Friday Update #2: Sources tell BoxOffice that Furious 7 should have no problem staying #1 with more than $16 million. The Age of Adaline will be in second with $13 million.

Check back tomorrow for updated projections and official studio numbers.

Friday Update #1: Lionsgate reports that Age of Adaline earned $575K from Thursday evening shows. To put that into perspective, The Boy Next Door--another film that skewed heavily female--posted $500K on its way to a $14.9 million opening weekend.

Check back later today for weekend projections...

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By Daniel Garris

Universal's Furious 7 took in $1.74 million on Thursday to remain in first place at the daily box office for a 21st consecutive day. The seventh installment of the blockbuster franchise featuring Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and the late Paul Walker increased 2 percent over Wednesday and was down a solid 40 percent from last Thursday. Furious 7 led the week with a weekly take of $36.92 million. That represented a 50 percent decline from the previous frame and places the film's three-week total at a massive $302.28 million.

Sony's Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 held steady in second place with $0.991 million. The modestly budgeted Kevin James led comedy was up 4 percent over Wednesday. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 placed in second for the week with a seven-day start of $28.45 million. That was in line with pre-release expectations and places the film 5 percent behind the $30.05 million seven-day start of 2011's Zookeeper.

Unfriended was up one spot over Wednesday to move into third on Thursday with $0.645 million. The ultra low-budget horror film from Universal and Blumhouse Productions was essentially unchanged from Wednesday's performance. Unfriended finished in third for the week with a seven-day start of $18.91 million. That was on the low end of expectations and was 21 percent below the $24.06 million seven-day take of last year's Ouija.

Fox's Home was up one spot and 7 percent over Wednesday to claim fourth with $0.590 million. The successful 3D computer animated film from DreamWorks Animation took fourth place for the week with $13.18 million. That represented a 39 percent decline from the previous frame and brings the film's four-week total to a stronger than expected $145.48 million.

Fellow Fox release The Longest Ride was up one spot from Wednesday to round out Thursday's top five with $0.545 million. The Nicholas Sparks adaptation starring Britt Robertson and Scott Eastwood placed in fifth for the week with $9.37 million. The Longest Ride was down 44 percent from its opening week performance and has grossed $26.03 million in two weeks.

Monkey Kingdom was down four spots and a very sharp 35 percent from Wednesday's Earth Day inflated performance to land in seventh with $0.483 million. The nature documentary from Disney's Disneynature label took eighth place for the week with $6.71 million. That was on the low end of the film's modest expectations and was 11 percent softer than the $7.55 million seven-day start of last year's Bears.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron opened in another 15 territories yesterday and has grossed $44.8 million in two days. South Korea took in 96% of the market share for $4.9 million and had the most admissions of any industry flick in history. Russia had a 91% market share for $3.7 million. The sequel is 65% above the original Avengers. Other strong markets include the UK ($5.4 million), France ($4.4 million) and Brazil ($3.4 million). South Africa, India, and Vietnam opened today.

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By Alex Edghill

Friday Morning Update: In a pretty ingenious move the smart folk over at Fox released the second Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer this past week, less than two weeks before the premiere of its main competition for highest grosser on the year Avengers: Age Of Ultron. The results? Wasn't even close as it walked away with the most tweets in a week for 2015 so far with 469,960 (breaking Ultron's record of 418k in the process). Perhaps what was even more impressive is that it managed to secure more mentions on its trailer release day (178k) than its first trailer did (142k). 20% bump in volume with these types of numbers are unheard of and just goes to show the power of the franchise, and indeed of nostalgia as much of the buzz can be attributed to Hans Solo and Chewbacca's appearance. While its victory over the past week says little on the fortunes of Age Of Ultron which will no doubt be huge in its own right, it does underline how powerful of a brand it is and that the perfect storm it is creating should have no troubles exploding this Christmas season.

The Avengers: Age Of Ultron had a strong week in its own right with a 25% bump in traffic and 325k tweets. While this is less than I had hoped for (last column I predicted it would crack 400k), its really hard to say anything against a film generating those levels of interest consistently as it has been or with the pedigree it comes from. To put it another way I don't believe the Avengers brand has fallen any over the last three years, if anything it has gone up significantly, allowing other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to see huge bumps in business (Thor, Captain America and Iron Man all saw big bumps in their sequels post-Avengers). So with that being said I have a hard time seeing this do less than the $207 million the original walked away with, as ridiculous as that number is.

