42 Up

on December 10, 1999 by Christine James
"42 Up" revisits the lives of the 14 Brits whom director/producer Michael Apted has interviewed every seven years since 1963, when the subjects were seven years old, in the documentary that started it all, "7 Up." Like a septuannual soap opera, this film series continues to be a groundbreaking and poignant examination of the human experience in a way that such contrived docutainments like MTV's "The Real World" never could. Apted deftly recaps and brings us up to date on the experiences of each of the participants, many of whom have found contentedness at this mid-point of their existences. Their struggles and jubilations are universal and, having followed and related to the subjects' exploits for three decades, audiences have a rooting interest in the outcome of each individual's dreams. This fascinating ongoing sociological document and human drama by its very nature gets better with each progressive installment. Directed and produced by Michael Apted. A First Run release. Documentary. Not rated. Running time: 130 min.
Tags: Directed, produced by Michael Apted, First Run, Documentary

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