q2-2015.pngBy Shawn Robbins

The Independence Day holiday weekend is over, but the bean counters in Hollywood still have plenty of reason to celebrate as 2015's second quarter generated a new record haul of $3.08 billion domestically. The April 1 through June 30 period bested 2013's previous record of $3.02 billion, while improving 9 percent from the same period last year.

The Biggest Stories

A major component to the record performance came early on when Furious 7 shattered pre-summer records with a $147.2 million opening weekend on its way to a stellar $351 million lifetime gross in North America, easily becoming the biggest hit of the franchise to date and serving as an emotional and wildly successful cinematic send-off to the late Paul Walker.

The box office hits kept coming from there. Kicking off summer, Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron scored the (at the time) second best debut in history with $191.3 million to kick off May.

A little over one month later, of course, Universal's Jurassic World sneaked past the first Avengers' $207.4 million opening title in 2012 with a (still stunning) $208.8 million mid-June launch. The Chris Pratt-led mega-blockbuster from director Colin Trevorrow has continued to impress ever since, setting more records than one can easily count. The film has remained at a pace ahead of 2012's Avengers and has a fair chance to become only the second movie in history (after Avatar) to crack $650 million in North America alone.

Other notable hits included Pixar's return with Inside Out, besting Avatar as the best opener in history by an "original" (non-sequel/non-adaptation) film with $90.4 million last month. Strong word of mouth has further propelled the film over the last few weeks.

Meanwhile, Pitch Perfect 2 has blown past expectations since its $69.2 million opening in May as its gone on to earn over $182 million stateside -- plus the official announcement of a third entry in the series to come in 2017. Its opening weekend went head-to-head with Warner Bros.' Mad Max: Fury Road, another film that leaped beyond most expectations when it bowed to $45.4 million and has since displayed excellent legs for a franchise revival that's transcended its core fan base to soak up seemingly endless critical and commercial buzz.

WB also had a great showing from the Dwayne Johnson disaster flick, San Andreas -- another surprise box office performer with more than $143 million earned domestically through the end of June.

Summer-So-Far Statistics

Looking at summer alone (May 1 - June 30), the halfway point of the industry's most lucrative season claimed $2.31 billion -- the second-highest total ever, just over 3 percent behind 2013's $2.39 billion. Estimated ticket sales (based on dividing grosses by average ticket prices) so far give this summer the second-highest attendance (behind 2013 again) since 2004. This summer is up more than 12 percent from the same point in 2014.

2nd Quarter and Year-to-Date Statistics

2015's April-May-June time frame didn't just set a record gross-wise; it also achieved the best estimated attendance of any second quarter since 2004.

Year-to-date, 2015 stood at nearly $5.56 billion through June 30. That's a record pace at the year's halfway mark, eclipsing 2012's $5.39 billion at the same point. Compared to 2014, this year is up nearly 6.5 percent.

Fun Fact

The story of three massive opening weekends in such a short time span is symbolic of the many records that have fallen so far this year. Between Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Jurassic World, that trio represented the first three films to ever debut north of $145 million within 10 weekends of each other. The closest that had ever come to happening before was in 2012: The Hunger Games, Marvel's The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises all posted $152.5 million-or-higher opening weekends, but were separated by 17 weekends.

Q2 2015's Top Ten

Below, you can check out last quarter's top ten films based on box office receipts earned April 1 through June 30.