Jurassic World also had another trailer this past week but unlike Star Wars it didn't do nearly as well as its first trailer (109k versus 224k). The numbers were still good enough to vault it up to third spot and secure a very respectable 212k on the week but I will confess my expectations were tempered somewhat seeing the drop in buzz between trailers. For a franchise which twice held the opening weekend record with past installments I had hoped for a better showing.

Twitter Top 10 Movies for the week of April 17th to April 23rd

Date Movie Tweets Rank Change
12/18/15 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 469,960 1 (+2) 434.14%
5/01/15 Avengers: Age of Ultron 325,348 2 (-1) 24.60%
6/12/15 Jurassic World 212,322 3 (+7) 614.72%
8/07/15 Fantastic Four (2015) 92,248  (+11) 286.87%
5/15/15 Pitch Perfect 2 55,616 5 (+4) 86.72%

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universal.pngClosing out CinemaCon for 2015, Universal made the final presentation of the week by beginning with a tribute to its successful 2014 and early 2015. Most notably, Vin Diesel himself took the stage to give thanks for the massive success of Furious 7, followed by his personal announcement that an eighth installment in the increasingly popular franchise is officially on its way for an April 14, 2017 release.

The studio also confirmed Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed for February 10, 2017 and February 9, 2018, respectively.

Diving into this year's slate, Pitch Perfect 2 was again showcased after a screening of the film itself to attendees earlier this week. Seth MacFarlane then presented a new Ted 2 trailer, and if the CinemaCon crowd's reactions were any indication, it looks to avoid many of the traps of sequels (comedy sequels especially) -- good news for box office prospects as the flick will hope to try and duplicate the near-$550 million global total of the first film.

Amy Schumer then presented Trainwreck, her starring and writing vehicle from director Judd Apatow. This is another summer comedy that continues building buzz with each preview release, and looks primed to capture the same audiences that turned previous Apatow-related flicks like Knocked Up and Bridesmaids into summer smashes. Without much question, this should be a star-making role for Schumer.

In a surprise announcement/appearance, producer Jason Blum and writer/director M. Night Shyamalan presented the latter's latest original thriller, The Visit. Despite a streak of box office duds, the filmmaker may have something quite unique on his hands here. The first trailer shows off his trademark suspense mixed with a devilishly twisted sense of humor that isn't quite like anything he's put on screen before. We're eagerly awaiting further previews of the flick scheduled for a September 11 release.

The Crimson Peak and Straight Outta Compton trailers were warmly met, as were the trailer debuts for Everest and Sisters. Unfortunately, and somewhat surprisingly, there was little mention of the well-publicized Steve Jobs biopic, which is currently still set for release on October 9.

The Minions trailer screened toward the end of the presentation, and fans of the title henchmen will no doubt be turning out to theaters for that prequel this summer. Still, it seems unlikely the film will capture the juggernaut-like box office performance of Despicable Me 2 -- but it doesn't need to.

In a world premiere, the first footage of The Secret Life of Pets (Illumination's first original project since Despicable Me) screened to a very enthusiastic crowd. Featuring comedic acts like Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and Eric Stonetreet, the concept alone screams "wide audience appeal" as it questions what pets do all day when their owners leave home. Universal has enough confidence in it that they've delayed its release to the key summer spot of July 8, 2016 where the Despicable Me franchise has found massive success.

To cap things off, Chris Pratt and director Colin Trevorrow presented the newest Jurassic World trailer, and it promises the kind of summer action mayhem audiences will be hoping for from the popcorn flick. The franchise has yet to duplicate the same human element that helped drive the phenomenal success of Steven Spielberg's original 1993 classic, but a new generation to frighten and a sense of nostalgia could certainly help propel World to become one of the summer's biggest global box office hits.

Check BoxOffice in the days and weeks ahead as we further break down the upcoming summer releases looking to make a big splash both domestically and worldwide.

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