TULSA, Okla. & COLUMBUS, Ga.-- Carmike Cinemas, Inc. (NASDAQ: CKEC), a leading DIGITAL cinema and 3D motion picture exhibitor, today announced that it will be working with the Garrett Moore Company out of Dallas, Texas, pending zoning approval from the local authorities, to build a 12-screen theatre with 2,330 seats. The theatre will feature a new Carmike state-of-the-art entertainment complex to be located at The Walk in the Tulsa Hills Development, on Highway 75 and 81st Street. Carmike's Next Level In Cinema will feature THE BIG D DIGITAL EXPERIENCE, which will immerse our patrons in the ultimate sight and sound moviegoing adventure.

Amenities for the new 45,300 square foot 12-plex will include stadium style, high-back plush seating throughout the entire complex. This theatre will feature wall-to-wall screens, with projection powered by DLP DIGITAL technology, which produces 35 trillion colors delivering the sharpest and most pristine picture available anywhere. The theatre will include state-of-the-art DIGITAL 3-D capability from Real-D technology. This will have moviegoers immersed into each action- packed feature.

With the Tulsa opening, the state of Oklahoma becomes the 3rd state in the nation to offer theatergoers the exciting new BIG-D format that was recently launched by Carmike.

Carmike President and CEO David Passman stated, "Carmike Cinemas is delighted to be coming to the Tulsa, OK market. We have found a partner who has the ability to build a new state-of-the-art entertainment complex for The Walk in the Tulsa Hills Development. In addition to the best possible moviegoing experience for the community, Carmike's use of DIGITAL technology will also enable us to show live and recorded sporting events and concerts, with most being shown in Real-D 3-D."

"The BIG-D" is a totally re-designed premium auditorium, which includes a wall-to-wall screen measuring 78 feet wide and over three stories tall, the latest in 7.1 DIGITAL surround sound and DIGITAL projection for both 2-D and 3-D features. In technical terms, Carmike's BIG-D DIGITAL experience is powered by a cutting-edge Christie Brilliant 3-D flash projector. Images are projected onto the colossal wall-to-wall, ceiling-to-floor screen. The end result is a light output of 30,000 lumens, creating a picture quality with noticeably higher resolution than HD.

To further enhance the experience, the custom QSC DIGITAL audio system is tuned to a 7.1 speaker array with 8 discrete channels and the ability to upgrade to 11.1, a revolution in surround sound technology with DIGITAL audio processing supported by quad-amplified, 4-way speakers and six 21-inch subwoofers.

This exciting new environment also includes the ultimate comfort of plush leather high-back rocking seats placed for optimal viewing in a stadium seating configuration.

"The success over the past year of 3-D releases for features like "Avatar" and "Alice In Wonderland" proves that audiences are not only willing to pay a modest premium for the new DIGITAL experience, but they are now demanding it," stated Mr. Passman. "These and other early successes will no doubt persuade producers to release more movies in this format and with its BIG-D experience Carmike is providing our audiences with the technology and total luxury that brings theatre-going to a whole new level."

Plans for Carmike's BIG-D Experience include more new locations around the U.S. by the end of 2011. "Whether it is a movie, concert, sporting event, motivational speaker or church service, our patrons will find BIG-D placing them at the heart of the event and the action," added Dale Hurst, Carmike's Director of Marketing.


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LOS ANGELES - The Motion Picture Association of America, Inc. (MPAA) today announced key promotions in the Association's content protection operations. Mike Robinson is being promoted to Executive Vice President, Content Protection, Chief of Operations, and Kevin Suh will become Senior Vice President, Content Protection, Internet. Suh will continue to report to Robinson who, in turn, reports to Daniel Mandil, Senior Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Content Protection Officer.

In his expanded role, Mike Robinson will continue to lead worldwide content protection enforcement operations and countermeasures for the MPAA and its member studios. He will play an even stronger part in ensuring that country-based content protection organizations around the world funded by the MPAA are fully coordinated and committed to the MPAA's strategic goals at both the regional and global levels.

Robinson, who joined the MPAA in 2006 as SVP North American Anti-Piracy Operations following a distinguished law enforcement and public service career, most recently served as Senior Vice President, Content Protection, Chief of Operations.

As Director of the Michigan State Police, Robinson developed an international reputation as an innovative law enforcement leader. He was elected president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and served as chairman of a U.S. Department of Justice Federal Advisory Committee charged with integrating law enforcement information systems.