1. Jurassic World ($514.4 million; 19 days of play)
2. Avengers: Age of Ultron ($453.0 million; 61 days)
3. Furious 7 ($351.0 million; 77 days)
4. Inside Out ($200.8 million; 12 days)
5. Pitch Perfect 2 ($181.5 million; 47 days)
6. Mad Max: Fury Road ($147.6 million; 47 days)
7. San Andreas ($143.3 million; 33 days)
8. Spy ($90.5 million; 26 days)
9. Tomorrowland ($90.5 million; 40 days)
10. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 ($70.0 million; 75 days)

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By Daniel Garris

Inside Out claimed first place on Monday with $4.95 million. The critically acclaimed 3D computer animated blockbuster from Disney and Pixar has led the daily box office for six of the past eight days. Inside Out was down 45 percent from Sunday and down only 28 percent from last Monday. The film surpassed the $250 million domestic mark on Monday and has grossed a stronger than expected $250.85 million in 18 days. Compared to previous blockbusters from Pixar, Inside Out is running an impressive 15 percent ahead of the $218.81 million 18-day take of 2013's Monsters University and 17 percent behind the $301.88 million 18-day gross of 2010's Toy Story 3.

Jurassic World placed in second with $4.15 million. The 3D blockbuster sequel from Universal and Legendary decreased 53 percent from Sunday and a solid 36 percent from last Monday. Jurassic World has grossed a massive $560.69 million in 25 days and is currently the fourth highest grossing film of all-time without adjusting for ticket price inflation. The film is running $36.78 million and 7 percent ahead of the $523.91 million 25-day take of 2012's Marvel's The Avengers.

Paramount's Terminator Genisys followed in third place with $3.42 million. The pricey Arnold Schwarzenegger led 3D sci-fi action sequel was down 59.5 percent from Sunday. That easily represented the day's largest daily percentage decline among wide releases and isn't a good early sign going forward. Terminator Genisys has grossed $45.90 million in six days of release. That is below the film's already scaled back pre-release expectations and is 33.5 percent behind the $69.00 million six-day start of 2009's Terminator Salvation.

Warner's Magic Mike XXL landed in fourth with $2.34 million. The modestly budgeted Channing Tatum led sequel was down just 42.5 percent from Sunday, which represented the day's strongest daily percentage hold among wide releases. Magic Mike XXL has been much more of a weekday film so far and should continue to remain so going forward. The film surpassed the $30 million mark yesterday and has grossed a much softer than expected $30.23 million in six days. That places the film a disappointing 43 percent behind the $52.63 million six-day take of 2012's Magic Mike.

Ted 2 rounded out Monday's top five with $2.00 million. The Seth MacFarlane directed comedy sequel from Universal and MRC fell 47 percent from Sunday and 46 percent from last Monday. Ted 2 passed the $60 million mark yesterday and has grossed $60.50 million in eleven days. That is far softer than was widely expected for the film and is a very disappointing 51 percent below the $124.33 million eleven-day gross of 2012's Ted. Clearly audiences weren't all that hungry for a sequel to either Ted or Magic Mike.

Max took sixth place with $1.16 million. The modestly budgeted family film from Warner Bros. and MGM was down 43.5 percent from Sunday and down a slim 22 percent from last Monday. Max has grossed a solid $26.54 million in eleven days. The film is running in line with expectations and 15 percent ahead of the $23.05 million eleven-day take of of year's Earth to Echo.

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By Daniel Garris

It was a very close race this weekend between fellow blockbusters Inside Out and Jurassic World. As of Sunday Universal's Jurassic World had the edge based on studio estimates, but ultimately Disney's Inside Out ended up ahead with a first place take of $29.77 million. Jurassic World placed in a close second with $29.24 million. The two films were separated by just $0.53 million for the frame. On the heels of two relatively close second place performances each of the past two weekends, this weekend represented the first time Inside Out took first place over the weekend frame.

Inside Out was down a solid 43 percent from last weekend. Holdovers in general were noticeably affected by Independence Day falling on Saturday this year (the first time that has occurred since back in 2009). Inside Out continues to exceed its lofty expectations with a strong 17-day start of $245.89 million. That already makes the film the fourth highest grossing release of 2015 thus far (behind only Jurassic World, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Furious 7). Compared to other previous blockbusters from Pixar, Inside Out is running an impressive 14 percent ahead of the $216.25 million 17-day take of 2013's Monsters University and 15 percent behind the $289.11 million 17-day gross of 2010's Toy Story 3. Competition for family audiences will soon be getting much tougher with the release of Universal's highly anticipated Minions this coming Friday.

