Centennial, Colo. - In a "first-of-its-kind" worldwide live event broadcast from New York with live satellite feeds from the Himalayas and a remote Indonesian rain forest, NCM Fathom and Spanner Films present a green global big screen event to movie theaters across the country showcasing a powerful, new look into climate change. The U.S. debut of the eco doc-drama "The Age of Stupid" will be followed by a LIVE discussion with the foremost international environmental leaders and scientists in The Age of Stupid LIVE from New York on Monday, Sept. 21st.

Tickets for The Age of Stupid LIVE from New York on Sept. 21st at 7:30 p.m. Eastern / 6:30 p.m. Central / 5:30 p.m. Mountain and 8:00 p.m. Pacific (tape delayed) are available at participating theater box offices and online here. For a complete list of theater locations and prices, please visit the web site (theaters and participants are subject to change). Information on the documentary and climate change can be found here.

This unique, one-night, live green carpet event will be simulcast from a solar tent in New York to more than 440 movie theaters. The documentary utilizes dramatization to forecast decades into the future detailing a life where the warnings of climate change were not heeded. The event is part of UN CLIMATE WEEK when world leaders will unite to discuss reforming the world's environmental Kyoto Treaty which is up for review in December. Additionally, the event will also be seen on tape delay to more than 30 countries, marking the first global premiere of its kind.

Following the viewing, director Franny Armstrong ("McLibel," "Drowned Out") and producer Lizzie Gillet will be joined by world-renowned scientists, celebrities and political figures including Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize winner; Gillian Anderson, actor and star of The X Files; and Pete Postlethwaite, actor and star of "The Age of Stupid" for a LIVE and inspiring panel discussion during The Age of Stupid LIVE from New York. Audiences will also hear from field scientists working in the Himalayas and Indonesian rain forest live via satellite. Radiohead's Thom Yorke will wrap up the event with an acoustic performance of the film's title track.

The event will feature a live procession on a green carpet (made of recycled soda bottles) as guests arrive at NYC's Winter Garden by bicycle, solar car, rickshaw, sailboats and other low carbon methods. Local theater audiences are also encouraged to arrive via bicycle, carpool or mass transit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The electricity used to power this event will be provided entirely from renewable sources, and all food and drink will be organic and locally sourced.

Presented by NCM Fathom and Spanner Films, in partnership with Greenpeace, MoveOn.org and TckTckTck.org, The Age of Stupid LIVE from New York will be distributed through NCM's exclusive Digital Broadcast Network (DBN)-North America's largest cinema broadcast network-which utilizes digital media, proprietary software and network technologies to deliver digital programming events to nearly 500 theaters nationwide. This eliminates the need to duplicate and deliver film, tape or digital hard drives, thus reducing carbon intensive production processes associated with standard content distribution.

"Our response to climate change will define our generation, in the same way that ending apartheid, overturning slavery or landing on the moon defined earlier generations. At the moment, we are The Age of Stupid, but there is still time to turn things round," said director Franny Armstrong. " We're launching this event in the U.S. and globally, with the aim of inspiring 250 million viewers to leap into action before the world leaders decide our collective fate at the crucial UN Climate Summit in December. All of life on Earth is at stake, so may as well aim high."

"The Age of Stupid," is the four-year epic from Armstrong that utilizes dramatization to forecast decades into the future detailing a life where the warnings of climate change were not heeded. Oscar-nominated Pete Postlethwaite (In the Name of the Father, Usual Suspects) plays a global archivist living in 2055 who takes audiences back through historical footage wondering why we didn't stop global warming when we had a chance.

The Archive is comprised of current news clips about our environmental crisis and six personal interweaving stories from around the world - including an aging tour guide in the Alps watching his terrain disappear to a budding medical student from Nigeria who has no access to clean, running water to a Hurricane Katrina survivor who works for one of the oil companies that contributed to the wipeout of his city.

