens on Tuesday in China on Wednesday in South Korea, and in 7 additional markets this upcoming weekend.

Doraemon Stand By Me had a massive opening weekend in China with $33.74 million and a 4-day total of $38.22 million. Doraemon's Saturday and Sunday grosses both surpassed the previous record for a single-day total by an animated feature held by Kung Fu Panda 2's opening day $10.8 million in 2011. Doraemon is China's first Japanese import in 3 years after relations between the two neighboring countries soured in 2012 over territory in the East China Sea. It follows a geeky and lazy 10 year old and the time-traveling robotic cat sent from the future to help him navigate the pitfalls of adolescence. 

Tomorrowland continued its slow orbit this weekend, absorbing only $23.7 million from 88% of its final international footprint. The Disney sci-fi adventure flick has made $70 million overseas after two weekends and $133.2 million globally. Tomorrowland sputtered upon launch in China on Tuesday and has only managed an estimated $14.09 million in 6 days which is far below expectations, but still easily the film's top performing overseas territory. Other territories: Russia ($6.4 million), UK ($6.2 million), Mexico ($4.5 million), France ($4.1 million), Italy ($2.4 million), Germany ($2.2 million), Thailand ($1.9 million), Taiwan ($1.9 million), South Korea ($1.6 million), Spain ($1.2 million), Austria ($1.2 million). Tomorrowland opens in Brazil and Japan next weekend, its final international markets.

Mad Max: Fury Road rolled to $21.6 million from 10,220 screens in 70 markets this weekend, lifting its overseas total to $165 million and its global total to $280.92 million through a third frame. South Korea is going mad for Max, bestowing the film with its third box office crown in a row ($5.1M/$23.5M cume) after falling off just 16% from last weekend. Other key territories include UK/Ireland ($2.7M/$21.3M cume), France ($2.0M/$14.0M cume), Australia ($2.0M/$12.9M cume), Brazil ($1.3M/$9.0M cume), Russia ($1.0M/12.1M cume), Germany ($1.0M/$7.2M cume), Mexico ($508K/$7.1M cume), Spain ($379K/$3.3M cume), and Italy ($302K/$3.0M cume). Max opens in Japan on June 20. There is still no official confirmation on a China release date.

Avengers: Age of Ultron swept up another $17.6 million in its 6th frame overseas, raising its international box office to $894.2 million and its global box office to $1.3213 billion. Ultron passed another Disney film, Frozen, to become the 6th highest grossing film of all-time worldwide. Ultron slipped another 65% in China this weekend, but its 20-day total of $226.74 million is good enough for #3 all-time behind Transformers 4 ($319 million) and Furious 7 ($390.8 million). Other key territories: South Korea ($82.1 million), UK/Ireland ($71.7 million), Mexico ($39.9 million), Brazil ($46.8 million), Russia ($33.3 million), France ($33.0 million), Germany ($32.0 million), and Australia ($30.8 million). Ultron will try to pass Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($1.3415 billion) for the 5th highest grossing film of all-time when it opens on July 4th in Japan.

The Barden Bellas helped Pitch Perfect 2 sing to the tune of an additional $10.1 million from 46 territories this frame, bringing the overseas total to $80.68 million and the global haul to $228.2 million. Universal's sequel opened at #5 in Italy with $319K at 261 dates (2x PP1's opening), #9 in South Korea with $401K at 246 dates (7x), and #5 in Hong Kong with $234K at 25 dates (PP1 didn't play in HK). Strong holdovers include the UK/Ireland, down only 33% from last weekend with $2.9 million and a 17-day total of $22.8 million, Australia, dropping 49% with an estimated $1.4 million and a 24-day cume of $19.7 million, and Germany, falling just 23% for $1.3 million and a $9.1 million total. Pitch Perfect 2 will perform in 12 more territories on its worldwide tour. Next stop is Chile on June 25.

