CINEMA EXPO, Amsterdam -- GDC Technology ("GDC"), a world leading digital cinema solution provider, is pleased to announce today that on June 17th Korea Lotte Cinemas broadcasted live the FIFA World Cup match between Korea and Argentina in 3D to 52 of its cinemas using GDC servers. Held once every four years, the FIFA World Cup is arguably the greatest sporting event on earth. Korean soccer fans who were unable to travel to South Africa were pleased to watch the FIFA 2010 match in 3D, thanks to Lotte Cinemas' live 3D broadcast using world's most widely adopted RealD 3D systems and GDC servers. Lotte Cinemas also confirmed to bringing more live FIFA World Cup matches to its 52 cinemas in 3D.

The match between Korea and Argentina on June 17th attracted overwhelming fans to Lotte's 52 cinemas with live 3D broadcast - the very first live 3D FIFA World Cup broadcast in Korea and also the world's first 3D FIFA World Cup broadcast, made possible using GDC's SA-2100 series of servers. As a technology leader, GDC has always been quick to respond to technology innovation in digital cinema, and always strives to bring to its customers the best and latest cinematic experiences. Live 3D FIFA World Cup broadcast is made possible using network streaming for live broadcast technology, a unique feature in GDC servers. The 3D MPEG2 signal from FIFA is transmitted via satellite and upon receipt by the GDC server, gets decoded and converted from 2D to 3D, before finally appearing as true-to-life 3D images on the screens of Lotte's 52 cinemas. Wearing light and ergonomically designed glasses from RealD, cinema audiences can enjoy watching a full 90-minute match without feeling any discomfort or image blurring. On the other hand, 30 Lotte sites have been retrofitted with RealD-endorsed Etoniq SS-2400 silver screens to give audiences an even higher level of visual 3D enjoyment.

"We are very pleased to have chosen GDC servers because other than their impressive reliability, the speedy software upgrade to enable live 3D telecast has saved us much time and costly new hardware acquisition needed," said Edward Muk Choi, Technical Manager of Lotte Cinemas. "The GDC solution has also greatly reduced the hardware complexity. As a matter of fact, GDC server is currently the only one on the market that has a built-in integrated 3D receiver-decoder in its digital cinema servers so as to seamlessly support 3D live broadcast without additional boxes."

"The success of live broadcast of 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D exemplifies not only GDC's technical capability, but also our vision in digital cinema technology. The existing GDC servers can be upgraded to include an integrated 3D receiver-decoder capability through a software upgrade and there is no need for any extra hardware whatsoever. After successfully carrying out two separate demonstrations of this capability in Beijing and Seoul about a month ago, we are pleased to win the confidence of Lotte Cinemas to adopt GDC solution to bring live 3D FIFA World Cup broadcast to its cinemas," said Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. "This project would not have been successful without the technical support given by Lotte Cinemas and Eugenetek, a GDC dealer and South Korea's leading cinema equipment and service provider. Together, we are proud to have brought to soccer fans in Korea the first-ever live 3D FIFA World Cup broadcast.

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Disney is reporting that Toy Story 3 has raked in $44.8 million from 25 percent of the international market.

Highlights include:

- Strong showing in Latin America, driven by Mexico, Brazil & Argentina which together earned $20M.
- China realized $9.5M, the biggest weekend in history for an animated title in this market.

Toy Story 3 currently has an estimated worldwide haul of $153.8 million.

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Kortrijk, Belgium -- Barco, a global leader in digital cinema technology, is proud to announce that it has been selected for a complete digital cinema deployment by XDC, a leading digital cinema service company in Europe, and Palace Cinemas, the leading exhibitor in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary following. Following a successful demo, Palace Cinemas has chosen to install Barco's DP2K series in both XDC screens and new sites to be opened over the next two years.

Palace Cinemas (Central Europe) currently operates 21 sites with 180 screens. After a very successful test last year, Palace Cinemas decided to exclusively install Barco's digital cinema projectors for their transfer to digital. The projectors are being installed in all Palace Cinemas' existing and upcoming multiplexes. The DP2K-C series is a line of compact digital cinema projectors, based on Texas Instruments' 0.98" DLP Cinema® chip, developed for small and mid-size theaters with screens ranging from 12 to 20 meters.

