LAS VEGAS, NV - Harkness Screens, the world's leading manufacturer of projection screens for cinema applications, has been selected as the screen supplier of choice for Le Theatre des Arts, Paris Hotel at ShoWest 2009 (Booth 1814).

With a seating capacity of 1,550, Le Theatre des Arts will feature a 25-foot by 60-foot Matt Plus Harkness screen as well as a 46-foot by 20-foot Spectral 240 3D Harkness screen. The screens will be changed out depending on whether the presentation calls for a 2D or 3D screen.

Harkness Matt Plus screens are considered by leading cinema exhibitors worldwide to be the best matt white projection surface. The flexible PVC-based material is manufactured to a unique formulation and specification providing wide viewing angles, high contrast, bright pictures and excellent color temperature. Harkness' Spectral 240 3D is also considered to be the optimum 3D projection surface for systems using polarized light.

"We are proud to once again be using Harkness Screens inside Le Theatre des Arts," says Mitch Neuhauser, co-managing director of ShoWest. "Le Theatre des Arts, is the premier venue for Hollywood studios to showcase their upcoming projects during this year's ShoWest convention. Whether showing feature length films or respective product presentations to the world wide exhibition community, it is essential that we use top of the line equipment in the theatre and Harkness has consistently provided us with outstanding screens."

ShoWest is the largest annual convention for the motion picture industry. It is the only international gathering devoted exclusively to the movie business and the single largest international gathering of motion picture professionals and theatre owners in the world.

"We have been working with Harkness for all of our shows worldwide for the past 20 years. It has been a great relationship and association," adds Neuhauser. "Harkness has been incredibly accommodating in supporting all of our industry events and the motion picture industry. They are very supportive in providing new screens every year."

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Burbank, California - GDC Technology ("GDC") has struck another deal in the U.S. market. This new contract with EPIC Theatres involves the deployment of 25 GDC SA-2100A series servers into its cinemas. EPIC Theatres is a privately held motion picture theatre circuit based in DeLand, Florida. Founded in 2003, EPIC Theatres is operated by third generation exhibitors whose family built its first theatre in 1947. It currently operates 39 screens, located at 6 sites, in 3 southern states in the U.S.

EPIC Theatres took a cautious and methodical approach in its digital conversion program. It began with the trial run of one single GDC SA-2100A server at the EPIC Multiplex in Deland, Florida. Having fully tested the server and satisfied with its performance, EPIC placed an initial order of 8 servers for a 50% digital multiplex in Clermont, Florida which was set to open in April 2009. This was followed by another order for their 100% fully digital 16-plex in St. Augustine, Florida.

"EPIC began small with a lone GDC SA-2100A server," said EPIC Theatres Vice President, Clint DeMarsh. "It quickly became clear to us that the machine has most, if not all, of what we wanted for our theatres. We are impressed by the advanced functionality of the SA-2100A server and also GDC's first-class customer service."

"GDC is pleased to receive the acceptance from a meticulous exhibitor," said Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. "We are glad to see repeat orders from EPIC within such a short span of time; such confidence in us is flattering."

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LOS ANGELES - Michael Bay will receive the ShoWest 2009 Vanguard Award for Excellence in Filmmaking, it was announced today by Mitch Neuhauser, co-managing director of the event, which will be held March 30-April 2, 2009, in Las Vegas. Bay will be presented with the ShoWest Vanguard Award for Excellence in Filmmaking at ShoWest's Final Night Banquet and Award Ceremony on Thursday, April 2, at Bally's and Paris Las Vegas.

"We are thrilled to be able to honor one of the most bold and imaginative filmmakers in the industry today," said Neuhauser. "Michael Bay's aggressive visual style and memorable action sequences leaves audiences at the edge of the seats and running back to the theaters for more with each new release. We could not be more honored to present Michael Bay with the ShoWest Vanguard Award for Excellence in Filmmaking."

Opening on June 24, 2009, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is Bay's highly anticipated follow-up to the box-office blockbuster Transformers, the third-highest grossing picture and the best-selling DVD of 2007. Transformers earned over $700 million worldwide, making it Bay's most successful film to date. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen marks the return of stars Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro and introduces several new characters played by Ramon Rodriguez, Isabel Lucas and Rainn Wilson.