Director Paul Feig and star Melissa McCarthy's Spy netted $8.99 million from 1,633 screens in just ten Asia-Pacific markets for an impressive $27.75 million after its second pre-NA release frame. Great holds in South Korea (-18%/$3.85M/$11.41M cume), Australia (-33%/$1.93M/$5.7M cume), Taiwan (-30%/$953K/$3.17M cume), Hong Kong (-29%/$583K/$1.98M cume), Malaysia (-41%$448K/$1.52M cume), Singapore (-24%/$285K/$753K cume), and New Zealand (-27%/$285K/$753K cume). Spy opens in 53 markets next weekend along with North America.

Poltergeist scared up $6.65 million from 47 markets this weekend, raising its overseas total to $18.43 million and its global total to $56.67 million after two frames. The 20th Century Fox horror remake opened at #2 in Germany with $1.52 million, 34% ahead of Insidious 2, and in the top spot in Austria with $213K, double Insidious' opening. The film also held well in Brazil (-38%/$1.27M/$3.94M cume) and the UK/Ireland (-49%/$1.13M/$5.15M cume). Poltergeist will expand to 20 additional markets throughout the Summer including Russia, France, Mexico, and Italy.

Home is on its last legs overseas, but still managed to squeeze out $3.82 million from 2,877 screens in 45 markets. Venezuela held well with $1.43M in its third weekend for a $5.59M cume. Home has cozied up to $199.5M overseas and $369.91M globally.

PK, India's highest grossing film of all-time, held well in China this weekend, dropping only 28% for $3.72 million and $12.04 million after 10 days of release. Strong word of mouth for PK and the fact it retained screens this week could foretell a healthy run for the Bollywood flick which has already become the highest grossing Indian film of all-time in China.

Films with less than $2 million overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)
Shinjuku Swan (#1 in Japan) - $2.01 million/$2.01 million/$2.01 million
Furious 7 - $1.8 million/$1.157 billion/$1.507 billion
Cinderella - $1.6 million/$333.4 million/$531.8 million
The Maze Runner - $893K/$243.12 million/$345.5 million
The Longest Ride - $570K/$20.86 million/$57.93 million
Unfriended - $251K/$11.65 million/$44.13 million
Ex Machina - $138K/$10.63 million/$34.23 million

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San Andreas is shaking things up overseas. The disaster flick claimed $13.5 million from 14,444 screens in 60 markets, taking first place across all key markets to reach an overseas cume of $21.4 million. 

Mexico enjoyed a $2.5 million debut on Friday from 2,701 screens, giving it the best Friday opening of all time for a disaster movie. UK opened on Friday to $1.9 million from 840 screens. Russia made $1.1 million from 2,256 screens in it second day of release, bringing the market total to $2.2 million. Australia took in $540k from 448 screens and is now up to a $885k total. Brazil made $517k from 926 screens, giving it a two-day cume of $872k. France grossed $506k from 496 screens, raising its cume to $1.3 million. Germany made $483k from 640 screens, with 96% of the box office coming from 3D screens to bring the cume to $835k. Italy added $181k from 394 screens on Friday to bring its total to $318k.

San Andreas expands to China, Korea, Hong Kong and 5 smaller markets next weekend with Spain slated for June 26.


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By Daniel Garris

Warner's Mad Max: Fury Road took in $2.21 million on Thursday to remain in first place at the daily box office. The critically acclaimed action film starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron was down 5 percent from Wednesday and down a solid 40.5 percent from last Thursday. Mad Max: Fury Road placed in third for the week with $38.86 million. That represented a 39 percent decline from the film's opening weekend performance and brings the film's two-week total to $102.29 million. Mad Max: Fury Road will obviously fall out of first place today with the debut of fellow Warner Bros. release San Andreas.