"The Age of Stupid" was funded by a unique "crowd-funding" partnership, designed by Armstrong, whereby 228 people and groups who care about climate change invested in the documentary, raising nearly $750,000. Each owns a share as do the104 crew members who all worked at extremely reduced wages. The documentary premiered earlier this year in a solar cinema tent in the middle of London's Leicester Square producing just one percent of the carbon dioxide emissions of a standard Hollywood premiere and setting a Guinness World Record for the largest simultaneous event premiere.

The Age of Stupid Live from New York appears on the big screen in high-definition with Cinema Surround Sound in 444 select movie theaters, including AMC Entertainment Inc., Celebration! Cinema, Cinemark Holdings, Inc., Clearview Cinemas, Cobb Theatres, Georgia Theatre Company, Goodrich Quality Theatres, Hollywood Theaters, Kerasotes Showplace Theatres, Marcus Theatres, National Amusements and Regal Entertainment Group movie theaters, as well as Arlington Theatre (Santa Barbara, CA), The Carolina (Asheville, NC) and the Palace Cinema 9 (South Burlington, VT) through NCM's digital network.

"The ever growing concerns over global warming reach far into communities across America and Fathom is proud to utilize our Digital Broadcast Network to bring the worlds' foremost experts together to both inform and debate the extent of the crisis and what can be done," said Dan Diamond, vice president of NCM Fathom. "The Age of Stupid LIVE from New York will inspire and engage audiences in local theaters nationwide to join together through greater understanding."

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BEIJING, CHINA - Christie, the global leader in visual solutions for entertainment, business and industry, is pleased to announce that Time Antaeus (Time Antaeus) Media Group, a Chinese digital cinema industry leader, has selected Christie as its very important partner for its digital cinema deployment in China. This marks the country's most extensive commercial effort to install 800 Christie CP2000 series DLP Cinema projectors in select cinemas by the end of 2010. These projectors will be installed together with 800 Time Antaeus Montage CDCS2000 D-Cinema Servers.

After conducting a series of extensive evaluations on the various solutions available, Time Antaeus opted for Christie's acclaimed CP2000 DLP Cinema projectors based on their superior image quality and reliability. With their excellent brightness, contrast, true color reproduction and product integrity, the Christie CP2000 series projectors are widely popular among theater operators and have won numerous positive reviews from the industry. In addition, Christie's proven leadership, with a commanding 70% worldwide market share that includes more than 7,500 systems worldwide - as well as an extensive understanding of the cinema industry - also motivated Time Antaeus to select Christie as a partner.

The collaboration between Christie and Time Antaeus began at the 2008 Beijing Summer Games' ceremonies with the purchase of 120 Christie CP2000-ZX models. The CP2000-ZX digital cinema projectors delivered spectacular visuals throughout the event, demonstrating their full flexibility in a non-cinema environment. After the ceremonies, these projectors and Time Antaeus' Montage CDCS2000 D-cinema servers were installed by CFG-Antaeus (CFG-Antaeus) Digital Cinema Investment Co. Ltd., a joint venture of China Film Group and Antaeus Group, in theaters across China. This marked part of the company's digital cinema pilot. In August 2008, Christie and Time Antaeus were selected by CFG-Antaeus to provide another additional 400 units of digital cinema projectors and servers.

As part of the tailored digital cinema solution installed by CFG-Antaeus, the Montage CDCS2000 D-cinema server provided is a joint development between Time Antaeus and Doremi Cinema. It conforms to the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) specifications for digital cinema servers. Capable of playing JPEG2000 digital movies with an excellent 2K resolution playback of up to 250Mbits/sec, the server promises an enhanced movie-going experience. Using AES128 encryption for keys, CDCS2000 supports watermarking through Thomas and NextGuard technologies. This FIPS140-2 Level 3-certified server is a milestone in China's digital cinema industry, as it meets global standards and is making its mark on the global cinema scene.

