The Nutcracker in 3D will be released domestically by Freestyle Releasing and Cinemarket Films on November 24. The film stars Elle Fanning, Nathan Lane and John Turturro, and it also features new songs by Tim Rice. 

Fanning is building quite a career for herself. She'll also be seen this fall opposite Stephen Dorff in Sophia Coppola's Somewhere.

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Monday Afternoon Update: Sony is saying that Taker's actual weekend gross came in at $20.5 million. Lionsgate is reporting $20.366 million for The Last Exorcism

Monday Morning Update: According to early estimates from Sony, Takers may move ahead of The Last Exorcism when weekend actuals are released later today. The studio is estimating $20.6 million for Takers and $20.4 million for The Last Exorcism. The studio estimates that came out on Sunday morning were $21.3 million for The Last Exorcism and $21 million for Takers.

Check back later for weekend actuals.

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DALLAS, TEXAS -- Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN) DLP® announced today it has started shipping DLP Cinema® Enhanced 4K chips to its licensees, Barco, Christie Digital and NEC. Projectors with the DLP Cinema 4K chip are expected to be installed in Q1 2011 and several industry demos are anticipated between now and then by DLP Cinema licensees. With the availability of this chip, DLP Cinema offers exhibitors the widest variety of stable resolution options to suit their needs at any screen size.

"Regardless of resolution option or screen size, exhibitors can count on DLP Cinema's award winning technology to deliver all the light, to all the pixels, all the time," said Dave Duncan, business manager for Texas Instruments, DLP Cinema Products.

DLP Cinema's 4K chip will enable its licensees to manufacture the brightest and most energy efficient digital cinema projectors in the world. In addition, all projectors utilizing the new 4K chip will be designed to meet the Digital Cinema System Specifications developed by DCI, LLC for established image quality and security. Currently, all DLP Cinema 2K projector models with the next generation DLP Cinema electronics platform are DCI compliant.

Exhibitors will likely install the DLP Cinema 4K solution to light up theatre screens as wide as 100 feet and 3D screens as wide as 75 feet, which has been a challenge for competing technologies. All DLP Cinema projectors, regardless of the resolution, have the leading attributes for which DLP Cinema products are known, including precise DCI compliant colors, superior contrast ratios including greater than 2500:1 and light output necessary to illuminate the largest auditoriums.

"DLP Cinema remains dedicated to providing the cinema industry with diverse platforms in both 2K and 4K solutions," said Kent Novak, senior vice president and general manager for DLP Products. "Texas Instruments will continue to innovate and further the development of its DLP Cinema 2K chips which are indisputably the industry standard, including the capability of upgrading the newest 2K projectors to 4K."

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SHANGHAI, China -- IMAX Corporation (Nasdaq:IMAX) (TSX:IMX) today announced that internationally acclaimed director John Woo and producer Terence Chang's next film, the action epic Flying Tigers, is set to be digitally re-mastered into The IMAX Experience(R). Woo and Chang are the director/producer team behind Mission Impossible II; Face/Off: Red Cliff 1 & 2 and many other international blockbusters. Upon being green lit for production, the film would mark an important new filmmaker relationship for IMAX and would be the second announced Chinese film to be released in IMAX's format. Flying Tigers will be a Hollywood-China joint production with China Film Group as the lead Chinese financier, and shooting is expected to begin in spring 2011.

"It has always been a dream of mine to explore shooting with IMAX cameras and to work in the IMAX format, and the strong visual element of this film is incredibly well-suited to the tastes of cinemagoers today," said director John Woo. "Using IMAX for Flying Tigers would create a new experience for the audience, and I think it would be another breakthrough for Chinese movies."

China Film Group Chairman Han Sanping stated: "As China's largest film development, production and distribution company, CFG has been involved with Terence Chang, John Woo and Flying Tigers since the earliest stages of its development. We expect this to be the most important film for China Film Group in 2011. The combination of John Woo, Terence Chang, China Film Group and IMAX will enable this film to attract the widest possible local audience, while also presenting the charm and diversity of Chinese films for fans around the globe."

"Establishing relationships with top filmmakers remains an important part of IMAX's growth strategy in China, and today's announcement builds on the momentum created by our recent box office success in that market," said IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond. "It would be an honor for us to welcome John Woo and Terence Chang into the world of IMAX and to work closely with them to produce and market a Chinese title that we believe will resonate with IMAX audiences."

"We have always believed that John Woo and IMAX would be an ideal fit," added Greg Foster, Chairman and President, IMAX Filmed Entertainment. "John Woo and Terence Chang have been enthusiastically integrating the IMAX format into Flying Tigers to ensure the story is told in a way that takes advantage of the unique qualities of The IMAX Experience. When a talented director and producer incorporate IMAX into the fabric of their storytelling, you have a winning combination that creates an incredibly visceral movie experience. We're very excited about introducing this combination to moviegoers with Flying Tigers."

About Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers tells the story of the American Volunteer Group and its later incarnation as the Fourteenth Air Force during World War II. Led by the colorful Air Force General Claire Chennault, the joint air force consisting of American and Chinese pilots flying side-by-side racked up one of the most lopsided victories in aerial combat history against the Empire of Japan.


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Centennial, CO -- NCM Media Networks, a leading integrated media company reaching U.S. consumers in movie theaters, online and through mobile technology, is deploying new proprietary sound monitoring devices to its nationwide theater network. NCM has developed this new network of devices, called AudioTrax, to measure audio levels in its FirstLook pre-feature program viewed by patrons in theaters across the NCM Cinema Network - the nation's largest digital in-theater network.

The patent-pending AudioTrax sound monitoring device has been designed by NCM engineers to ensure that the audio volume levels of NCM's FirstLook are true to the content's creative vision. The devices will provide sound level data in real-time throughout the day to NCM's Network Operations Center (NOC) located in the company's Denver headquarters, allowing NCM's staff to work directly with theater corporate personnel to address any audio issues.

"We believe this is the first time that a national media network can measure not only if an ad is playing, but also measure if the sound is right for our theater patrons," said Cliff Marks, president of sales and marketing, NCM Media Networks. "AudioTrax adds yet another layer of accountability for NCM clients and theater operators, ensuring that we not only deliver high quality video images, but also the powerful audio experience for which our big screens are known."

With hundreds of AudioTrax devices already deployed in select major markets, NCM will continue to install devices throughout 2010 and 2011 in nearly 6,000 select movie theater auditoriums across the NCM Cinema Network, primarily in theaters owned by AMC Entertainment Inc., Cinemark Holdings, Inc. and Regal Entertainment Group. This initial deployment will provide NCM with the ability to take sample measurements of audio volume levels heard by over 50 percent of its audience nationwide. Because NCM's AudioTrax only measures sound levels and does not distinguish or record audio content (such as dialogue or conversations), individual patron privacy and film copyrights will be protected.


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