Pitch Perfect 2 held steady in second place with $2.03 million. Universal's successful musical comedy sequel starring Anna Kendrick was down a slim 2 percent from Wednesday and down percent 48 from last Thursday. Pitch Perfect 2 placed in second for the week with $45.12 million. The film was down a significant, but reasonable, 48 percent from its opening week performance and has grossed a stronger than expected $132.699 million through two weeks of release.

Disney's Tomorrowland continued to claim third place with $1.83 million. The Brad Bird directed sci-fi film starring George Clooney and Britt Robertson was down a concerning 7 percent from Wednesday. Tomorrowland led the weekly box office with a seven-day start of $49.39 million. While that was on the lower end of expectations, it also represented an underwhelming start with the film's large price tag in mind. Tomorrowland is running 4 percent behind the $51.35 million seven-day start of 2011's Super 8.

Avengers: Age of Ultron remained in fourth place with $1.40 million. The blockbuster superhero sequel from Disney and Marvel was down 2 percent from Wednesday and down 40 percent from last Thursday. Avengers: Age of Ultron finished in fourth for the week with $32.98 million. The film was down a very solid 34 percent from the previous frame and has grossed a massive $416.15 million through four weeks.

Poltergeist rounded out its first week of release with a fifth place take of $1.11 million. The PG-13 rated horror remake from Fox and MGM fell a sharp 11 percent from Wednesday. Poltergeist placed in fifth for the week with a seven-day start of $30.47 million. That was in line with the film's wide ranging expectations and was 5 percent below the $32.04 million seven-day launch of 2013's Evil Dead.

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By Alex Edghill

Friday Morning Update: Jurassic World and Star Wars: The Force Awakens had a close battle this past week on Twitter, with the former pulling out a narrow victory. Only a few weeks from release now Jurassic World is really stepping up its game and looks poised to at least best the $50 million opening weekend take of the last Jurassic Park film. The record in the franchise is held by The Lost World which had $72 million on opening back in 1997, at the time breaking the opening weekend record. Much has changed since then, with 69 films grossing more than that on opening weekend to date. World might be a shoe in to take the unadjusted franchise opening record but it will fall far short of the opening weekend record this time. Still, with its massive global appeal it should be able to secure $1 billion globally, more than enough to justify future sequels.

For the second weekend in a row Star Wars: The Force Awakens was a close second. I have been waiting for it to wane and fall out of the top 10 like virtually all others films do after a trailer this far from release but its simply not happening. Case in point is Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, which fell to fourth after leading last week as its trailer buzz waned. Chances are it will be outside of the top 10 in the next two weeks where it will stay until a second trailer surfaces. Star Wars is now on its seventh straight week inside the top 5 after its second trailer. The power is strong with the fanboys.

That brings me to Point Break, popping up for the first time inside the top five after its first trailer. The film is 'inspired by' the cult classic of the same name from 1991 starring Keanu Reeves, the late Patrick Swayze and directed by future Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow. The trailer is action-packed and has many hat-tips to the original film even if the story has changed dramatically. But with a cast of unknowns for the most part the film wasn't able to generate more than 22k tweets despite having a great clean search string of simply "point break". Somewhat mediocre to underwhelming considering how popular the first film was to 20, 30 and 40 something pop culture fans. The first film opened to $8.5 million, fourth on the weekend despite its strong cast and director, and while the years have helped to build a brand a following these numbers don't suggest a massive resurgence for its namesake. Perhaps what was even more of a red flag than the overall tweets was the sentiment of those tweets which hovered between 2 positive to 1 negative down to as low as 1 positive per negative. Clearly Twitter users weren't that happy with what they saw.

Twitter Top 10 Movies for the week of May 22nd to May 28th

Date Movie Tweets Rank Change
6/12/15 Jurassic World 110,002 1 (+2) 22.39%
12/18/15 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 106,053 2 (-) 7.45%
6/05/15 Insidious: Chapter 3 61,898 3 (+1) 35.78%
9/18/15 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials 58,988 4 (-3) -69.91%
12/25/15 Point Break (2015) 48,222 5 (+38) 2822.55%

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