The pilot test of the 120 units of Christie CP2000 series digital cinema projectors and Time Antaeus' Montage CDCS2000 D-cinema servers installed in the theaters across China proved to be a tremendous success. Since starting operation, they have experienced "zero" failure rates, offering users a high level of stability. This tailored digital cinema solution also supports devices such as JNior, eCNA as well as 3D Technologies such as Dolby 3D, MasterImage, RealD and XpanD. It also includes a Theatre Management System (TMS) to allow remote content programming and management. In addition, the server can be remotely monitored by a network operations centre.

"We selected Christie because they offer a range of proven entertainment solutions with remarkable image quality, reliability and stability," says Mr. Zhang Baoquan, Chairman of the Board for Time Antaeus Media Group. "Most importantly, we foresee their excellent service and undisputed success in the series of massive deployments around the world. This will certainly help us contribute to the growth of the digital cinema market in China. As a leading player in the local cinema industry, we have contributed to the digital cinema infrastructure in terms of production and distribution. Now, we have completed the digital chain by embarking on the digital exhibition platform. By advocating digital cinema deployments on a massive scale, we hope to turn digital movies into mainstream popular culture that is readily available and affordable to the masses."

"China has always been an early adopter of digital cinema technologies," comments Jack Kline, President and COO, Christie Digital Systems USA, Inc. "As early as 2001, the country started its nationwide film-to-digital transition. In addition to the state-level developments, commercial market forces are now coming together to further spur the growth of digital cinema in the country. Time Antaeus' massive rollout is the largest single, commercial effort and places China at the forefront of the digital cinema evolution, surpassing many other countries in the world. With its market of affluent consumers, China demonstrates huge potential for the entertainment market, especially for the cinema industry. These favorable market forces will continue to propel the explosive growth of digital cinema in the country."

"With eighty years of experience, Christie is one of the pioneers directly involved in the early developments of the cinema industry," says Lin-Yu, vice-president, Christie, Asia Pacific. "With our extensive understanding of the cinema business and the success of massive deployments worldwide, we're pleased to extend our experience and expertise to theater owners in China and bring the digital cinema experience to a brand new level. We're honored that Time Antaeus chose Christie for its second phase of digital cinema deployment. The excellent synergy between Christie and Time Antaeus during the 2008 Beijing Summer Games started a memorable working relationship and most importantly, created an unforgettable visual experience witnessed by many around the world."

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Washington, D.C. and North Hollywood, Calif.- The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) has hired Mitch Neuhauser as Show Manager of its official movie theater industry convention slated to begin in March 2011. The veteran convention manager takes up his new duties September 14, 2009.

Currently Vice President of Nielsen Film Group, where he oversees all aspects of industry conventions ShoWest, ShowEast, Cinema Expo and CineAsia, Neuhauser began his career in 1981 with the Sunshine Group Worldwide, which operated ShowEast, Cinema Expo and CineAsia until it was purchased by Nielsen (then VNU). ShoWest was added to his responsibilities when it was purchased by Nielsen in 2001. Neuhauser is also assistant executive director of NATO of New York State.

"I truly look forward to working with NATO and its members and the rest of the motion picture industry to produce the very best convention imaginable, " said Neuhauser. "Personally, I owe a debt of deep gratitude to Bob Sunshine and The Nielsen Film Group for their tremendous support over the past 28 years and I leave on good terms and with great pride in what we have accomplished together."

NATO will continue to support ShoWest as its official convention through 2010.

NATO and Cinemark chairman Lee Roy Mitchell stated "As NATO takes the reins of its official convention, our board of directors and conventions task force have considered how best to build on the long history of our successful partnership with ShoWest. We are confident we have taken an important first step by hiring a man who has been so critical to that success."

Georgia Theatre Company CEO and NATO conventions task force co-chair Bill Stembler noted "Mitch is an individual with integrity and experience, clearly the best choice to lead NATO's new convention."

Fellow task force co-chair and Signature Theatres president Phil Harris said, "Mitch is trusted and respected by theater owners, the studios and the vendors on the trade show floor. NATO had to have him for its official convention."

Bruce Snyder, president of domestic distribution, 20th Century Fox Film Corp., said, "That's a no brainer, get Mitch Neuhauser to run the show for NATO and you can't go wrong. He gets two thumbs up from this office."