Jurassic World decreased a respectable 46 percent from last weekend's performance. Without adjusting for ticket price inflation, Jurassic World registered the third largest fourth weekend performance of all-time (behind only 2009's Avatar and 2012's Marvel's The Avengers). Jurassic World has grossed a massive $556.54 million through 24 days of release. This weekend the film surpassed the $534.86 million final gross of 2008's The Dark Knight to move into fourth place on the all-time unadjusted domestic list. Jurassic World is now just $66.82 million away from passing the $623.36 million final domestic gross of The Avengers to move into third place on the list. Jurassic World is currently running $43.17 million and 8 percent ahead of the $513.37 million 24-day take of The Avengers.

Paramount's Terminator Genisys wasn't far behind with a third place debut of $27.02 million. The Arnold Schwarzenegger led 3D sci-fi action sequel has grossed $42.47 million through five days of release. Terminator Genisys is performing a bit below its already scaled back expectations and in the bigger picture is performing softly with both its cost and the previous history of The Terminator franchise in mind. Terminator Genisys is running 35 percent behind the $65.32 million five-day start of 2009's Terminator Salvation (which opened on a Thursday) and 41 percent behind the $72.39 million five-day take of 2003's Terminator 3 (which opened on a Wednesday). The film is performing much more in line with the $40.14 million five-day Independence Day weekend start of 2009's Public Enemies.

One positive aspect of the holiday start for Terminator Genisys is that the film was relatively back-loaded with a five-day to three-day weekend ratio of 1.57 to 1. That stat, along with the film's B+ rating on CinemaScore suggests that Terminator Genisys is going over better with moviegoers than it has with critics. On the other hand, Terminator Genisys will be facing new direct competition from the likes of Disney's Ant-Man, Sony's Pixels and fellow Paramount release Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation throughout the month of July.

After getting off to a solid start on Wednesday (when the film took first place for the day) and Thursday, Warner's Magic Mike XXL lost major momentum over the weekend and had to settle for a distant fourth place take of $12.86 million. That placed the five-day start for the Channing Tatum led sequel at a significantly softer than expected $27.89 million and gave the film a 5-day to 3-day weekend ratio of 2.17 to 1. The film's early front-loading is obviously a troubling sign going forward, though some of the front-loading is clearly due to the film being greatly affected by Independence Day falling on Saturday (the film was down 60 percent from Friday on Saturday). Magic Mike XXL is running 44 percent below the $49.62 million five-day take of 2012's Magic Mike (which opened on a Friday) and 28 percent behind the $38.51 million five-day start of 2003's Legally Blonde 2 (which opened a Wednesday).

The audience breakdown for Magic Mike XXL skewed towards moviegoers over the age of 25 (73 percent) and extremely towards female moviegoers (96 percent). In comparison, the film's predecessor skewed 73 percent towards female moviegoers. Magic Mike XXL will be helped out by its very modest production budget and the film did receive a promising A- rating on CinemaScore, so it may be able to stabilize a bit after this weekend, especially on weekdays.

Universal's Ted 2 rounded out the weekend's top five with $11.17 million. On the heels of last weekend's already softer than expected start, the Seth MacFarlane directed comedy sequel was down a very sharp 67 percent. Ted 2 has grossed a much softer than expected $58.50 million in ten days. That places the film a very disappointing 51 percent behind the $119.85 million ten-day take of 2012's Ted (which fell just 41 percent in its second weekend to gross $32.20 million). Given its far poorer second weekend hold and its nature as a sequel, Ted 2 is set to fall further and further behind the pace of its predecessor going forward. Ted and Magic Mike broke out at the same time three years ago during the summer of 2012, but in hindsight audiences clearly weren't all that hungry for a sequel to either film.

