on September 11, 2000 by Kevin Courrier
Matthew (Matthew Settle) is a sex columnist who is stalking his ex-girlfriend Liz (Gretchen Mol). His editor (Tom Everett Scott) stalks Matthew so he doesn't continue to harass Liz. Then, in order to make Liz jealous, Matthew starts to date her best friend, Corey (Samantha Mathis), who pretty soon gets stalked herself.

There's so much stalking and chasing going on that there's barely time for a coherent story. For instance, with all his extracurricular activities, when does Matthew even have the time to write anything? We're also not given any clue as to what attracts him and Liz. Matthew Settle can only provide the movie with vacuous Jason Patric grins. And Gretchen Mol makes up her character as she goes along. Samantha Mathis tries to act up a storm but it's only wasted energy.

Russell DeGrazier, in his debut film, tries for a hyper-realistic atmosphere but ends up with nothing but smoke and mirrors. Starring Samantha Mathis, Matthew Settle, Gretchen Mol and Tom Everett Scott. Directed and written by Russell DeGrazier. Produced by Jonathan Krauss, Russell DeGrazier and Mike Elliott. A Trimark release. Drama. Not yet rated. Running time: 95 min.

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