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After what he hinted might be a permanent hiatus from non-Minimoys projects, Luc Besson is ready to take the reins once again, on an as-of-yet untitled love story he co-wrote with David Marconi (Enemy of the State).

Besson's last directorial effort, aside from further adaptations of the Minimoys book series (the first chapter was retitled Arthur and the Invisibles in the United States), was Angel-A in 2005, and he hasn't directed an English-language film since The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc in 1999. However, Besson remains one of the film industry's most prolific writer/producers, having created last year's smash-hit Taken and the Transporter series, among others.

According to insiders, Besson is in the process of locking down cast members for a September shoot in London and Paris. No word on when the film will be out, but it seems likely it will be finished for a 2011 release.

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Animator and producer Don Hahn recently spoke up about two high profile projects: the conversion of Disney's animated smash The Lion King to 3D, and an update on the Roger Rabbit sequel.

On the latter subject, Hahn was tight-lipped, but when asked about director Robert Zemeckis' comments that a sequel was being written, Hahn replied, "Yeah, I couldn't possibly comment. I deny completely, but yeah...if you're a fan, pretty soon you're going to be very, very, very happy."

As for The Lion King, Hahn insisted the conversion process would be done right. "It's going to be spectacular - we will do a good job [and] the technology is tremendous." Hahn previously had a hand in the wildly successful conversions of Beauty and the Beast and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas into 3D.

Zemeckis and original producer Steven Spielberg have talked on and off about a Roger Rabbit sequel for many years, but the project has yet to move past the development stage. The original won Richard Williams a Special Achievement Oscar for his work combining the live-action and animated characters, while also taking home the statues for Film Editing, Visual Effects, and Sound Effects Editing. In November, while promoting A Christmas Carol, Zemeckis assured fans that, despite his work in motion-capture CG animation, Roger would be animated using traditional techniques, should a sequel go forward.

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Having recently finished shooting the final film in the Harry Potter saga, actor Daniel Radcliffe is expanding his horizons, taking on the lead role in a new version of All Quiet on the Western Front.

Author Erich Maria Remarque wrote the story of Baumer, a German soldier stationed in France, back in late 1928 for a German newspaper before publishing it as a novel. The novel was adapted into a film by Lewis Milestone in 1930, which won Best Picture and Best Director. It is not clear at this point whether this new film is more of a remake, or a new adaptation of the source material.

Shooting will not begin until spring 2012. No director is currently in place.

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Basingstoke -- Sony Professional has today signed an agreement to provide its Digital Cinema 4K projection systems to AMC Entertainment Inc. in the UK. AMC is one of the world's leading theatrical exhibition companies running approximately 380 cinemas worldwide. The deal will see Sony provide its 4K projectors directly to AMC's leading UK sites in Birmingham and Manchester.

AMC currently operates two sites in the UK, the Broadway Plaza 12 in Birmingham and Great Northern 16 in Manchester. The deal in the UK follows the success of Sony's agreement with AMC in the United States and Canada via DCIP (a joint venture owned equally by exhibition industry leaders AMC, Cinemark Holdings, Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group). Deployment of the 4K projector system in the UK is expected to be finished by autumn 2010.

"Our agreement with Sony is a prime example of our strong advocacy of the industry's move to a digital platform. Digital cinema provides a new world of programming flexibility and opportunities for cinemas," said Mark McDonald, executive vice president, global development, AMC. "Sony 4K projection systems enable us to deliver an enhanced entertainment experience to our guests."

Dave Cowlishaw, Business Development Manager at Sony Professional in Europe said, "As studios continue to produce an increasing number of films in 4K, cinemas worldwide are looking to provide that same resolution for audiences. Giving AMC a competitive edge in the market, they have chosen to use Sony's 4K projector system to provide a higher standard of cinematic experience for audiences. We are very excited about this significant partnership which brings our advanced 4K projection capabilities to audiences across two of the UK's largest cities."

Headquartered in Kansas City, Mo., AMC is a leading theatrical exhibition and entertainment company. With a history of industry leadership and innovation dating back to 1920, the company today serves hundreds of millions of guests annually through interests in 380 cinemas with 5,325 screens in five countries.

As the world's only manufacturer of commercially available 4K resolution digital cinema projectors, Sony Professional was selected by AMC to supply an end-to-end solution capable of providing viewers with a superior visual experience. The unique 4K resolution projection solution used in the cinemas comprises of Sony's SRX-R320 Digital Cinema Projector, LMT-300 Media Block and will be controlled by Sony's STM-100 Theatre Management System.

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Burbank, CA -- Today at Cinema Expo 2010 in Amsterdam, 3D technology company MasterImage 3D, LLC announced that Kinepolis Cinema Group has standardized on MasterImage digital 3D cinema systems to bring stereoscopic 3D movies and programming to audiences across Europe. Kinepolis has purchased and installed MasterImage MI-2100 systems covering 35% of their digital screens to date, with a rollout of an additional 8% planned by year's end for cinemas across Europe.

Kinepolis Cinema Group, which encompasses 317 screens in 23 multiplexes, was one of the first exhibitors to adopt digital projection on a large scale and have great plans to increase the rollout of 3D screens across Europe. After extensive technical tests Kinepolis has now chosen MasterImage 3D to be their preferred supplier of 3D screens in France, Spain and Switzerland. This will include rolling out 3D to new cinemas as well as replacing 3D screens from Kinepolis' previous supplier.

"MasterImage's approach gives us what we need most - the best presentation for our audiences and a business model that makes sense," said Nicolas Hamon, Kinepolis' projection and sound manager. "There's no seat tax to pay as we'll own the systems outright, and we won't need to manage the loss of expensive glasses, since MasterImage offers one-time and reusable glasses, both at a fraction of the cost of other providers. We're confident that MasterImage is absolutely the right choice for our cinemas and our audiences."

The MasterImage MI-2100 digital 3D cinema system offers high-quality presentation, single-or multi-use eyewear, is easily portable between screens and is available through a compelling, ownership-based pricing model. Supported by European and all six major Hollywood studios and many independent distributors, MasterImage systems are installed in 38 countries including the UK, France, Italy, Denmark, US, China, Australia and more.

"MasterImage seems one jump ahead of their competitors and have proven to us that they understand both the technology and the financial concerns of the cinema owners,'' continued Hamon.

Brian Kercher, Managing Director of 3D Cinema, MasterImage Europe notes that "we are delighted to be working with such a dynamic organization as Kinepolis and welcome the opportunity to bring high quality 3D to Kinepolis audiences throughout Europe.''


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