Max held up far better this weekend with a sixth place take of $6.62 million. The modestly budgeted family film from Warner Bros. and MGM was down 46 percent from last weekend. Max continues to perform in line with expectations with a solid ten-day take of $25.38 million. That places the film 22 percent ahead of the $20.87 million ten-day gross of last year's Earth to Echo.

On the platform front, A24's Amy was off to a nice start with $222,500 from 6 locations in New York and Los Angeles. That gave the critically acclaimed documentary on the late Amy Winehouse a per-location average of $37,083 for the frame. Amy will be expanding into additional locations on Friday.

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Jonathan Papish @ChinaBoxOffice


Arnold Schwarzenegger whimpered back into domestic theaters this weekend with Terminator: Genisys, but he and Paramount could be saved by international fans who were much more kind giving the reboot $74 million across 46 territories. After last weekend’s early start in 10 smaller markets, Genisys is up to $85.5 million overseas and $129.66 million worldwide. 


Genisys took the top spot in 28 of the 36 territories it opened this weekend with UK/Ireland, France, Brazil, the Philippines and Venezuela taking second. Top performing markets include Russia ($12.5 million from 1,150 locations), South Korea ($11.1 million from 1,275 locations), Mexico ($6.2 million from 670 cinemas), UK/Ireland ($5.6 million from 536 cinemas), Australia ($4.7 million from 258 cinemas), Brazil ($4.0 million from 549 locations), France ($3.8 million from 680 screens), India ($2.8 million from 600 cinemas), Venezuela ($2.4 million at 75 cinemas), Malaysia ($2.3 million at 131 sites), Taiwan ($2.1 million from 80 locations), Hong Kong ($1.9 million from 44 locations), the Philippines ($1.4 million at 149 locations), and Ukraine ($666K from 235 locations). Among holdovers Singapore dropped 54%, but retained the top position with $625K and $2.3 million total. Colombia grossed $840K for a third place finish and a $3.0 million cume while Peru earned $474K for a #1 ranking and $1.7 million total. 


Terminator: Genisys opens July 9 in Germany and Italy, and July 10 in Spain and Japan.


Ahead of its North American release next weekend, Minions took in an estimated $54.3 million this weekend (+44%) from 26 markets for an early international total of $124.2 million


The animated franchise film opened on top in all 15 new territories it was released this weekend and retained the top spot in Australia, UK/Ireland, and Brazil for a second weekend. It also scored the biggest opening day of all-time for an animated film in Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Colombia. Germany opened with $9.0 million, 70% higher than Despicable Me 2's opening weekend. Spain and Colombia both doubled DM2's opening with $5.9 million and $3.4 million respectively, while Argentina tripled DM2's opening weekend with $5.5 million. Minions has grossed $16.2 million in Brazil, $31.4 million in UK/Ireland, and $15.1 million in Australia. 


Next weekend sees 25 territories including France, Mexico, and Russia open day-and-date with the U.S. and Canada.


Roaring to another $42.0 million (-50%) from 66 overseas territories this weekend for an international cume of $826.9 million, Jurassic World stampeded past Avengers: Age of Ultron to become the world’s 5th highest grossing film of all-time with $1.385 billion. China held very strong in the face of local competition, dropping just 40% for $9.4 million this frame and $222 million overall. It also passed Avatar to become the fourth highest-grossing movie of all-time in the Middle Kingdom. Jurassic World opens in its final territory Japan on August 5.


Opening in China this weekend, director Chen Kaige’s martial arts epic Monk Comes Down The Mountain opened to a strong $37.5 million including Thursday night previews. Premium format screenings took the bulk of this weekend’s gross as average ticket prices for Monk exceeded Jurassic World’s. 


Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out conjured up another $18.6 million (-30%) from 43 overseas territories this weekend, lifting the international cume to $117.3 million and the global total to $363.46 million. The film’s only new territory this weekend was Poland. 