As one of the entertainment industry's most successful filmmakers, Michael Bay has grossed more than $3 billion at the worldwide box office. From the time he was 15 working at LucasFilm, to being a Production Assistant on the Warners lot at 16, he knew he wanted to be a director. At a young age, he pursued photography, a field in which he would go on to win multiple awards, while cultivating his artistic vision for the future. His work evolved from Super 8 to 35mm, and by the age of 24, he'd directed some of the most acclaimed advertising campaigns in the world and won nearly every award bestowed in the advertising industry, including the Grand Prix Clio for Commercial of the Year for the "Got Milk?/Aaron Burr" spot

Bay found his voice as a storyteller -- his forté became fast-paced, action-packed drama with just the right hint of comedy thrown in. His first feature film, "Bad Boys, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, was a resounding success, coming in as Sony's highest-grossing picture of 1995. In 1996 he scored an even bigger hit with the The Rock, starring Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage and Ed Harris. Grossing more than $335 million worldwide, the film was one of the top-five releases of 1996. Next up was Armageddon with Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Billy Bob Thornton and Liv Tyler which earned $550 million, followed by Pearl Harbor, and The Island. Michael Bay became synonymous with a wild ride at the movies.

His production company, Bay Films, remains one of the most cutting-edge production companies in Hollywood today while Platinum Dunes, a company he formed with partners Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, was founded to give talented commercial and video directors an opportunity to break into the feature world. Platinum Dunes is the one of the most successful Horror genre labels in the business, producing such hits as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), The Amityville Horror (2005), and this year's Friday the 13th, which pulled in the highest grossing opening weekend for horror of all time.

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Los Angeles -- The popular vampire love story, Twilight, has been selected by 78% of participating moviegoers as the top film of 2008, as part of the polling for the first annual Fandango Fan Choice Award. The new award will be presented to the studio that produced Twilight (Summit Entertainment) at ShoWest, the world's largest theatrical convention, on the night of April 2 in Las Vegas.

During the Hollywood awards season (February 9 - February 27, 2009), over 69,000 film fans voted online for their favorite film at Moviegoers were asked to pick their favorite film from a list of 2008's top ten domestic box office hits (which included The Dark Knight, Iron Man and WALL-E).

Although it was not the top-grossing film of 2008 (that honor goes to The Dark Knight), Twilight ended up receiving more fan votes than any other title and went on to win the Fandango Fan Choice Award. According to a recent Fandango survey, New Moon, the Twilight sequel set for release on November 20, is among 2009's most anticipated movies.

"Twilight clearly struck a chord with mainstream moviegoers," says Ted Hong, Chief Marketing Officer for Fandango. "Although it was overlooked by the Academy and the top critics' groups for nominations in 2008,Twilight has a remarkable online fan base, which was obviously instrumental in helping it win the Fandango Fan Choice Award. The franchise's huge following shows no signs of abating."

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Burbank, California - As part of its on-going product improvement effort, GDC Technology ("GDC") is pleased to announce that it has added Closed Captioning capabilities to its SA-2100 family of digital cinema servers. This will benefit cinema patrons who are hearing impaired as they can now read the captions individually (using specially designed equipment available on individual seats) while watching the movie at the same time.

Unlike open captioning where text is permanently visible which can be intrusive to the viewing audience, closed captioning allows individual caption-reading. This means others seated alongside do not watch, or even see, the captions. GDC has adopted the WGBH Rear Window Captioning System to display the caption. The adopted system is in full compliance of SMPTE 428-10 and SMPTE 429-12 standards. All GDC SA-2100 servers now accept digital content in the form of Digital Cinema Packages which include closed captions.

In a recent letter sent to studios and equipment suppliers, President and CEO of the National Association of Theatres Owners (NATO), John Fithian had this to say with regard to Closed Captions for the audibly impaired: "To enable closed captions in digital cinema, NATO is working inside SMPTE to produce a uniform standard distribution format for digital cinema captions. In addition, NATO is working towards a standard interface for the digital cinema player so that 3rd party closed caption system can simply plug in without modification. The goal is to incorporate these new standards in digital cinema systems by early 2009, along with the DCI-mandated improvements currently scheduled."

"GDC is among the earliest few digital cinema server companies to introduce Closed Caption capabilities to its range of servers," said Dr. Man-Nang CHONG, founder and CEO of GDC Technology. "GDC respects The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities (hearing impaired included) in public accommodations such as movie theatres. We are proud of our efforts to bring the magic of digital movies to all patrons."

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