"On all points: strategy, planning and execution," Mark Zoradi, president of Walt Disney Motion Picture Group said, "Mitch has done an outstanding job, he has my full support in leading your new team."

Andrew Cripps, Paramount president of international distribution said, "Mitch has excellent communication skills, is a very good manager, works with us tirelessly and never lets anything faze him, despite seemingly odd requests that we do throw his way."

Neuhauser is a member of the Board of Directors of The Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation and a Board Member of The Salah M. Hassanein Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens. In 2006 he was singled out by Variety Clubs International with a Presidential Citation for his dedicated work on behalf of children in need. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Neuhauser currently resides in Woodbury, New York with his wife Elyce, daughter Molly and son Jacob.

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Centennial, Colo. - NCM Fathom, in association with Mayweather Promotions and Golden Boy Promotions, will bring live world championship boxing to the big screen in high definition for the first time ever with the showing of the highly anticipated 12-round welterweight fight between six-time world champion in five weight divisions Floyd "Money" Mayweather and five-time world champion in three weight divisions Juan Manuel "Dinamita" Marquez and televised undercard on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 8:30 p.m. ET/ 5:30 p.m. PT in select movie theaters nationwide.

Tickets for Mayweather vs. Marquez: "Number One/Numero Uno" Fight LIVE are available at participating theater box offices and online here. For a complete list of theater locations and prices, please visit here (theaters and participants are subject to change).

"We are extremely pleased to welcome Fathom into the Golden Boy family of sponsors as their interest in the Mayweather vs. Marquez mega-fight is another indication of the sheer magnitude of the fight itself," said Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. "Having the fight in high definition in movie theaters throughout the country is unprecedented and gives boxing fans another outlet to watch the compelling action of a big-time fight."

Mayweather vs. Marquez: "Number One/Numero Uno" Fight LIVE will take boxing fans ringside to experience every jab and hook thrown during this ultimate showdown from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The historic match marks the return of boxing to movie theaters for the first time in nearly three decades.

"Watching fights at the movies goes back to the 1940s," said boxing historian Bert Sugar. "It's the next best thing to being there. Seeing a fight at a movie theater is the ultimate virtual experience. You pretty much get everything but the sweat."

The first boxing match publicly shown in movie theaters was the Eric Boon vs. Arthur Danaher fight in London seen in only three theaters on Feb. 23, 1939. The first boxing match shown in U.S. movie theaters was the Joe Louis vs. Lee Savold bout from Madison Square Garden in New York on June 15, 1951. The last fight to be widely shown in movie theaters was Sugar Ray Leonard's victory over Roberto "Fists of Stone" Duran in the famous "No Mas" fight on Nov. 25, 1980.

A 1996 Olympic Bronze medalist for the United States, Floyd Mayweather (39-0, 25 KO's) has since gone on to strike gold in the professional ranks, firmly establishing himself as the best fighter of his era. Mayweather won his first world title - the WBC Super Featherweight World Championship - at the age of 21 in 1998. The Grand Rapids, Mich. native defended that title eight times before moving up to lightweight and taking the 135-pound belt in 2002. He went on to win the junior welterweight and welterweight world titles, respectively. Mayweather defeated Oscar de la Hoya in May of 2007 for the World Junior Middleweight Championship in a record-setting pay-per-view super-fight and in his last fight in December 2007, knocked out Ricky "Hitman" Hatton in the tenth round, handing the British superstar his first professional defeat. Mayweather announced his retirement from boxing soon after that fight. He went on to achieve crossover fame as a contestant on the hit show "Dancing with the Stars" and as a participant in WWE's "Wrestlemania XXIV."

"I can't wait to get back into the ring to reclaim my rightful place as boxing's pound-for-pound king while fans in movie theaters across the country experience it all live in high definition on 40-foot-screens," said Mayweather. "If you can't be ringside, this is another great way to see my return to the ring."

Mayweather vs. Marquez: "Number One / Numero Uno" will take place on what is historically considered boxing's biggest weekend - Mexican Independence Day or El Grito de Independence.