Inside Out posted strong mid-week numbers in Australia and France thanks to holidays and held well throughout the weekend. The family film was up 38% this weekend Down Under for a $13 million total, while France fell just 34% for a $12.2 million cume. In Russia, where the film has grossed $17.2 million so far, Inside Out is now the second highest grossing Disney/Pixar animated release ever behind Frozen. Other top markets include Mexico ($24.9M), Argentina ($9.4M), Brazil ($8.1M), and Colombia ($5.5M).


Inside Out has only opened in ~45% of its intended overseas markets and will come to South Korea next weekend. Key future openings are Spain (July 17), Japan (July 18), UK/Ireland (July 24), Italy (Sep 16), and Germany (Oct 1).


Ted 2 is struggling both domestically and overseas where it grossed just $8.8 million (-56%) this weekend from 31 territories for an early international total of $36 million. Combined with NA’s disappointing total, Universal’s foul mouthed teddy bear has grossed $94.3 million worldwide. Australia was Ted’s top holdover where it fell 3 spots and 45% for $1.8 million and an 11-day total of $6.4 million. Germany dropped 63% for $1.2 million and an 11-day total of $5.6 million. Ted 2 will open in 33 more territories over the next few months including the UK/Ireland, Poland, Turkey, and Peru next weekend.


Avengers: Age of Ultron finally blasted into its last overseas territory Japan this weekend and posted a very strong estimated two-day total of $6.5 million. That makes it the biggest opening weekend for a Marvel Cinematic Universe release in Japan, beating the Avengers opening by 60% in local currency. Its opening has also already exceeded the total runs of both Captain America films and both Thor films in local currency. In addition, Ultron scored the biggest opening weekend for an imported film this year beating out fellow Disney titles Big Hero 6 and Cinderella. Though its off to a strong start, Ultron’s legs will be tested over the next several weeks as Genisys, Inside Out, Minions, Jurassic World, and MI5 are released in quick succession. Ultron has grossed $929.3 million overseas and $1.383499 billion globally since its release in late April. 


Hollywood Adventures couldn’t stave off very poor word of mouth and grossed just $6.3 million (-77%) in its second weekend of release in China. The adventure/comedy produced by Furious director Justin Lin has underperformed with a 10-day total of $46.7 million


Magic Mike XXL grossed $6.2 million from 2,572 screens across 15 markets. Combined with NA's opening, the Warner Bros' sequel has earned $33.27 million. Top markets include UK/Ireland ($2.5 million), Norway, Denmark, and Finland (combined $1.03 million), Holland ($857K), Russia ($683K), Taiwan ($252K). South Africa ($191K), and Portugal ($116K). Australia, France, and Spain open next weekend. 


Director Paul Feig and versatile funny woman Melissa McCarthy’s Spy netted $3.4 million from 45 territories this weekend (-44%), lifting the international cume to $112.8 million and the global tally to $210 million after seven frames. Top markets this weekend were UK/Ireland ($680K/$14.5M cume), France ($643K/$3.75M cume), Spain ($373K/$1.29M cume), Russia ($161K/$8.1M cume), Australia ($149K/$10.9M cume), Holland ($115K/$1.76M cume), and Venezuela ($100K/$3.02M cume). 


Poltergeist grossed $2.73 million (-57%) from 28 territories this weekend, giving the horror remake $45.08 million overseas and $92.15 million worldwide. Four additional Asian Pacific markets have yet to open.


Insidious: Chapter 3 spooked $2.7 million (-32%) out of international moviegoers in 51 territories this weekend, bringing its overseas cume to $42.1 million and its global haul to $93.3 million. Germany opened to $720K while Austria bowed with $110K amidst the European heatwave. Future openings include France (July 8), South Korea (July 9), Australia (July 16), and Brazil (July 30). 


Films with less than $2 million overseas this weekend (Weekend Total/Overseas Total/Global Total)

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F - $1.75 million/$49.05 million/$49.05 million
Far From the Madding Crowd - $728K/$13.97 million/$25.8 million 

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