A Night At The Opera (1935)

on November 15, 1935 by BOXOFFICE Staff
Best Marx Brothers picture to date. Abounds in laughs and side-splitting situations. Pursues a plausible plot. Groucho, business manager for Margaret Dumont, is in Milan for the opera season. Margaret, sold on the idea of backing an American opera company, is induced to sign Walter King, well known tenor, who wants Kitty Carlisle included in contract. Much to the disgust of Walter, she is in love with a chorus man, Allan Jones. Groucho meets Chico, friend of Allan, and they plan to get him the job. Harpo, valet for Walter, hates him, so he joins Groucho and Chico. They arrive in New York disguised as three Italian aviators, are pursued by sleuths for impersonating, wreck the opening night of the opera and keep things in an uproar. Sam Wood directed.

Herald this as the funniest offering of the Marx Brothers. Use cutouts for lobby display and music stores displaying operatic records suggesting a night at the opera at home as well as A NIGHT AT THE OPERA at the Blank Theatre. If possible, hire an organ grinder to play operatic airs while parading main stem with placard advertising attraction.

The nutty Marx Brothers -- Nuttier than ever!... They turn grand opera into grand uproar!... He had a good voice -- but no voice in his future!... You will rock with laughter on the high C's in A NIGHT AT THE OPERA. MGM 94 mins.

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