"Floyd has always wanted to appear on the big screen so this is just great," said Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions. "It's going to be a great night of boxing and watching it in high definition on such a large screen will be a great treat for the fans who go to theaters to watch it."

Mexico City's Marquez (50-4-1, 37 KO's) has long been revered by boxing purists as one of the best in the sport, having won 29 of his first 30 pro bouts before finally getting a world title shot in 1999. Following a loss in that fight, he didn't lose again for the next seven years. Marquez won the IBF Featherweight World Championship in 2003 and in the same year, also captured the WBA Featherweight title. Marquez would lose his belt via controversial decision in 2006, but he returned to win the WBC Junior Lightweight World Championship in March 2007. Marquez moved up to the 135-pound weight class in September of 2008 and won the Ring Magazine Lightweight World Championship. The 36-year-old added the WBA and WBO World Lightweight belts to his trophy case in his most recent fight on February 28, 2009.

"This fight against Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly the biggest in my professional career," said Márquez. "The fact that this long awaited battle will be on the big screen in movie theaters across the United States is fantastic. I invite the fans everywhere to go to movie theaters so they can see everything live and in high definition on the big screen."

Mayweather vs. Marquez: "Number One/Numero Uno" Fight LIVE appears on the big screen in high-definition with Cinema Surround Sound in select AMC Entertainment Inc., Celebration! Cinema, Cinemark Holdings, Inc., Cobb Theatres, Goodrich Quality Theaters, Hollywood Theaters, Kerasotes Showplace Theatres, Malco Theatres, Marcus Theatres, National Amusements and Regal Entertainment Group movie theaters, as well as Arlington Theatre (Santa Barbara, CA), The Carolina (Asheville, NC), Palace Cinema 9 (South Burlington, VT) and Penn Cinema (Lititz, PA), through NCM's exclusive Digital Broadcast Network.

"NCM Fathom continues to offer something for everyone on the big screen and it does not get bigger than this," said Dan Diamond, vice president of Fathom. "This is the first boxing event offered through Fathom's network to a select number of theaters across the country and fight fans won't want to miss being ringside to see two of the greatest fighters of this era battle in a larger-than-life experience on the big screen."

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CYPRESS, CA - Christie, the world leader in digital cinema projection, has earned the prestigious 2009 International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) Teddy Award as Manufacturer of the Year. The annual award is voted by dealers in the motion picture industry who are active members of ICTA. It praises Christie for its "progressive principles of product development, providing dealers with services and up-to-date technical and sales information, while supporting the status of its products without qualification." Christie won from a field of nearly 100 industry manufacturers.

ICTA was founded in 1971 and represents more than 180 manufacturers and cinema-related businesses worldwide. It is the second time that Christie has won the award.

"It is a great privilege to be acknowledged as the best in the industry, especially when it comes from your peers," commented Robert Sunshine, executive director of ICTA. "Christie has earned that distinction for their achievements in digital cinema, their exceptional service in the market place, and for being on the cutting-edge of new technologies."

Texas Instruments (TI) (NYSE: TXN), whose revolutionary DLP Cinema technology powers Christie's celebrated projectors, congratulated Christie for its achievement. It noted in a full-page ad of the Hollywood Reporter (July 29th 2009), "Incredible reliability, rock-solid performance and amazing service are just a few reasons why Christie is the Manufacturer of the Year and the much-deserved winner of the ICTA's Teddy Award."

Christie President and COO Jack Kline, who accepted the award at the recent ICTA convention, expressed great pride in the recognition given to Christie. He remarked, "It is a great honor to win this award. Christie's success is a direct result of the efforts of our highly dedicated staff, which continuously reaches out to its dealers to provide unparalleled support, service and technological expertise that always exceed expectation. Programs such as Christie's Factory Certified training, which dealers consistently rate as one of the best in the industry, are the hallmark of our customer-focused approach. Backed by our passionate and experienced staff, our programs help set the standards of excellence in the industry."

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