Serge Plasch, Chief Executive Officer XDC, says: "Palace Cinemas is the most dynamic exhibitor in Central Europe, and we are excited to be able to deliver Barco's DP2K projectors for their sites. The new series offers one of the brightest and most cost-effective projection solutions available on the market today."

V.J. Maury, Chief Executive Officer of Palace Cinemas, states: "At Palace Cinemas, we are dedicated to creating the very best entertainment destination so that our customers can have a great night out at the movies. We decided on Barco after a very successful test with 12 projectors. We were looking for extremely bright digital cinema projectors - especially for the upcoming 3D releases. During the test period, we learned that they can meet all our technological requirements, and the DP2K series is even better."

"The digital cinema market in Central Europe is growing rapidly and Barco is pleased to be part of it," comments Wim Buyens, Vice President of Barco's digital cinema division. "Palace Cinemas is just one of the ongoing installations in this region, and we are confident many more will follow."

Supporting 2D and 3D projection, Barco's six new DP2K projectors represent, by far, the most complete projector family available today. In addition to advances in software, diagnostics and patented cooling technology, all DP2K projectors include enhanced security features as mandated by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). All of Barco's digital cinema projectors are based on the pioneering DLP Cinema® technology from Texas Instruments, guaranteeing perfect reproduction of film, time and time again, and ensuring that movie-goers enjoy the highest quality film experience with consistent picture brightness, contrast and vibrant colors.


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Berkeley, California -- At this year's Cinema Expo International in Amsterdam, Meyer Sound will introduce Europe's movie industry professionals to Cinema Experience-the company's integrated line of powerful, linear cinema sound systems. Showcased at Stand #183, the Acheron-based Cinema Experience promises a dramatically improved listening experience to match today's high-definition visual and keep customers returning to the theaters.

"With the rise of 3D imagery, people are realizing that watching a movie at home doesn't compare to the shared experience and impact from being in a theater, and this of course includes the sound," says John Meyer, CEO of Meyer Sound. "Having an audio system that is loud is not enough for movies. You need one that is capable of reproducing all the information in the tracks so that the audience can have the full experience as intended by the film creators."

Since the 2009 debut of Meyer Sound's Cinema Experience, commercial theaters such as the Estonian Solaris Complex and the Gulf Breeze theaters in Florida have harnessed the power and transparency of the systems to give customers an immersive movie experience. An array of renowned post-production facilities have also upgraded to the Cinema Experience, including London's legendary De Lane Lea, as well as Skywalker, ImageMovers Digital, Zoetrope and many others.

Attendees of the Cinema Expo 2010 are invited to hear the Cinema Experience in live demonstrations hosted in Suite B by Düsseldorf, Germany-based FTT, one of Meyer Sound's cinema dealers. The demonstrations will feature Meyer Sound's Acheron Studio loudspeakers, HMS-10 surround loudspeakers, and X-800C subwoofers, with a D-BOX cinema seating system adding to the realism. Steve Shurtz, Meyer Sound's Cinema Experience technology director, will be on hand to host the demonstrations and answer questions.

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COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKEC), a leading digital cinema and 3-D motion picture exhibitor, today announced the newest experience for movie theatres, 7.1DS DIGITAL SURROUND. The upgrade is taking the movie-going experience to the next level, improving the DIGITAL SURROUND sound by adding two more discrete audio channels. Theatres equipped with 5.1 sound have left and right surround sound. The 7.1DS DIGITAL SURROUND adds left and right back surround. This further enhances directionality in panning 360 degrees around the theatre. It also improves clarity in the dialog channels since sound can be spread throughout more channels.

"The upgrades of the 7.1 digital surround coupled with our digital projection has made the movie-going experience much more exciting and enjoyable. Not only do you have discrete separation of left and right digital surround sound, you now have discrete separation of back left and right surround sound. When you are sitting watching a movie you are now completely immersed in discrete changes in sound," stated Dale Hurst, Director of Marketing for Carmike Cinemas. "The movie-going experience is always changing. This is an exciting and revolutionary development in sound technology and we are delighted to bring this new technology to our theatres and valued patrons."

The 7.1DS DIGITAL SURROUND installation includes locations in TN, TX, AL, IN, OR, GA, WY, OK, SC and NC. All installations have been completed in time for the first 7.1 DS release by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios, today's debut of "Toy Story 3."


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