As TSA's first Assistant Administrator for Aviation Operations, Robinson oversaw the deployment of over 55,000 Transportation Security Officers to the nation's 429 commercial airports, transitioned the Civil Aviation Security Program from the FAA to the TSA, and directed the efforts of the Federal Air Marshals Service. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Robinson led the largest air evacuation in U.S. history as over 30,000 storm victims evacuated the storm ravaged city through the New Orleans International Airport.

"Mike continues to be a prime mover behind many of the MPAA's most significant investigative and law enforcement achievements particularly in key strategic areas concerning anti-camcording and counterfeit hard goods. With rapidly changing technologies and an evolving media landscape, Mike's operational leadership and his keen knowledge of law enforcement will be key to further deepening the MPAA's cooperation and coordination with law enforcement agencies in the U.S. at the local, state and federal levels and abroad, in order to protect the intellectual property rights of our members and bring content thieves to justice," said Mandil. "He is an indispensable part of the work we do and the successes we achieve."

In his expanded role, Kevin Suh will continue to bear principal responsibility for overseeing the MPAA's worldwide content protection enforcement strategies and operations as they relate to content theft on the Internet. Suh will also continue to take an active part in working with the MPAA legal team in formulating and implementing civil litigation strategy. Like Robinson, Suh will play an even stronger part in ensuring that country-based content protection organizations around the world funded by the MPAA are fully coordinated and committed to the MPAA's strategic goals at both the regional and global levels and that the MPAA's regional offices are equally well-coordinated and focused on the MPAA's overall strategic goals concerning online piracy. Suh will also play a still deeper role in formulating and implementing MPAA strategy concerning intermediary entities that facilitate online content theft.

Suh previously served as Vice President, Content Protection, Internet. He joined the MPAA in 2006 as Deputy Director, U.S. Anti-Piracy. Prior to joining the MPAA, Suh served as a Senior Deputy District Attorney with the Ventura County District Attorney's Office. During his career as a prosecutor, he focused on the prosecution of hardcore gang members and outlaw motorcycle gangs. He also completed assignments in major narcotics and auto theft and served as the District Attorney's liaison to the Ventura County Sheriff's Department.

"Kevin, too, continues to be a prime mover behind many of the MPAA's most significant investigative and law enforcement achievements when it comes to the complicated and ever-changing ecosystem of online content theft," said Mandil. "His deep knowledge of both Internet technology and law enforcement tools has made him an equally indispensable part of the work we do and the successes we achieve. Both Mike and Kevin are consummate team players and phenomenal operations managers. I applaud their enormous devotion to the goals of the MPAA and the interests of our member studios. Their promotions could not be more well-deserved."


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LOS ANGELES, CA -- The Producers Guild of America (PGA), announced today that Sean Penn will be honored with the 2011 Stanley Kramer Award. The award will be presented to Penn at the 22nd Annual Producers Guild Awards ceremony on Saturday, January 22nd at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles.

The Stanley Kramer Award was established in 2002 to honor a motion picture, producer or other individual, whose achievement or contribution illuminates provocative social issues in an accessible and elevating fashion. Kramer, considered within the film industry to have served as "Hollywood's Conscience" during his career as a film producer and director, created some of the most respected and successful works in the annals of American motion pictures. He was the master behind such classics as The Caine Mutiny, High Noon, The Defiant Ones, and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

Previous recipients of the Kramer award include such films as The Great Debaters, An Inconvenient Truth, Hotel Rwanda, Innocent Voices, In America, Antwone Fisher, and the 2010 winner was Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire. Sean Penn is the first individual to receive the Guild's Stanley Kramer Award, and the first recipient of the award in 2002 was the film I Am Sam, which Penn starred in.

"We are proud to honor Sean Penn with this award as he truly exemplifies the Stanley Kramer legacy. Sean is a committed activist who has used his extraordinary talents and influence to shed light on powerful stories, causes and individualsthrough film, journalism, and global humanitarian organizations," said Paula Wagner, Chair of the 2011 Producers Guild Awards.



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robertdenironews2.pngSource: AP

Robert De Niro will serve as the head of the jury for 2011 Cannes Film Festival. The event is scheduled for May 11-22 on the French Riviera.

De Niro has a couple of films lined up for 2011. He'll speak Italian in Manuale d'amore 3, he's playing opposite Bradley Cooper in Limitless and the Oscar-winning thesp also has a cameo in Garry Marshall's star-studded New Year's Eve.

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